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  1. The work is way better than any of the cars I have seen him service. The price left to pay is a fraction of what I have seen people charge for the work that is left. Supposedly Tony Rivera who races in PWC will be finishing the car soon. He works at the shop now. I'm heading back up tomorrow to check on stuff. I am heading with them to COTA to help out this weekend. At least that should be fun.
  2. Still slow as all hell. I lost a girlfriend over the depression of not having my car for 2.5 years. My depression seems to have motivated him a bit but he still takes care of 5 or 6 AI cars too soooo usual stuff. Fuel is plumbed, oil is plumbed. Need wiring and brake plumbing.
  3. I just watched this, pretty cool. Catch where they said there was a track at Torrey Pines too?
  4. Two weeks ago the guy had a cardiac event. Two stints installed. He says he's got another guy that is gonna show up and finish.... again. I've heard that a few times now. F! M! L!
  5. More stuff mounted. Oil filter, steering cooling rad, oil cooling rad, trans cooling rad, accusump. Got the diff cooling rad's figured out, just need a new tap and some mounting tabs.
  6. Well some progress... lets see if it keeps up. I cut some of the engine harness up due to duplicate plugs because of the stock coyote engine harness and the ford racing controls pack. Made some decisions where the oil accumulator and trans radiator and power steering radiator will go.
  7. I got a very uninformed very not official quote from Dean Martin. He's a little farther away even though he's at Cortex right now. I'll call up there in a few after I get a WTF talk in again with where the car is.
  8. He still hasn't touched it. Where can I take it to get it finished?
  9. Was on a trip, just got back yesterday. Helped a friend pick up his 1st car from his parents home in Detroit. Long trip, towed it home. Before I left he said end of next month but I fear it's just more empty promises. I'm gonna go up sometime this week and check up on things.
  10. Oh I know. Been 20 months 11 days now. Not that I'm counting. More excuses all week. Hasn't been touched.
  11. I've been put on the back burner again. Nothing since... He's out with a porsche cup car at buttonwillow.
  12. Try the stock tanks and see if it cures the problem. Easy enough swap with a baster.
  13. I use them. Don't know for sure if they work as I haven't tried any kind of data gathering on brake temps. I also use 600 fluid though... I figured if they work then awesome. If they don't then they aren't really hurting.
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