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  1. Doesn't really matter what mid pipe you run as long as you use the stock pipes from the mid to the mufflers. KR mufflers are raspy. More raspy and biting than the SVT-1s. The SVT-1's (nee Borla Touring) are outstanding. I run them on my 07 with long tubes and an X (only because nobody made a good H that was a bolt on to my collector flanges). Mellow and nice at cruise. No drone. Barks at wot. I can't fathom why they wouldn't sound just as great with that H.
  2. What year? It works on everything except 10s
  3. You can datalog with a nGauge or SCT. We sell and tune with and for both. The nGauge advantage is that you have a monitoring device that can take the place of something like an Aeroforce unit. The SCT...not so much. No good mounting options. As for datalogging; the nGauge gives you more parameters/options for tuning. Not that you need them with these minimal mods, but yes, it will do more. That said, of the thousands of GT500s we've tuned over the past decade, 97% of them are tuned using an SCT device. Part of that is longevity in the market, but much of it is price point. Jon can do a good job for you, but keep in mind that they lock the device to their tuning. So, should you upgrade some major parts down the road, you're still tied to them for calibrations, like it or not. Not a bad thing necessarily, but a heads up. Most people don't know about that until they've already paid for it. We get a number of people wanting us to tune their vehicles and tell us they have a 'locked' nGauge. No bueno. bj
  4. OK...let me try that again since it just slipped by everyone last time. THIS IS THE CUSTOMER SERVICE PORTAL. PLEASE GO HERE AND SEND US A DATALOG http://www.vmpperformance.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=441 You can get full datalogging instructions (very important) on the front page of the website, bottom of the page, VMP Garage. Go there. All tech instructions are in there. Thanks bj
  5. http://www.fordgt500.com/forums/64-vmp-performance/134690-spark-plugs-101-a.html
  6. http://www.vmpperformance.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=441
  7. Who's 'they'? VMP? I'm probably the one that wrote your tune. Have you emailed me or sent a support ticket? I look at this forum about once a year since Shelby decided not to let any vendors buy ad time, but it just so happened I looked tonight. If you need something, let me know. Here's where to do it (unless Shelby deletes this link) http://www.vmpperformance.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=441 If you don't have anything wrong with your car (ie air leak or crappy gas) that's causing your hiccup, then yes running a 2.40 and a 15% at wide open throttle on anything less than race gas and a plug gapped to at min .028 you're in for trouble. Running this sort of config, spark blowout is a given at more than .028. (point zero two eight) If someone else wrote your tune, speak with them. I hope you're running a boatload of octane booster. Since I can't tell who you are on a forum, to let you know I would have pulled a LOT of timing out of a cal for that configuration. WAY too much boost for any timing at all. I don't even run that boost on my race car on e85. bj BTW...don't respond to me here because I won't see it but you can get me on that link and/or bj at vmpperformance dot com.
  8. depending in the brand, it should be on all the time. ours starts at operating temperature and runs at key on from that point on
  9. Thanks for the trust guys. I haven't even had "Christine" out to see how she does on the track yet! Busy...and it's of course like living on the sun here til Oct at least. Let us all know how you do! bj
  10. For those of you that have been asking it's now on the website at a great price. thanks bj
  11. If it runs fine and you're just using pump gas, you're good to go. bj
  12. Well, not exactly. At least not that broadly. One of the best layperson's look at the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act is this one: http://www.mlmlaw.com/library/guides/ftc/warranties/undermag.htm One should remember that SEMA played a very large role in this coming to fruition and was looking out for the entire aftermarket industry. bj
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