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  1. Glad I just start mine for half an hour every 2 weeks or so. Gotta keep the juices flowing all winter.
  2. I bought the matching stripe for my Tonneau cover which was actually a roof stripe kit for a coupe. Trust me, you don't want anyone making these stripes for you as they are two tone painted on the same strip. I bought mine from my dealership and got 30% off by telling them a dealership further away was going to give me 30% off but I'd rather use them if I could. There is a TON of markup on these stripes. Good luck!
  3. You're assuming I didn't read the thread. This isn't just a problem with the 13s. People had the same complaint with the 11s and 12s being too quiet. Sound is all subjective in these cases anyways. The part for the 2013 is still the same construction as the 2011. Eliminating the Resonator muffler and replacing it with a FRPP delete WILL increase the supercharger sound and improve airflow. Whether you think you notice the difference is the subjective piece.
  4. The G2s break lose when punching it even when it is in the 50s. I broke lose and was at least at a 45 degree angle after I downshifed to third on the highway doing 70 when trying to pass someone and the temps were in the low 50s (this was in early November). The road was cool and dry and I wasn't expecting that at all. Thankfully the computer systems kicked in before I could even think to react and the car corrected itself. There are few situations where turning the traction control off in these cars make sense. Most of the accidents we see happening in these cars and corvettes and such are from people who think their reaction times are better than a computers.
  5. My Borla Stingers were the best Mod I've made to my GT500. The sound isn't aggravating by any stretch and they look much better than the junk stock exhaust. While I loved the sound of my GT500 before I switched the mufflers, the Borlas really bring out the true sound of the engine, not magnify or distort it. I think the ATAKs may be overboard (at least to me) but the stock GT500 exhaust is by no means perfect.
  6. $50 on the Ford Racing Resonator delete isn't a waste of money. I noticed an increase in the supercharger sound and after I looked at the old resonator it was easier to determine it was bulkier and provided less airflow. Maybe the JLT product while arguably looking better doesn't offer the same benefit.
  7. I have the same set intalled on my 2011 and I don't regret my purchase at all. Worth every penny and then some. For anyone worried about an obnoxious sound don't. These muffler only enhance the same sound these cars make.
  8. Just make sure you land that job man. My wife spent 6 years in college for a Molecular Biology BS and Nuclear Medicine certification and it's been 2 years and she hasn't had a single interview in hundreds of applications. Fresh out of college doesn't always translate to jobs these days unfortunately, and the numbers are only getting worse. Wish you the best of luck on the Shelby, I bought way over my head when I got out of high school myself so I know just what how you're feeling.
  9. Same car as 2013 except: Heated seats now come standard (except with Recaro seats) New Exterior Colors: Oxford White Ruby Red Metallic Tinted Clearcoat
  10. That is one sexy GT500. That yellow is a bit too on the orange side though, would prefer a bit more "banana" yellow.
  11. Going 90 is hardly bragging and really isn't that fast on a turnpike where most drivers are going 75-80 MPH. I rarely go above 100MPH and if I do it isn't for very long. I spend about $300/month in gas on average for the record and I get 18 MPG on average doing 90. (during summer driving months). When you have a 40 mile commute to work every day, driving the speed limit isn't an viable option for me. I don't consider exceeding the speed limit "breaking the law" considering 90%+ people do it regularly. Most of us break the law all the time in ways we may not even realize. I obey common sense before arbitrary law every time.
  12. Never understood how people get bent out of shape about speeding. I never obey speed limits, I use common sense instead. You should never be driving "fast" in traffic, residential areas, poor road conditions and roads etc. Driving "fast" in a straightaway with no traffic however isn't going to harm anyone as long as your tires and vehicle are capable of handling it. The whole point is having an idea on your minimum necessary reaction time needed to avoid an accident, at higher speeds this number shrinks. Deer are always a consideration but I had a great aunt almost killed crossing a bridge while doing 35 when it went through her windshield. Most posted speed-limits more often have to do with revenue generation than actual safety. Speed is only one factor in many when determining safety.
  13. I never realized the performance difference was that large honestly. I figured I might lose a tenth in the 1/4 but nothing more. I thought it more had to do with the extra #200 lbs or so in weight ( a little less on the later model Shelbys). With that in mind I may end up making my next GT500 a coupe sadly. Hopefully the difference between the Coupe and Convertible 2011 GT500s isn't as great.
  14. 35 over I think is reckless op in Ohio but I was pulled over by a OSHP before and while he said he could get me for reckless op he only gave me the ticket. Been ticket free for 5-6 years now. I drive 90+ on the interstate daily. My commute would be 15 minutes longer if I drove the speed limit, I'm not throwing away half an hour of my life every day just to obey a revenue generation scheme.
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