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  1. thanks...it was a nice time..and met alot of cool people..
  2. I have several other muscle cars,so i drive different ones each week...
  3. been there...done it...its all nuts and bolts and wire...not really that hard..if u have a question,pm me
  4. here are a few new pics of the wife from this summer...
  5. My car is exactly 1 yr old....and 1600 miles..and a kenne-bell.. Time flies....and so does this car...
  6. I had a TB problem on the orginial install..so i sent it back and got a second one..seems ok..ran 126 mph last trip to the strip..
  7. when the "shoot out "tune mode is used, the traction control is locked out automatically,but mine didn't,although the light was on,the traction control was still functioning. When i changed to the street tune,and disabled the TC,I can do a burn out,with out big wheel hop.
  8. after watching the video of the car running..we have concluded that ,in the Kenne bell race mode,the traction control was not disengaging,causing massive wheel hop..there is something wrong with their tune,it is supposed to lock out the traction control,the dash light said it was,,,but it was not..
  9. I have the one piece driveshaft...so...i'm getting the adjustable pinion angle thing,and then lowering the car some...
  10. I went to the drag strip for a test and tune last nite..mixed bag here..for some reason,i couldn't do much of a burn out..The traction control was off,but the car just hopped a whole lot. I had alot of wheel spin,60' in the 2.0 range,not good,trap speeds about 125.4...et's in the 11.90 range..so..i've got to figure out the suspension better. I have LCA's and nitto's..wheel hop is very bad...If this thing hooks..it will do a high 10...
  11. nope...i have tubular LCA's....I think i will have to change the pinion angle..
  12. my experience....3 inch clears...3 1/4 does not..
  13. I recently bought the new shelby GT500 eibach pro spring kit from Evolution performance,they assured me it would work fine with my 3.5" one piece driveshaft..Well did the rear install tonite and BANG...the driveshaft hits in 3 places..apparently 1.7 inch drop is too much. so i returned it to stock height..I hope evo will take these back,as I can't use them...
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