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  1. Thanks Bikeboy. I found them at my third local plumbing supply store yesterday. O rings a bit thicker but fit better than the first one. They should stay in until next balance. I purchased all they had 16 total. Lol this should keep me whole for awhile
  2. SAI no help Cragar to call me back. I check about 10 tire shops no luck.
  3. Any one have info as to where I can purchase the O rings? Local tire shops here in Florida have no idea. Thanks for your help
  4. Same here! I feel the connection with SA and have visited SA every year since I ordered my 2011 GT 350. Although the new ones are nice.
  5. Thank you Quick. Its a small but at least I know some are out there. Thanks again
  6. Does anyone know where I can purchase this? I attached a pic. Thanks
  7. Okay thank you. I will hit their website
  8. Any advice on a good outdoor car cover custom fit to GT350 ? Getting garage finished and car needs to be outside for 3 days. OMG and all alone! Well maybe I will get 24/7 security guard.
  9. Mike Where did you get them and will they fit my 2011 GT350?
  10. you are correct. it takes up the whole trunk no room for anything. I use it for long hauls only.
  11. Thanks 66GT350, I try to push it back in by hand but it does not hold. Its funny because I can hear it click in but than it comes out.
  12. Ok My rear fascia is sagging bad. Show car only 3800 miles. My Ford dealer would not touch it unless a fix from SA. Can anyone help me with this? Its a darn shame.
  13. The reason why I did not pack my cooler is because I was told that there would be Boy Scots at the venue at registration selling water, for me that was Friday. I packed my cooler on Saturday for your information. Donated my 30 bucks to Mickey for their H2O. I also contributed to the Boy Scots on Saturday. You don’t frustrate me with your point of view but you will not prohibit my point of view. Like I said I will not attend another MCA event, it does not mean I wish others not to. My opinion only. I really could not give 2 squats what you think.
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