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  1. I don't need all 6 wheels, but if you do decide to separate I would be interested in 2 of them, 1-20x9 and 1-20x10!
  2. I would be interested in 1 white windshield banner! Don Hamilton
  3. "SOLD" This is a originally signed leather jack, with "Certification of Authenticity #12349" and is size XXL, never really worn. I sent this jacket to the Carroll Shelby Foundation and was signed by Carroll on May 25, 2010 as shown in the attached pictures. I am asking $225 plus the cost of shipping. I will attached pictures as shown as I can figure out how to attached the pictures, in the mean time please PM me and I will forward pictures. I have also list the jacket with pictures on eBay https://www.ebay.com/itm/233031577349 Don Hamilton
  4. have a 2007 GT500 that has the Borla touring exhaust. I added Kooks long tube headers a while back and don't really care for how loud it is when the RPMs get much above about 2200. Any suggestions for calming the sound down a bit?
  5. Brain: I'm about 15 miles east of Oregon City off of Highway 213 Don
  6. Brian: I do not do Facebook for multiple reasons, so if you could post events here on this forum it would be great as I do visit this site regularly. Its great to see a new director for this region, one that is more active! Don
  7. So I have a 2007 that has several modifications including the long tube headers with the Borla touring exhaust, the Borla exhaust that used to be installed on the SS cars. I have not noticed any "Drone" in the passenger compartment( with top up), or very little, however, you can definitely hear the exhaust from behind the car. The installation of the headers definitely increased the loudness of the exhaust over just having the stock exhaust manifolds with the Borla exhaust.
  8. So a great resource in the Portland area is the Fox Shop. Call Jim a 503-358-8656. I had him switch out the rearend gears in my GT500 and did a great job, (I also have had him complete other tasks on the car as well.)
  9. I want to give a big shout-out to the Fox Shoppe in Portland, Oregon. Jim installed a new clutch, MGW shifter, one piece drive shaft and Kooks headers with Catted X-pipe on my 2007 GT500. I have had Jim complete other modifications on the car before with the same outstanding excellent result. If anyone in the Portland-Vancouver area has a need for a shop with a guy who knows these cars, and any other Mustang, this is the place, "The Fox Shoppe" in Portland! Don Hamilton
  10. I installed new LCR's with the relocation brackets and it really made the car set down and grab the road a lot better!
  11. So I think this is a great idea! Is this type of thing difficult to set-up, I would like to get one going for the PNW Region! Any help would be great!
  12. John: I called SPP the other day about some parts and asked if they had any Pacific Northwest Region windshield banners, I was told that they only had the plain team Shelby banners without any particular region and again stated that they would only be available through the regional director. Do you have any progress on these banners or is my only choice a team Shelby banner without any region? Don
  13. Jeff: I have been trying to get one of these banners for way over a year now for the Pacific Northwest Region. I have contacted our local guy, John Farmer a couple of times with littler or no response. Is there some way I can get the graphics for one of your banners and then I can get the Pacific Northwest Region inserted where yours says Mountain Region, or maybe even buy one of your banners so I can have it re-duplicated with the region! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks Don
  14. So did you purchase the 15" rotor upgrade package through Shelby or Baer? Don
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