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  1. I really loved my car but I really think the fact that these cars are registered just as a mustang GT it is really going to hurt the value of these cars in the long run. I just sold my car and took a real loss due to all the dealers pulling the car up as a mustang GT and not a Shelby GT. they really should have put Shelby GT on the title somewhere like the gt500. Even if you insure the car they just look at it as a mustang GT so if you wreck it unless you have Hagerty you will just get the loss of a mustang GT. I will buy another one again and I will always be a Shelby fan.
  2. If you have an Oreilly Auto Parts around you they can normally order one for you. That is where I got mine from and it is a motorcraft as well.
  3. Welcome to Team Shelby. I am also in the middle no where. I live in Odessa Texas not but 3 hours from you. Maybe we could get together sometime for a cruise or something. I would also like to know if you could tell me when there are any car shows In the Abilene area.
  4. I have a COA that came with it and I purchased the item from the Shelby store almost 2 years ago. I was just wondering just for the fact it only has one hash mark. Also it is not embroidered but signed with a silver sharpie. It looks great but I was just curious about the hashes.
  5. I don't mean to sound stupid but my trunk liner that was signed by Carroll has only one visible horizontal slash. Is this going to affect the Integrity or authenticy of the product that is on my car. I guess my question is really directed to Robert or Sharon. Thanks for any information.
  6. I bought some product from a member on here called show car. This product works excellent. You check out his product at www.showcardetail.com. I personally think It is great product. I work in the automotive aftermarket field and I sell everything and this is hands down the best out there.
  7. Congrats on the win as well.....We took our 07 Shelby GT to a show this last weekend and won a 1st place as well. I really like there judging system because even though is put on by a car club it is judged on a points system. I think one thing that set my car off from others is that I used ShowCar's Detail products on the car. The car was popping and nothing looked near as good in my opinion as our white Shelby. There were 86 cars and trucks judged and they gave out 20 3rd place plaques, 20 2nd place plaques and 20 1st place plaques. Presentation was a big key as well seeing we hung our new Shelby banner with the CSM# under the hood. We had tons of compliments and as always like everyone else says is it a real SHELBY.......There was also a 2008 Shelby GT.
  8. Auto Trim Design on 8th street put the stripes on and one of the body guys at the body shop at Sewell put the scoop and riveted it in. The scoop that I saw when it came in was just a scoop with no holes or even a center stripe. Also this scoop was Fiberglass and looked a HELL of a lot better than the one that was on the car. If you have any questions just PM me and I can tell you.
  9. Well we finally got the Shelby back on Thursday. Sewell Ford did the work but the sent it out to an outside person to put the stripes on. Then they could not find anyone that wanted to put the scoop on and rivet it to the hood. They had the car for almost 2 weeks and it was intense not having the car but it was well worth it. The car looks like new again and the stripes are just beautiful. I think if I would have done it all over again I would have talked to Rogers Ford in Midland. I will post up new pics as soon as I get back from California at the end of September.
  10. After 3 months of dealing with my Ford Dealer and Ford Racing I am finally taking the car in on Monday to have all of the stripes replaced and the hood scoop under Warranty. Once this is done I have thought about having a Body Shop take the car and clear over the stripes to keep them new and in good condition. Has anyone done this or heard of anyone with this same idea. I am really just happy all of our stripes are being replaced as well as the Hood Scoop Our hood scoop and stripes were awful and the west texas sun and heat were not helping them. If anyone has any suggestions for me to keep the new ones looking good and new just let me know.
  11. I know I do not own a Grabber Orange But wanted to post something here that someone could find some use for. I was driving through Abilene, Texas the other day and saw a 2008 Shelby GT grabber orange for sell. If anyone knows of anyone looking for one I can direct them to this dealer. They are asking $39,000 but they said there is room to negotiate. It is 08SGT0157 with 1,265 miles. These guys have no idea what kind of car they have and asked me tons of questions about it. I think for the right person they may be able to wheel and deal on this car. The dealer web site is. http://www.hondaofabilene.com/ Good Luck and one day I will own a grabber orange to go with my white 07SGT2898
  12. I bought my car in April, The stripes were damaged and faded with spots on them. I took the car down to my local Ford Dealer and tried to get them warrantied. They told me the same thing as molinaro78. But with me calling them daily and being on there butt I am going to get a new hood scoop and front Bumper Stripe......These parts came in and WOW there was a huge difference in the color of the stripes. Man i was pissed. I told them I was not going to let them put those parts on with out the other stripes being warrantied. My body shop manager called Ford Racing and they said they have extended the warranty to 3yr 36,000 with extenuating circumstances. They said to take pics of the car with the new stripe next to the old stripes. We received a call on Friday saying Ford Racing approved the claim and warranty. So finally we are going to have all new stripes on our car. Just don't let down and fight for it. I told the guy people don't buy Shelby's for them to look like crap and this guy finally helped me out.
  13. We purchased ours about a month ago and it had 4200 miles and we paid i think 23,000. Now with the shifter problem we took ours to the local ford dealer and they are ordering me a new shifter because it vibrates horrible in third gear when you left off the gas. Good luck with the purchase though has to be the best mustang we have owned hands down.
  14. I took the car to Sewell Ford and Ford Racing is not wanting to warranty them. All the warranty is going through Ford Racing from what I am told now. That is even what shelby told me. They are going to warranty the front bumper and the hood scoop. They said though that if they warranty those two parts and the others are different color they may warranty the rest of the stripes. I guess we will find out.
  15. Congrats on the purchase. I have owned 4 other mustangs and we just purchased a 07SGT2898 two months ago. I would not trade this car for anything. This has to be the best mustang I have ever owned. Traded in a 02 gt for the shelby and my wife cried to see her GT being traded in. But the first time we got on the throttle she was very happy with the purchase. Good luck with the car
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