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  1. I searched the web and get conflicting info. Do the billet pin sets that say for 2007-2009 fit the 2010-up models or not?
  2. I would leave 1.5-2" from top on the IC tank.
  3. What upper pulley are you running with the 10% lower on your KB? Right now I'm running the stock lower with a 3" upper for 18psi.

  4. 3/4" is too high. Try filling the tank about 2/3rd full.
  5. My 2010 made 479rwhp SAE on a Dynojet bone stock.
  6. Awesome, what were the SAE #'s? How much boost and what fuel are you using on the run.
  7. Sounds good, what are your other engine mods? I guess you went with the ARH catless x-pipe also.
  8. No, I'm shooting straight for the 9's. 10's are soooo last year
  9. First off congrats on the power, but like the others have suggested I would get another tuners opinion on your fuel system. I have the same setup as you but I'm running 105lb injectors and Jon Lund told me that I'll still need to replace the KB BAP with a returnless triple fuel pump setup to be safe. Your 12:1 afr is fine with E85 but I'm afraid the injectors and fuel pump are beyond maxed out. let us know what you find out.
  10. Thanks, that run was 11.27 @ 127. Best to date is 11.10 @ 129
  11. Royal Purple Raceway, Houston, TX 4-22-11.
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