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  1. Picked one up for $200 shipped on eBay with bonus! https://www.ebay.com/itm/153771460735
  2. missed the bidding... anyone have one forseale, PM me!
  3. Thank you, what I'm looking for, but not all scratched up.
  4. Looking for a Ford strut tower base for my 14 if anyone's selling. Insert other media
  5. Thanks all, I had one on my 10 & 11, to be honest there wasn't a huge different and i've read anything you put on rubbs, so not worth it.
  6. Hello all! Former 2010 & 2011 GT500 owner, I had sold them back in 2012 and yesterday I just purchased a 2014 Shelby Convertible (red/White Stripes) fully loaded, 1150 miles on it! Excited to be back behind the wheel again, love this car! Look to see if anyone has put a strut brace on this year and if it's worth doing? Thank you.
  7. I don't care if it takes someone 10 min or 8 hours for that matter... The greasy tech that’s having a shitty day at work won’t care about your car... It will end up with oil stains, scratch up leather & plastics while he's crawling in and out of your car…. Then comes the test ride when they take your car our for a beating while smoking a cigarette! No thanks! lol... I hear horror stories all the time and have experienced it 1st hand!
  8. I had the same issue... but I got rid of the car... lol! It was the fuel pump... In order for them to change out the fuel pump, they would have to rip out the backseats... I couldn’t stand the thought of some greasy tech ripping apart my new car...
  9. They are not easy to take off... I struggled with them when I sold my 11'... I don't think those take away from the car, it's the engine mod's that hurt you. BTW... I love your car... my favorite color combo... I had 2 Red Shelby's.. I was going to buy a 13', but I decided with the prices dropping so fast to wait another year and buy another 11' or 12' Vert... I got lucky when I sold mine, I got most of my $ back... I'll end up better in the long run by buying another one at 10K less than what I sold my 11' for. I would suggest holding onto it, unless you really have to sell it...
  10. I would remove the mods and sell it bone stock. Most people don't like buying modded cars, takes away from the value
  11. Looks sweet... http://www.motorauthority.com/news/1072054_2013-ford-mustang-shelby-gt500-prototype-sells-for-300000
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