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  1. I like it! The wing is modern business. I was at the Daytona 500 last week where Ford had a 350 on display. Beautiful car, one of only about 5 in the country. I would have one in a hot minute!
  2. I know this is an old post, however I need some advise. I run Daytona and Sebring and I am looking for new brake pads. I am using EBC yellow stuff and they just didn't seem to get it done at Daytona. I am reading all this info about different pads for front and back. Ice mode and ABS. I have never experienced any of these problems. I have never felt the ABS activate on my bake system. I am using 14" rotors front and rear. I would like to go deeper in the corners before braking.
  3. I started tracking my car about a year ago and became burden with heat soak. I know some of you guys track your cars and have the same problems. I installed the KB 2.8 LC, Steeda triple pass heat exchanger, the new KB Bigun intercooler and a 55 gpm intercooler coolant pump. I also have a oversized stock appearing coolant tank. I just returned from Daytona NASA track event where we ran Lemans course. The air temp was in the mid 60s. I am running 15lbs of boost on 98 unleaded fuel. The track tune has a few degrees of timing pulled. Around town the intercooler coolant runs around 100 degrees. At speeds in access of 160 mph the coolant temp never rose above 140 degrees! After a 30 minute run the coolant temp would drop to 100 while stayi g out of boost between turn two and turn three. I can not wait to go to Sebring and try this combo.
  4. My clutch went out at 5000 miles. Replaced it with a spec ss/ with billit flywheel. I put another 15000 miles on that and I just had it rebuilt by spec for 750.00. I swear by this clutch, no chatter smooth as silk!
  5. I am going with the 2.8 KB LC. New KB heat exchanger that fits under the super charger and a Steeda triple pass heat exchanger out front. I also ordered a 55GPM pump and large stock look reservoir. I track this car at Daytona and Sebring. I drive hard and have been fighting the heat soak for two years. I cant wait to try this combo out!
  6. I have been thinking about a 2.9 Whipple. Are there any other mods to your engine?
  7. The ALCOAS look great on your car....I would not change a thing!!
  8. Thanks for the input guys. Curt A I have a new clutch and pressure plate, I don't think that is the problem. I did not know reverse does not have a syncro. I just did not remember it doing this untill recently. So there is no way to fix this?
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