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  1. great guy to deal with!!!!

  2. Looking good man, nice improvement over the SRT huh? The photography is beautiful. I particularly like the interior shot and the Sun down,front shot, very clean ....you'll find all your answers here when it comes to mod time...GL
  3. I assume the O P is talking about the 624 HP one ,when he says GT350 R Tune....not to mention the 525 one would still be competition...
  4. I curb rashed mine really bad one time and had what was said to be the best wheel doctor around, this guy would work on vette's,beamers,Mercedes,and everything else high end, anyways he was highly recommended , but tried three times and it took two weeks and he couldn't match it. So from my experience you'll never be able to match it. But then again mine had to be stripped all the way down and reshot, it was real severe. End result was I had to buy a brand new fucking rim for just under 9 hundred,and I got that price cause I'm good friends with the GM at my ford dealership, other wise it was closer to 12 hundo. Man I was pissed. Oh I had to give them the damaged rim to get that price also,wonder why Shelby/ford HAD to have that back. Anyways I wish you luck in your fix and it sucks that had to happen...
  5. The GT 350 is over 600HP stock,,need I say more. It does 0-60 in 3.7 I'm told , not sure on the quarter mile though. My money is on the GT350.
  6. done....be posting it soon, punk...lol..
  7. I'll put my car s shine to anyone's and I'll guarantee it's just as nice if not better then anyone's...
  8. I use the touchless wash all the time, cause I love how quick and easy it is, also love the underbody wash. Having a lowered car it's ideal. Getting into those wheel wells is real hard. I just go through,drive home at like 70 (5min ride),dry it more with my all cotton, use meguiers spray wax (15min) and then detail the rims and tires. Forty min from start to finish and my car looks showroom everytime. I highly reccomend them and I have stripes and never had a problem with peeling or any other kinda of marks. Been doing this method for years, big fan....GL..
  9. That thing is beautiful but way over priced (of course)...I have the same color combo as you, thanks for posting pictures...Bye the way your engine bay is shining beautifully,what do you use ?
  10. I don't know what your talking about my 2010 is at least a 9. My buddies 12 is really nice but definately prefer mine(maybe cause mine is comfortablly modded and his is stock)...However more then likely will be trading or selling mine for the 13 when it comes out. Good luck with and it looks sweet..........
  11. How about keep the tires you have and park your car in the winter and buy a winter ride. These cars are made for 3 seasons not 4. Really even 3 seasons is cutting it close...
  12. That's awesome.... I'm def. Not a Chevy fan but that Zo6 would of been a tough choice. Value wise I'd prob say Zo6,,,but overall car I'm all about the Shelby, good taste the wifes got ...
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