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  1. Bump, been awhile since ive been on, hospital visit and health diagnosis... Been a crap year! Still a good deal!!!
  2. I have a set of borla stingers axle back up for sale, I ran them for 4000 miles and decided to go with straight pipes. Here's a link for more information http://www.americanm...ck-2005-gt.html I am asking 400 obo Our garage burnt down need the cash for siding for the neighbors houses so offers are welcomed...no trades cause again I'm looking for repairing my neighbors siding. Thanks and god bless!
  3. It says it requires an 18 inch wheel but then it says that the stock wheel won't work so im not sure....
  4. so i was wondering if these brakes will clear 18 inch razor wheels? short and sweet! muahahahaha!
  5. it says you cant recieve any messages haha but i am interested!
  6. any eta of restock? been eyeing them up but i cant find em anywhere but here, and they are otta stock ....considering painting my polished one haha any and all help is appreciated :D
  7. imma little late to the party....but i went with a slp loud mouth set up....but at a local exhaust shop who custom bent the exhaust...i got straight out not rolled and it rools with the bumper....coupled with stock cats and x pipe....and jba shorties....it purrs at idle....loud start up....but quiet after a minute or so....after igot them installed i had my dad take it for a drive, hes light on the throttle till we were in town when a chevy truck was beside us and the guy kept taunting us so itold dad let him have it....and he did...and my dad sunk into his seat cause he thought every cop in a 5 ile radius would hear us haha....so all in all quiet at idle, drone at 70-75ish and amazing sound at WOT....did i mention slp loudmouths are 370ish....i paid 210 and they installed side note with the new exhaust my daughters (ages 3 & 4) thinks its funny and love the sound "faster daddy faster!!!!" so i rev it a little
  8. http://www.rpidesigns.com/shop/item.aspx?itemid=1494 Check these out
  9. the brenspeed detriot rockers have a s/c application same amount of money....also on brenspeeds website they have a video of a 08 bullit sc'd with a cam
  10. Thanks to you all! And my hood liner in tucked safely in my garage next to the stock exhaust and manifolds, and floor mats lol....gave it a cleaner look...idk people like it
  11. thanks im pumped...its only a local newspaper....but still awesome haha
  12. Last sunday 8/14/11 at the ewing park car cruise, i was asked if it was ok for me to have me and the car photographed! out of the 300 car we got the page "Pegasus" is happy! :happy feet: here's some evidence! :D
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