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  1. Thanks for the generous offer Secondo. I might take you upon the offer. I am deciding if I want to switch to an FRPP or K & N which are compliant, or do the two year switcheroo. I'll send you a PM.
  2. The place where I got my smog check 2 years ago won't pass my car because the visual inspection does not allow the JLT CAI or the two JLT Oil Separators because they are not approved and do not have CARB stickers. This was a shock to me, but after trying several different smog places, it is clear I will need to remove the JLT stuff, and return to stock or FRPP CAI. JLT sold this to me in California, and there are numerous posts going back 7-8 years about the fact that JLT CAI's are not CA Smog compliant. I have seen all sorts of conjecture as to why JLT has not gotten the CARB stickers - but wanted to ask - has JLT come out and officially addressed this anywhere? I cant find anything. Not only do I need to return to my stock CAI (at my expense, since I tossed it a year ago) I will also need to re-tune the car to factory specs, and remove the custom JLT tune. Also at my expense since I have no idea where my tuner is. The worst thing is that I have a real custom all- JLT engine bay, with red carbon filter CAI and custom red flame radiator cover. I will need to change the aesthetics of my engine bay dramatically. Has JLT stepped in to help others in a similar predicament where they need to return to stock intake/tune? I paid for something, and now I need to pay to take it off. Not sure who to be upset with, but I am really unhappy about it.
  3. I am having the same issues with my JLT CAI. No CARB sticker, no smog. From the same place that passed it two years ago. I have had a custom red carbon fiber JLT CAI on my 2008 for 5 years - now, from everything I can tell, I need to remove it, and return to stock, or get a FR CAI. Why to I want to add the word Ford to my engine bay? This whole thing is really upsetting.
  4. Super hiss, what brand/model alternator did you upgrade to?
  5. A lot cheaper than 4 + 2 extra batteries! But we all know our GT500's are a big hole in the garage we throw money into.
  6. How many batteries have you been through? My 2008 is on its 5th battery! I changed it to a red top Optima a few years ago, and have had to replace it 2 times (so 3 total). My wife's GT500 is on its 3rd battery. Yes, I know - battery tender. I finally got mine installed permanently, and the problem seems to be solved..
  7. I came first across this story at GarageJournal forums, and felt it should be shared here at the TeamShelby forums: The OP there wanted to post it here at TS, but had difficulty registering, so asked me to share it. http://www.garagejournal.com/forum/showthread.php?t=251124 The OP there also posted it at SVT forums, and the replies there are more informative, including a reply from Jon Bond: http://www.svtperformance.com/forums/showthread.php?1018833-Damaged-KenneBell-from-Jon-Bond Before: After: The OP over there had a 4.6 Cobra, but since I have two GT500s and therefore post and follow these sections, wanted to share it here. I am betting that members at TS will want to hear this story and give input. I don't see that Jon Bond denies damaging the case in the replies seen on the SVT forums, but he does not seem to understand why the owner is upset since the case, in Bond's opinion, was unusable anyhow. My thoughts on it are that JB does not seem to get the idea that returning something which was valued by the owner enough that he kept it in superb condition means that that condition needs to be maintained. I do believe that JB considered the case to be worthless so threw it in the scrapheap and proceeded to do the rebuild, assuming the owner would agree. Regardless, he destroyed it, so he at least owes the owner a new case, intact. It looks like they destroyed the rotors as well. I have looked at some of Jon Bond' Performance's how-to videos on the internet. I was not impressed. He seems rather careless in the way he handles cases, and his shop looks dirty. I also think he has a half-assed jerry-rig approach to rebuilding superchargers. I would never send him a supercharger for a rebuild just based on those videos alone. Add to it those dramatic pictures of the thrashed supercharger case - and his way of seeing things in terms of customer service and care is completely contrary to what most Shelby owners hold as a standard. I did a little digging on the internet, and some love Jon Bond, and some had bad experiences. I for one would not want to take a 50/50 chance on being satisfied with results.
  8. I am sure that this has been answered here somewhere deep in the threads, but I am finally after many years getting around to changing the wheels/tires on my 2008 GT500. I am looking at the CS70's - possibly. Without lowering the car or making any other modifications, What are the largest size wheels I can use? I do want to leave room for possibly upgrading the front brakes to larger Brembo or other calipers. Other than the question as to the "largest" wheels, what do you recommend as to wheels/tires size and brand? It is a convertible, so this is for appearance and not drag racing. It is for the ebony/red stripe Red Appearance package.
  9. Very cool. Does anyone have photos/experiences with a removable hardtop on a 2007-2009?
  10. Hello, I have been rather inactive here at the forums, and in the club activities for a couple of years due to some health issues and also we moved from northern to southern California. We live in Hermosa beach. Does anyone have a specialty mechanic in the South Bay area they would recommend for modifications (such as new valve covers, wheels, valve covers, etc.? Any great shops for buying parts? Also are there any Mustang/Shelby clubs down here that you would recommend?
  11. We are moving from Northern to Southern California, and need to store two 2008 GT 500's for about 6 months while we look for a new house. Want something safe, covered, and secure, preferably in the West LA/Santa Monica area. Any suggestions?
  12. Hello, We are moving from Northern to Southern California in June, and are looking for a safe, covered, and responsible location to store two 2008 GT 500's while we are in transition looking for a new house. I am guessing it will be for about 6 months. We will probably move into somewhere in West LA/Santa Monica area, so the closer the proximity to that area, the better. Thanks!
  13. That is a sweet deal considering these were sometimes selling for over 60K when new... The seller doesn't seem to know what he has. Good thing I don't need 2 of these....well 3; 2 of the same RAP I mean.
  14. I have a L6-S1 radiculopathy, (yes, I have an extra Lumbar vertebrae just like the cavemen), and a C5-C6 radiculopathy, and overall 11 bad discs. Too much contact sports, weightlifting, and dragging around my kids. I plan ahead before taking a drive, make sure I take my meds, and have pain relievers with me. Cost $150, but I also have one of those massagers with the 2 slowly spinning knobs that works off my 12V in the car. I keep my seat back upright and not reclined. I bring a microwave heating pad and can heat it at convenience stores if need be. I still have painful episodes, and If it hurts, I take a break, stop and stretch. Go see an orthopedic surgeon and get an MRI. It really sounds like a notorious L5-S1 bulged disc. It doesn't mean you give up your car! Some pain is worth it...
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