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  1. When I bought my first Shelby GT500 someone posted a web site that you could use to track the build stage that your car was in. My son just ordered a 2015 Mustang GT and I was wondering if there is a similar site that can be used to track his car. Does anyone know of such a site? we should be able to get the VIN soon.
  2. Looks very similar to mine also...
  3. Are you using the Invisicord to attach to the mirror harness? They work very nice:
  4. V1 is the best...the rest are good...but V1 is tops!
  5. Load them to a hosting site like tinypic and post the url here.
  6. ...I have nothing but gratitude for the very pertinent information on the N+V+H or any combo of the same. Man I was worried.
  7. And no, goddamn it. There's no section discussing NVH.
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