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    Shelby Mustangs and building my '06 Turn-1 CS6. American Muscle cars, Christian history, archeology.
  1. 06 CS6

    Rick's Turn-1 '06 CS6

    Photos of my 2006 Turn-1 CS6 project. I've had to substitute some body components like the front facia and the hood because they're no longer available, though I was able to get the grille before it was discontinued. The performance updgrades for a Turn-1 CS6 are complete. Because I won't be able to register it I've taken some leeway with the body components and used a different hood, scoops and rear spoiler.
  2. I'd like to see SAI develop or partner with Hurst or B&M shifters to develop a replacement shifter for automatic transmissions. A shifter like the Hurst Pro-Matic or Comp-Stick with both the Hurst and Shelby logo would be a great improvement over the factory automatic shifter.
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