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  1. I have checked them out now, and prefer the position of CC Mustang Brackets. Good day to place the order....Black Friday! Thanks again all.
  2. Hi all I'm over the pond in the UK and want to fit a USA size licence plate to the front of the GT-H. Can anyone recommend a licence plate holder to fit the California Special bumper please? Are there any where you do not need to drill the bumper? Hope someone can help. Tony
  3. Thanks for showing these. Went straight to Ebay and was lucky enough to pick up the UK bear with busby.
  4. Here are the two signatures on my 2007 GT-H framerail. Anyone else have these? Does anyone know if they Shelby or Hertz employees? Thanks Tony
  5. I am still unable to resolve this, even through Ford with my chassis # I understand (from the window sticker) at the Ford factory the convertibles had 17" wheels as standard, but were supplied to Shelby with optional 18" wheels. Rear shocks seem to have Motorcraft part numbers: ASH-1113 17" wheels AST-224 18" wheels Does anyone know for certain which are on the 2007 GT-H? Thanks Tony
  6. Yes, the Tokicos sound excellent. If I did want to keep it stock as it left the Shelby factory, can someone confirm the part number as: Motorcraft AST-172 6R3Z18125BA please? Thanks Tony
  7. Thanks Jim. Good question...not sure I know the answer, so I am interested to hear suggestions. I certainly want to keep the car stock, particularly body, interior, engine, brakes, wheels, but I guess rear shocks may not be so critical if it gives me a better driving experience? Tony
  8. Rear shocks have gone at 33,000 miles. What replacement part do I need please?
  9. Bump. Have just come across my photos again. 11 pics of the car whilst being rented in California, rental bills etc.
  10. My 2007 frame is signed with the name 'Turpin'. There is an initial and I must get it photographed. Anyone have any info, or have the same signature?
  11. Thanks everyone. After consideration, I'm going down the repair route as preferred choice. Tony
  12. Thanks, yes, I thought it would have a name. Lot easier to ask for it now. Not a quick fix for me as I am in England. Looks like I will probably need a trim panel tool to get the clips out?
  13. Can anyone help please? I've managed to damage the plastic sill bodykit which goes between the front and back wheels under the passenger door. (I'm sure there is a better description!) Is this a standard 2007 Ford Mustang convertible GT part? Part no? Where can I get one please? Thanks in anticipation Tony
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