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  1. My method centers the axle under the “body”. Fat Boss’ method centers to the frame rails where the lower control arms connect. This more accurately aligns the thrust line to the frame. I would guess my method is 95% accurate (unless there has been body damage in the rear). While his approach could be more of a challenge to set up. I’m not sure how to do this beyond eyeballing it. I’m sure there are some measurements out there to do this. The “best” approach is to set it up as best you can and then take it to an alignment shop and have them set the thrust angle. Unless you plan to drag race the car, I don’t think you will notice a difference through.
  2. As I recall, the installation was pretty straight forward and the instructions were easy to follow. I remember taping strings to the rear fenders with a large washer on the ends hanging down to the center of each wheel. That way I could ensure the axle is centered. If you look at your axle today, you will note that it is offset to one side a bit as the axle moves left & right under varying compression loads. After install, the axle should be centered as it will no longer shift under varying loads.
  3. As to adjustability, once you install it, you probably won’t ever move it. Having all those additional adjustment points doesn’t mean much.
  4. Since I have a KR with the KR axle cover, I went with the Shelby version that clamps onto the axle as I didn’t want to remove the cover. I would think they are about the same strength-wise.... But I’m not an expert on that aspect. The version that replaces the cover looks like a slightly easier installation?
  5. Mohawk has partnered with Mustang Club of America for two awesome days of track festivities and a car show at MSR Houston October 18th and 19th, 2018. Register here: http://www.mohawktrackexperience.com/
  6. I presume you know that the Comprehensive part of your insurance covers this? My wife has hit a deer two times over the years. Once was in a Lincoln LS (which has an aluminum hood); the total bill was a whopper. Cost me the $50 deductible each time. Have lost many a windshield over the years (three on my 4 yr old Navigator so far). Costs $50.... And that’s why I carry $50 Comprehensive deductible on all my vehicles.
  7. Agree. Someone took your cover. The airbag is replaced on the back of your cover.....
  8. Don’t know if you have access to a lift, but you can check pinion angle real easy with an iPhone. Just measure the angle at the back of the transmission and at the pinion snout. I think mine were the same at about 3 degrees. Suspension must be loaded and the car reasonably level. Having an adjustable UCA is a must to make this work, especially if you have replaced the UCA mount on the chassis: I noticed the UCA mounting holes on the heavy duty mount were different from stock.
  9. Got my right side fixed today. Very easy update — the tech gets .3 hrs to install it.
  10. Received a letter today stating the passenger-side airbags are now available. Haven’t checked with the dealer regarding parts yet.
  11. Ditto. Have 275/35 on 20x9’s on the front and rear (which are 20x10’s). Can probably go 295’s on the rear with no problem as stock is 285’s on 9.5” rims.
  12. There is a wiring harness attached to the bottom of the front struts and the top of the rear shocks.
  13. I use Grundy for my basic (stated value) policy, and get an event-specific policy for HPDEs (like Lockton). I had previously used Hagerty, but their rate nearly tripled a few years ago on my GT500KR. When I called and asked why, they said any car over 500 horsepower was considered an “exotic” and those rates were considerably higher. So I checked around and went with Grundy at a reasonable rate.
  14. The company that made the faulty airbags is on the hook to replace them. However, the challenge was so great so they have declared bankruptcy.
  15. That’s what mine did too. When I went over a big pavement change under hard acceleration, I got a clunk. If I backed off just before the bump, I didn’t get a clunk. Otherwise, was smooth and worked great.
  16. The KR diff cover has some cooling fins and is a bit thicker than the normal GT500. Next time I get it on the lift, Ill take a pix. But after the initial install, there was only 1/4 clearance, if that much. No real variances in the install process as its a bolt-in deal. I do have the Shelby adjustable upper control arm and tweaked it a bit to pull the top part of the pumpkin forward without dramatically changing the pinion angle. Now have a bit more clearance. The Watts bracket/propeller mechanism prevents a good look to see if there has been contact. But if you hit a significant bump, the axle could move rearward just enough to have the bolt hit the diff cover. Ill do some more looking on a lift.
  17. Strap wrench worked fine on mine. Came off without any issues.
  18. I have the Shelby Watts Link on my ‘09 KR and it thunks a bit when bottoming out. Not sure why. I made a slight adjustment to the pinion angle as maybe the propeller bolt might have been hitting the diff cover. Haven’t driven it much since to see if the thunk is still there.Other than that, works great!
  19. I have an original one I purchased from Shelby back when. Not going to say it is perfect as it was on my car for a few years:
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