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  1. I posted a list of parts I need to get rid of in the GT500 classified section.
  2. For my 2010, several years ago, I purchased a battery powered HomeLink unit and attached it to my visor. I had to cut a hole in the visor to allow the unit to rest tight against the visor. Everything fits up into the recessed area of the headliner. The HomeLink unit does not interfere with use of the visor when up or down. The camera flash makes the HomeLink unit's shade of black appear a lot different than actual, however, in the car, you don't even notice it on top of the visor.
  3. When I installed the Shelby Extreme front brake system, just like everyone else, I initially had an issue with leaking around the bleeders. I figured it was a seat issue even thought the bleed screw fit in the caliper body was a lot looser than what I was accustomed. Anyway, I kept loosing and tightening each bleeder, going a little tighter each time, and then checking for leaks in between each loosening-tightening sequence. Eventually, no leak, not even a slight weep around either bleeder. And that has been almost 2 years ago. I forget what torque setting I was up to, but I bet it was 30 ft-lbs or more. Very un-nerving to apply that kind of torque to a bleed screw, but it worked.
  4. You are correct, that is still the same procedure to remove the rear side marker lamps on later models, that is how I removed mine. No need to remove the bumper cover. About a year ago, I found the smoked rear marker lamp assemblies at HID-Guy, so I bought a set. However, when I tried to install, I found the assemblies were poorly made and the the marker lamp socket would not fit. So I never replaced the rear marker lights.
  5. My rear brake setup is the Shelby/Baer EradiSpeed+2 kit which includes 14" rotors and, like FTBR, the kit includes caliper relocation brackets to reuse the stock rear calipers. And this set up matches the Shelby/Baer Extremes I have up front. However, I do like the FTBR rotors since these are not cross-drilled.
  6. Agree the stock rear brake appearance leaves something to be desired. Here was my solution: Shelby Rear Brake Upgrade 2.pdf Shelby Rear Brake Upgrade 2.pdf
  7. You are correct, although I ordered thru SPP, both the panhard bar and the brace are BMR components. I do not recall that these particular items were supposed to have laser etched CS logos. However, I did receive several BMR logo stickers and several Shelby logo stickers, which I did not use...lol.
  8. Nothing wrong with that panhard bar brace. That slight bend is required. I installed the Shelby setup on mine about a year ago and it had the same bend. --KG--
  9. Although I do not have the CS40 wheel, I thought I would give you an idea of what the MGP covers look like installed. I think the MGP covers clean-up the apprearance of the rear brakes. I believe SPP may still sell the Shelby version of these caliper covers.
  10. For me, nothing planned for the 3rd brake light, I agree with jskup1 that it matches the tinted tail lamps well. For the corner lamps, I planned to replace all four corners with smoked assemblies. I purchased the smoked front corner lamp set from American Muscle, installed these with amber bulbs and it looks decent. For the rear, I purchased a set of smoked rear corner lamps from the HID-Guy. Unfortunately, the quality of these assemblies is poor and the housings will not accept the lamp holder. So for now, nothing with the rear corner lamps, although after seeing jskup1's results, I may give the tint a try if I do not have any success modifying HID-Guy's lamp assemblies.
  11. I agree, Cervini's service was great. Be careful packing your old lamps for return, if the lamps are damaged or scratched, you may not get the core charge returned. The finish on the lamps is pretty good. The finish is glossy.
  12. I went with Cervini's tinted tail lamp exchange program for 2010 -2012 Mustangs. On the bench: Installed: The tint tones down those bright red lamps and I think better matches the the 3rd brake light and rear side marker lamps.
  13. Simple install and it looks good. This thread should answer your questions with some photos of installed doors: http://www.teamshelby.com/forums/index.php/topic/76382-2010-shelby-billet-fuel-door/
  14. When I installed the Shelby Axle Cover/Girdle, I went with the Royal Purple Max Gear, 75W-140. Afterwards, I did not notice any difference with the rear differential performance. I switched only because I prefer RP products.
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