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  1. Here in TX also. Would love some new solution to block the sun with style and protect my CS signature!!
  2. Well, what I think I am going to do is find out what thread the pins are and get my parts from McMaster-Carr. I know they have the roller bearing that I need. Just need to find out the threadsert size, maybe a stainless option instead of a zinc one will do . I was hoping to find an easy answer that someone already had. Thanks for your replys thus far! :D
  3. What gives??? I purchased a set of Billet GT500 Hood Pins at the end of December and have been waiting on the Installation Kit since then! The Installation Kit is still not available. Can anyone give me the details on the hardware so I can go out on my own and get what I need to install the thread inserts?
  4. I just got wind of this cruise! I live in Kyle and plan to go. Anyone need any insight as to where to stay? I might be able to help find a location for someone not far from Cabelas. I live 15 minutes from there.
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