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  1. Is there any noticeable power difference with hiflow cats and stock mufflers vs stock cats?
  2. I think hes talking about Lethals own hi flow cat setup that I think uses Dynamax cats. Thanks for the help.
  3. Ive had a TVS with a 2.65 pulley and a 67mm TB with a VMP tune this summer. It runs flawless. I have a fully stock exhaust now. Will hi flow cats make it a lot louder, is there a good hp gain and which are the best ones to get?
  4. About a month ago, I received an Frrp intake, tuner and tune from VMP that really woke the car up. On Friday, I received a TVS TB and D-elbow from Justin. I am new to these cars and was really worried about driveability issues and problems associated with large modifications. I decided to port the TVS to the elbow myself (more material than I thought it would be) it turned out great. The whole installation took me about 3hrs and I took my time to make sure I didnt mess anything up. I had everything installed and the tune loaded by Friday night. I couldnt try it out because it was raining. Saturday afternoon I took it out and everything was flawless. Way more bottom end and power and improved driveablility. I took the family out to dinner tonight (70 miles round trip). I even scared the wife a few times while averaging over 20mpg. Im very impressed with this setup. Justin really has his tunes dialed in.
  5. What is a good tire and size for stock rims?
  6. TVS, pulley,tb and elbow are already ordered.
  7. I just installed VMP tune and Ford racing intake. It took about 20 minutes and its like driving a different car. Runs perfect, and has 100% better throttle response.
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