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  1. why are the new cars in two different packaging any one know ?
  2. i bought 3 2011 gt350s the white,blue and the red for 2.98 each today
  3. The 1/64 scale where the only ones on sale at my local toysrus.
  4. I stopped buy toysrus today and bought a shelby collectibles 1/64 scale 1965 gt350r that is red and has blue and gold strips and a grabber blue with white strips 2010 gt500. Also a silver Don Prudomme edition all have the red card. When I went to pay for theme they where 2.98 a piece. I do not know if this was a mistake but I thought I would post this info. Stop by and see if you can pick them up for this price.
  5. I sold the asc mclaren to my brother to keep it in the family and told him if he decides to sell it i will buy it back. I have a new computer and did not down load the pictures I had of the mclaren but if you go to asc mclaren forum I have a picture there. look at the 1987 year it should be the first one posted.
  6. I have one. got lucky I guess. It is the best looking 1/64 scale shelby collectible i have on the shelf . good luck hunting.
  7. I bought one last night. walmart had 3 on the same peg.
  8. Looks like the 2011 gt350 needs to be done. I will buy one for sure.
  9. I bought it as a toy. I also have a 87 asc mclaren and 2 other daily drivers, so no need to add up the miles so fast. I took a second look at miles on the shelby 810 miles not 796.
  10. bought mine on 12/27/07 new. CSM# 07SGT2404 she has 796 miles. I put most of the miles on it at the Woodward dream cruise and the rest are from short trips to keep parts moving on her. I have changed the oil every april and also before winter hits.
  11. toysrus has this set on sale for $22.98 for those who would like to know.
  12. Merry christmas carroll shelby. I received my 07 shelby gt as a Christmas present from my wife on 12-27-07 after visiting the dealership all summer dreaming of owning one . MY wife asked me what i wanted for Christmas making my dream come true. Thank you for all the wonderful things you and the shelby family do.
  13. waiting for my card. i thought about shelby american doing this would be cool and they did. hope i am on the list to get one. i wish everyone a happy holiday.
  14. thanks sharon. my computer freezes up when i try to download the catalog or boots me off the site.
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