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  1. Hello, the books follow my description very closely. If you email me directly i can send you some detailed pictures as they are to large to add to this post. Thank you Alan
  2. Thanks for your message and am sorry, the Shelby GT book has now sold. The one for the GT-H is still available if there is interest. Thank you.
  3. I have for sale the two Shelby American Inc books they produced on the 2007-2008 GT Models and the 2006 Shelby GT-H. Both books measure 7 3/4" x 9 3/4" and are in full color. They are very detailed and show a full pictoral history of each model. The images show pre and post work cars, the line workers plus many details of the assembly shop. They are a superb piece of Shelby American history. Both books have been carefully stored and are in mint condition and are from twenty years of careful Shelby collecting. Each book is $300 which includes tracked shipping to your US address. For full detailed photographs or any questions, please feel free to contact me, Alan on faulknerstevens@btinternet.com
  4. Hello Guys, 08SGT0344 here in England. Purchased from a US Serviceman while he was stationed at USAF Lakenheath, in Suffolk UK. He bought the car new in California and gave me all its history paperwork. Have completed a series of upgrades and these included sending the car to Roush UK for a supercharger conversion. Have attached two pictures, one just after the original 60's Shelby Team Driver, Jack Sears, had driven the car, best wishes to you all
  5. Thank you for all the good advice, it is much appreciated
  6. I own a 2008 Shelby GT here in the UK and have had the car Supercharged by Roush UK. It was their base conversion giving a mild 450hp. At present the car uses the Factory fuel pump which i have concerns about once i start using the cars ability and higher rpms. I have a new Ford Racing M-9407-C50 190lph fuel pump available, so should i be fitting this? Any advice from other owners with direct experience would be much appreciated.
  7. Hi Guys, Vista Blue Shelby GT #08SGT0344 here in the UK. Brought new in California by U.S Serviceman and brought to England as his daily ride. Fantastic guy, kept all the important paperwork and passed it all to me. Car has 13K miles, upgrades include: paint on stripes, 18inch CS69 rims, Ford Racing big brake kit and cooling ducts plus most recent addition, Roush Supercharger...such a fun car
  8. Hi Guys, i have a 2008 Shelby GT [#344] here in the UK. I took it to Roush UK and had them fit their M90 Supercharger conversion. The whole conversion was very comprehensive and looks OE, but i included an uprated belt tensioner, because of recommendations from other forum users, thank you for that. With the original cold air kit in place, the power is rated at 450hp and 400lbs ft. This version has given me perfect hot or cold driveability/starting/usage and hopefully does not put excessive strain on the motor. Performance is outstanding, especially above 3250rpm, bearing in mind we are very heavily policed here in the UK for speeding.........if you are caught at any speed over 100, it bye-bye license. Clutch is Factory stock unit, which seems okay at present, but i am careful not to overload it with heavy starts.
  9. SHO6GTH

    Shelby GT

    Shelby GT
  10. #488 has recently been sold to a specific collector here in England. Price approximately £35K Sterling, which is about $52K US.
  11. European Shelby owners still here in small numbers...2006 Shelby GT-H now on sale with London based Aston Martin dealer, Nicolas Mee. This car is as good as it gets condition/history wise. I have purchased from American serviceman on a tour of duty at USAF Lakenheath his 2008 Vista Blue Shelby GT. Early build car in Vista Blue with 5-speed. Shelby has been upgraded with painted stripes, CS-69 wheels over 14inch/Brembo caliper Ford racing kit plus ducted cooling to brakes. Best upgrade was trim to Roush UK for a supercharger install...fantastic driving experience.
  12. For any European GT-H fans. My old GT-H #488 is currently for sale with the English Aston Martin dealer, Nicolas Mee in London. Car is as near perfect condition as i could get it. Painted stripes in correct 66 Hertz gold, Shelby CS-69 wheels over Ford Racing 14inch rotor kit and ducted cooling to brakes. Total history from new with all documentation and twin signed on chassis rails underneath car.
  13. I have early build Vista Blue 5-speed 2008 GT here in the UK. Beginning of this year took the car to Roush UK, who are the only Factory OE quality supplier here in England. I had their M90 Supercharger fitted and kept the standard cold air induction kit. They did the complete install and recalibration of the ECU, via their direct link to Roush USA. The kit installed is their 435hp one, which is rated at 450 with the cold air kit. This conversion was recommended because of its excellent finished driveability and less strain on the 4.6 bottom-end components. I also had them fit the latest uprated Roush belt tensioner assembly along with Granatelli coil packs. The Shelby fitted strut brace was swapped out for the Roush, one due to the supercharger needing greater clearance. Driving experience is exceptional, no drivability issues what-so-ever, car behaves perfectly hot or cold. Below 3250rpm the car drives much like the standard non-charged car but has near instant throttle response. Above 3250rpm car is completely transformed, astounding performance as revs climb, howl of supercharger a bonus. Best performance upgrade i've ever done to a car.
  14. Hi Guys, I own a 2006 GT-H which i am looking to sell. It is #488 out of the 500 produced. The car served its time in Florida, before being decommissioned with 17K on the odometer. It was then sold through a Ford dealers in Tennessee, prior to coming to the UK. The car has all it Shelby authentification paperwork and has no evidence of accidents or damage. It still retains its two Shelby operative signatures on the passenger chassis rails. It sees no wet/bad weather usage and lives in a heated/dehumidified garage. The car now has 22K miles on it and whilst with me i have removed the stick-on stripes and replaced them with correctly painted ones in the original 1966 Hertz gold. These have then been over-laquered so no side edges can be felt. I have fitted the Ford Racing 14inch/Brembo caliper kit along with the Ford ducted brake cooling package. The car rides on 9.5x18 Shelby CS69 wheels with Avon tyres. The car is fully detailed to collector standard and requires nothing. If anybody requires further information or pictures, please e-mail me at faulknerstevens@btinternet.com many thanks.
  15. Hello Guys, i have completed a big-brake and cooling duct conversion to two Shelby GT's. An '06 Hertz and an '08. I use the Ford Racing big-brake kit #M-2300-S together with the Ford Racing #M-2004-A. All the ford components fit perfectly and the braking improvement is dramatic. The only thing i have done is to design a black facing bezel which fits into the front facia, passing through the plastic side trims. These then connect to the air ducts going to the brake backing plates. The first bezels i machined were in Stainless steel, but the second set were made from black nylon 66. The second set looks better in black, i think. They are very easy to turn up in a lathe. I hand fabricated a grille/mesh to fit into the opening of the bezel to stop small animals getting drawn up the ducts. If any member would like to see the finished car/details please e-mail me at faulknerstevens@btinternet.com and i'll forward pictures [sorry, not good at loading pictures onto the site] I can also provide a drawing for the bezel if somebody needs it.
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