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  1. I also added wide stripes to my Kona Blue SVTPP. I also was going to add gunmetal to match the wheels but was steered against it. It can be done but how long the stripes will last will be an issue. Most places will not warranty the stripes that have metallic in it because of rust/discoloration over time. I ended up going with a flat black on my car which has more of a grey color to it than the matte black. The issue with the flat black is that it can be easily scratched. You can search for threads with my username and find the pictures that I posted of my car with the flat black stripes. Good luck with whatever you decide!
  2. Unfortunatley I did not get a chance to take any pictures yet. Will try and get something up soon. I will say that they are a great improvement over the stock tires. It was 50 degrees out the other night and was able to get full throttle in second without loosing traction. I couldnt even go half throttle in secon at that temperature without roasting the tires.
  3. I got the new tires put on this past weekend. My initial impressions are they are a improvement over the Supercrap G2s. I have 275/40/19 in the front and 295/35/20 in the rear. With the wheels turned at full lock I have zero rubbing issues. Road noise seems to be decreased and the ride feels more comfortable. There is also a noticeable traction improvement as well. I will try and take some pictures this weekend of the tires on the car so everyone can get a visual.
  4. You are correct in the fact that the manufacturer recommends a 10"" rim when using 295's. There have been many people that have used 295's on thier SVTPP rim and have had no issues. I dont track my car and am not too concerned about it. If it is a concern for you the Super Sports do come in a 285/40/20 size. I will post my impressions once the tires come in and I have had some driving time on them. Good Luck with you tire buying!
  5. Thanks for all of the inputs. I placed an order for the tires today. I went with 275/40/19 for the front and 295/35/20 for the rear. They should be here in a couple of days. Once I get them on the car and had a chance to drive around on them, I will report back.
  6. I thought about the F14s as well but dont think I want to spend the coin for rims and tires. I am really close to pulling the trigger on the super sports. The only thing holding me back is the price (they are just as expensive as the G2s) and not knowing if they are going to be hockey pucks like the G2s in cooler weather. On a positive note, I hear they have a really good treadwear for a high performance tire. I will let you know how it goes.
  7. It is finally time to put new tires on my 2011 Shelby GT500 SVTPP. I was lucky enough to get around 19,800 miles out of the stock G2s. Like many others I dont want to put the stock G2s back on the car and would rather use a different tire. Besides the NITTO INVOs, I found out that Michelin Pilot Super Sports might fit the SVTPP cars. I am looking at 275/40/19 fronts and 295/35/20 for the rears. Has anyone had any experience with these tires? Will the 275's fit in the front? I did do a search for this tire and didnt come up with much. Any inputs are appreciated.
  8. I will see if I can take some side angle shots of the car and post them next week.
  9. Thanks! I Love them but the flat black can be a pain in the a$$ to take care of.
  10. I have the same slop in my shifter. It drives me nuts. I'm going to be replacing it with a MGW shifter soon.
  11. Thanks! I also think this should be a combo offered from the factory.
  12. I think Kona Blue with Flat Black Stripes is the best! I got the stripe delete and personalized it.
  13. How would you compare the sound to the stock exhaust? I have heard good things about the Roush axle back but could not find any sound clips of them on a 2011 to make a decision. I really love the stock exhaust sound but want to make sure I am not missing out on something better. Where did you find the sound clips with them on a 2011? Congrats on the new setup. I am having my Raven Racing Radiator and Heat Exchanger put in this Friday! Can't wait!
  14. I have heard mixed reviews on the sound. I know they are loud. I've heard that the car sounds mean and I've heard it is just damn loud. Either way I hear it is very functional and keeps the temps down.
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