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  1. What about static cling instead of magnetic?
  2. Not really for South Atlantic, more for Florida
  3. Does Team Shelby or Shelby sponsor any car club plates, like Hot Rod association does? Where you can go to your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles and order a license Plate with the Team Shelby Logo or the Shelby Logo… If not it would be a great idea I would get one!!
  4. Congratulations to all the winners, Great Pictures!! and Thank you Tracey for the opportunity to enter the pictures of my KR. I will try again next year and hopefully take better , more interesting photos so the Team members will vote for them. This was the first year and as everything done for the first time you always find ways to improve things based off of comments from those that voted for the winning pictures. Tracey, Is there anyway we can find out how many votes our photos received so we know what pic they liked better than the others which might help us next year, maybe update the link with votes next to each photo. Thanks Tim
  5. How about a bobble Head CS, I like the Challenge Coin Idea also, as long as it's good Quality and one side is an engraved Shelby.Your in Vegas how about a Shelby Poker Chip, I have a real nice Sam's Town Metal chip with a GT500 on one side. I have lots of T shirts quality polo would be nice. Die cast but special edition only available for Membership not available any other way. Stripes as someone mentioned would be nice. Thanks for asking Tim
  6. where do we stand with this, Your KR's younger sister over here in MD is getting worried
  7. SFcobra65 is this still available? I have a friend that might be interested but I think he is looking for around $50.00.. Tim
  8. Nice, I have never seen that one before.
  9. Thanks Gary, after surgery my back felt better than it had in over 20 years!! It still has it ups and downs but over all its better. I agree it would be fun to get together again, It's nice getting to hang out with all those FORD fans at one location.
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