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  1. I'm so pissed at my dealer. My clutch started slipping at 3000 miles on my 13 shelby took it in 2 weeks later they finely put new pressure plate and fly wheel at my expense. I really chewed them out for charging me $1400 and not helping me out after i bought four vehicles from them. I did trade my 2011 shelby in and never had a problem the clutch. I told them i would never buy a car from them again. If anyone from michigan here don't go to Russ Milne ford customer service is obviously not important to them.
  2. I had a 2011 traded it in last fall with 15000 miles on it got $40,000 for it. Bought a 13 sticker was 67000 paid 62000. I think the 13 is easier with the longer gears the 11 was kind of a pain with 1st gear being so short the clutch in the 13 needs a little getting used to with the spring assist but the car is badass so glad i traded.
  3. don't forget to add tax to that price also when you try to build one it doesnt give you certain color options.
  4. I have the same problem with the 1-2 shift only when power shifting. I figured it was me but it doesnt happen when driving normal. I did take it out and try shifting different ways when i tried to slam it in second with clutch all the way to the floor it ground on me then i tried it same way but just put it in 2nd reaaly soft and it was fine so i dont know what the problem is.
  5. Thanks for the info at least i know i'm not alone. hope its a problem they can fix i would be pissed if it happened again after taking it in.
  6. I have a 2011 with about 1500 miles on it been running great, was at a car show yesterday went to leave started my car started fine but when i went to rev the motor nothing happened rpm didnt move like the accelerator was doing nothing. I freaked out for a minute shut the car off started it again and everything was fine. anybody have this happen or any ideas what the heck happened before i take it in.
  7. I just did 35% all the way around on my 2011 black svt and i think its perfect not to dark not to light.
  8. A little off subject question my 2011 seems to get really hot when driving not the temp gauge but in the car and under the hood, so much it heats my garage up is this normal?
  9. I have about 600 miles on mine and i just went out took check my caps after reading your post ,they both did click when i turned them if that helps.
  10. just got my 2011 about a week ago and been tearing around town. finally got next to a new camaro ss and smoked him with traction on in 1st and 2nd. today leaving a car show got behind a new camaro super charged 556hp. we both took off from 2nd gear and i swear i almost rear ended him, then i blew by him, either he couldnt drive or i scared the hell out of him.
  11. Got mine too and i just cant get enough of driving it this thing is a beast.
  12. Picking up my 2011 gt500 black on black svtpp today, wasnt the one i ordered but a stock one that came in. I was sick of waiting for mine thats still on material hold, and when i seen this one and drove it i bought it. they are detailing it now so i'll get it later only bitch is its raining outside.
  13. Supposed to pick up my 11sgt tomorrow anybody get insurance prices or even ballpark figures. I have a feeling it will be really high.
  14. I gave in and bought it will pick it up monday. after i went and seen it and drove it i somehow convinced myself i dont need it. i rarely used it on my other cars and its such a driving car.it was so badass and fun to drive i couldnt say no.
  15. My dealer called me today my order is still on material hold but a stock order he has will be there this afternoon, same color black has svtpp no stripes i ordered red stripes but thats no big deal to me. i know when i see it i will want it my only problem is it doesnt have electronics pack. i know its all preference but does anyone think its a major thing to have or not have
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