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  1. A dual BAP is the easiest route but as Alibi ask...what does your tuner recommend?
  2. I made that post prior to your announcement of the host hotel for Wednesday night. I'm sure not all bash attendees stay at the host hotel and I simply suggested an alternative option. Thank you Michael for your overall contribution.
  3. A mechanic buddy and myself did the swap ourselves in his garage. The install took less than 4 hours for the blower, fuel rail/injectors, spark plugs, and BAP. it truly was a "simple bolt on"
  4. I would recommend checking out Airbnb and renting a house or apartment in the city of El Segundo. The city is really safe and its close to the Embassy Suites that TS has used as a host hotel in the recent years.
  5. Damn I hope everything gets fixed properly and promptly for you.
  6. I got 80k miles out of my stock clutch with a pulley and tune. Now I'm at 600rwhp with a TVS and 3000k miles on a replacement OEM clutch. I've been pushing the car and it is holding up great!!
  7. I'm reviving an old thread but I wonder what the problem was. Has anyone else experienced this in their 2010-2012 GT500?
  8. If this is a base R without the electronics package it is 1 of 1. The production numbers for the 350 & R was released last month.
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