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  1. Now I need to get rid of my 5.0 Boss Quad Exhaust kit so I can get this
  2. Thanks, I am friends with several people that work there so I am there often when not working and the kids are in school and wife at work.
  3. The idiot Ethan Hawke was interviewed and talked about the "hemi" power that Shelby Cobra had under the hood.
  4. I just bought a Bob's instead to avoid the whole "is it a JLT or Shelby/SilverHorseRacing" oil separator. Very satisfied with the Bob's Ultimate CF setup.
  5. My 2011 did not have the steering wheel feel change function.
  6. She was a single mom, living in an apartment complex, working and driving in downtown Tampa stop and go traffic daily. She had never driven a standard until Vaugh Gittin taught her. She says the car was too much for her. She never expected to win her creation. The car sustained (2) paint nicks and she was just afraid the car would receive too much damage where she lived. She traded it to my dealer for a brand new 2013 Ford Explorer Limited.
  7. I was referring to the car being a 1 of 1 Ford authorized custom. You would think some sort of documentation would come with the car. http://www.stangtv.com/news/video-vaughn-gittin-jr-delivers-gt500-to-contest-winner/
  8. Question.... I purchased the 2013 Shelby GT500 Ford Authorized "Mustang Customizer" Give-away car. Shouldn't Ford have some sort of documentation for this car? The original owner didn't receive anything. Who should I contact to find out? Ford or SVT?
  9. Mine goes on every Sunday night if I am working the upcoming week and comes off as soon as I am back in town.
  10. Does he want to buy a Ford authorized custom 1 of 1 pink Shelby?
  11. I do head over to Old Towne in Kissimme from time to time for the Friday Night American Muscle Cruise-in. Just went this past Friday and meet up with a co-worker who has a ZR1.
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