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  1. Got it. At first I thought people were making a jab at the age. My own "hockey stick" of growth was from age 20-30. I went from nobody to flying around the world advising the largest companies. So I never discount the potential of youth. But I agree, it does raise a question of what his true calling may be (i.e. passion). At some point you have to mature and settle into a specific role.
  2. Okay, but then why bring up something about his young age? The "but" implied a negative connotation IMO. If you've got an issue with the job-hopping, skip the age issue and go straight to that. Maybe try this if age is immaterial as you say: It looks an impressive resume,but he has had one hell of a lot of jobs with a lot of company's! As an employer it would be a concern for me with the fact that the person doesn't seem to stay at one particular place for too long!
  3. Funny...the couple comments insinuating age discrimination. Probably coming from guys that, ironically, are of the age that will probably be getting a dose of age discrimination of their own in the near future.
  4. Now this sounds like the resume and pedigree of a Vice President. And this: tells me that a person with a vested interest in developing special programs like the KR would not later whore out the Shelby legacy that goes along with it and then tell customers that it's not their business to know the details. Quite frankly it doesn't even matter if I'm wrong or right. As a customer that's my perception...and perception carries a lot of weight. Looks like a good strategic move SAI, and I look forward to seeing what comes from it.
  5. Why is Jer the ONLY person in the company that can provide good customer service? That's not exemplary...that's dysfunctional.
  6. I don't have a problem with you Albino. But for the record, I am not one of the many "profiteers" on this site who buy Shelby product and go straight to the Bay looking for a 3x profit to support their "hobby". I bought 1 set of KR wheels to keep as new condition, whereas the ones currently on my car get brake dust because I actually drive mine.
  7. It's like watching a car crash in slow motion. I feel for ya schram.
  8. No mistaken. I know you like to handle negative issues in private, and only sunshine in public. But that is asking a lot from hte internets. I guess you could ban me. Not sure if that makes things better or worse though. I have an idea, how about some honest answers in public on the negative issues? I'll start: what do you think of my idea of proactively providing a refund for all the shipping charge overages, since shipping calculators are almost impossible to accurately calculate? I'll bet every single Shelby customer would be on board with that idea too.
  9. When I used the term "outrageous" on the other thread to describe my own personal interpretation of Shelby's shipping prices, I honestly hadn't even seen this thread. All the terms people used to describe their reaction to the shipping cost is natural and from the heart, and none of them should be implied to revise their terminology in the slightest. To be fair, I know that configuring online shipping calculators is a major pain. You have to enter size and weight of each item, and all this gets thrown out the window when it comes time to boxing-up multiple items. However, all of this is easily fixed by a simple company policy that refunds all overage back to the customer without them having to e-mail the company to request it. This mirrors the direction of current trends with online shopping. But in all honesty Jer, do you really think that this sentence right here: can be interpreted by customers as being a positive statement, especially considering it's your response to multiple cited examples? hmmm
  10. Perhaps here may be the problem.
  11. Legitimate question: by "tone", do you mean a match to your bro-mance style public relations coupled with your dream for a forum web site where 100% of the people love everything you do? I can see you're itching to ban me, but that's quite a stretch. If you only want fact, then the fact is that this is not the first time or thread with this exact "bad experience", so obviously "I'll relay your experience to them" didn't work the first time. Another fact is that the #1 monetary reason why someone would want to pick up parts in person is to save the shipping cost. Another fact is that I have requested quotes from you before and thought your shipping cost was outrageous (this was even after I informed that person that I have a legitimate business address for reduced rates when sending UPS/FedEx). Another fact is that the current trend with online sales is for "free shipping" (thank you eBay) and future trends are even pushing for free returns shipping as well (thank you Zappos), and so the days of companies charging crazy shipping are over. So as long as you're on the back side of some those issues, you run the risk of "bad experience" or negative feedback from customer interaction. And don't kill the messenger. The easiest way to improve things is to look at what could've been said or done different. Good wholesome feedback for improved customer service.
  12. FWIW Jer, I am not some Camaro-owning troll. I own a Shelby, and have purchased Shelby accessory products directly from you which makes me a customer. Any perceived issues between us could simply and entirely be resolved with better public relations and customer service. My $.02
  13. Which should have been post #14
  14. Since when is stuff shipped to Canada required to be on a plane? But are correct, this is not the first time I've seen a thread like this for Shelby. I had to keep checking the dates to make sure I wasn't reading a thread from last year. In my business that $1500 order would mean a lot to me...as would that customer's satisfaction. If my employee didn't provide adequate customer service my response would be 2 fold: to address the situation with all employees in private so they have a clear understanding of company policy so it doesn't happen again; and to equal-compensate for the error with the customer to regain their trust and get the $1500 order. The monetary savings by buying at the location is to save shipping costs...and free UPS GROUND shipping is the most logical offer as a good customer service gesture for the mix-up. Jer I am not trying to offend you. I am simply making suggestions to improve your customer service for a situation that has happened more than once. The reason threads like this get out of control is because customers perceive it as being excuse-laden, when really a simple and private gesture that makes up for the error is all that's needed when providing good customer service.
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