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  1. I do HPDE/timetrialing with my 2010...you can not beat Hoosier R6s if you dont mind switching out at the track. I run 265/35/19s and 295/35/19s. You can stagger your tires, but remember you will get more understeer with bigger size difference between the front and back...Have fun and stay safe! Jay
  2. 1. frydguy79 609rwhp 2. Carnut12- 603rwhp 3: Kona/Phill; 680 at the crank minus 15% for parisitic loss so 578 rwhp. 4. MonsterPost - 598.2rwhp 5. JeffJ - 572rwhp 6. Crushinator - 555rwhp 7. jfreemanmd -- 590rwhp
  3. +1 JLT 127mm CAI...but don't forget you need a custom tune with this CAI. I got mine from EVO with a 93 tune (EVO stage 1)...huge improvement in throttle response, and my boost was increased (atleast by the gauge) from 8-9 to 10-11psi.... Jay
  4. Wake up the stock supercharger with a JLT 127mm CAI and tune!! You will NOT regret it! Jay
  5. Either way, its a lot of $$, so you should think about what you want to do with the car. If you are looking for a car that will see some roadcoursing, I'd probably go with the GT350, or a Boss LS because they will perform better than the SS. If you want balls to the wall power in a straight line, then SS...they are all amazing cars!! Good luck with your decision. Jay
  6. Sorry, they're too big to upload?? I can PM you.
  7. I am currently running Steeda Sypders (20x9.5 front, 20x11 rears) on my 2010 GT 500. It is lowered with alot of BMR suspension stuff...there are no fitment issues with the 45mm offset, even with the big Shelby/Baer brakes. I have 275/35/20 Invos in front and 315/35/20 in back...the wheels are flush and do not stick out from the rear wells... Hope this is helpful... Jay
  8. Whoever said it doesn't help on roadcoursing your Shelby doesn't know what hes talking about -- it will be a night-and-day difference from the stock HE and radiator as far as losing power 15-20minutes into each session on the track (heat soak)...with the upgraded HE and Rad, you will NOT experience this and your car will be at full power the whole session... Jay
  9. For looks alone, the SuperSnake can't be beat, but the Boss would outrun the SS on the roadcourse everytime out...especially with the Procharger kit...however, I'd still take the SS!
  10. The concept drawings appear way too similar to the current camaros so hopefully that will change before production...I'm very excited about the IRS!!!! Gonna be an animal on the roadcourse!
  11. Nice! I'm gonna be up at Lime Rock on June 1st with my Shelby. Also, they have a Vintage race next weekend that my friend is racing his '65 Mustang...
  12. Have you guys done any more research on power gains with the 127mmCAI/tune on otherwise stock 2010s?
  13. Congrats!! Sounds beautiful -- looking forward to some pics when you get a chance!! Jay
  14. Thats quite a stable of ponies you have there!! I guess my only question is which one are we gonna see in May on the North course??
  15. 1sgt -- when is that Sands Point show? I'll definately go to that...love to meet up! Jay
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