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  1. I had my stirpes painted on about 2 years ago. I've never regreted the additional money spent , it far supercedes the aggrivation of having to have the stripes replaced again and agin. Of course in your case, having made up your mind to sell the car. If you are selling on the open market repainted stipes could very well be a selling point. If you are going to do a trade in, if they are already spotted a dealer will knock $ off the trade in value or raise some other aspect of your new car deal. It's your call. Bob 4.6 SHLB & 57 AGIN
  2. I actually wasn['t in the market for a new car when I saw the SGT I bought. I'd been at the Fabulous Ford Show at Knotts in April 2008 and saw the 08 Grabber Orange SGT on display. While I was impressed, it really didn't make me want to go out and buy one. At that time I thought that the 08 SGT's would only be available in black, white or orange. Then a few weeks later I was at a Ford dealer buying a part for my 57 Ford a salesman I was talking to about my 57 said they had a couple of 2008 Shelby GT's over in their prep area, would I like to take a look? I said OK and got my first look at the Vista Blue 08SGT1050, it was mine a week later. I loved the stance, the color, the hood scoop, everything about it. Why did I buy a car I wasn't in the market for? Back in 1964 I bought my first new car, a Mustang coupe from Vel's Parnelli Jones Ford in Torrance. I loved that car, it was a perfect size, had a reasonably strong engine (289, 225 hp, 4-speed, front disc brakes, etc.) I put 49,000 miles on it stop light to stop light and quarter mile at a time (Lions Drag Strip) never going more that 40 miles from home and having a blast. I'd wanted to upgrade to a Shelby GT350 at that time, but just couldn't afford the additional $600 cost or the insurance rates for a single, male, under 25 years old driver on a high performance car. So I buried my dream of owning a Shelby for over 40 years, until I saw my SGT. I've never been sorry, although I wish it had come with a Whipple supercharger. When my extended warrantee runs out and if I can get a smog legal supercharger, I'll have the best of all my dream cars. My 57 Ford and my Shelby GT, what could be better??? Bob 4.6 SHLB & 57 AGIN
  3. Yes, I think that our SGT's are always going to grab the attention of people where ever we go. On the road or car shows ti doesn't seem to make a difference. While at the Belmont Shore Car Show last Sunday, I was always being asked questions about where I got mine, how much horsepower, how fast, etc. Few knew anything about pre or post title Shelbys. All who asked were amazed at the relative economy coupled with the looking like it is going at over 100 mph, while standing still. Don't ya just love it?
  4. Has anybody thought about putting one of the new 5.0 Modular motors into an SGT? I wonder if it could get through the Calif. smog police, with the proper wiring harness it should be better smog wise than a 4.6? Just thinking??? Bob 4.6 SHLB
  5. When the Fun Ford Weekend was still being run out here on the West Coast I took my 08 SGT out to the California Speedway at Fontana, CA. Yes, it was a blast. As the tree lights started down, there I was 19 years old again (lol). and running almost the same time & speed with my factory stock SGT as I did with a pretty well modified street driven Mustang back in the mid 60's before I went into the Service. Attached is a shot of my SGT at Fontana and of my 65 Mustang with my Lions Drags Strip trophies, when I was 19. I can hardly wait until the NMRA comes back out West, so I can get back on the strip again in a sanctioned race. Bob 4.6 SHLB
  6. Roger: I, too had the front license plate delima. As others have mentioned I found the best solution for me was "Craig's Custom Mustang Brackets." The were relatively inexpensive, $44.95 + shipping and you don't have to drill any holes in the front of your Shelby. Check out what he offers on www.ccmustangbrackets.com. I show my car often and I think with my personalized plate it can just stay on all the time. Bob 4.6 SHLB
  7. I painted mine about a year ago. This was after having the original vinel stripes replaced two times and the 3rd set on the car were already starting to spot. I was very happy with the results and no it doesn't seem to be affecting the judging at the shows that I've been going to. Took a first place last Sat at the Bixby Knolls (North Long Beach, CA) Car Show and several other local Southern Calif. car shows. Most local type car shows are judged by eihter participants or by the participants and spectators (people's choice) and not by Concours type judges. Painting the stripes and doing a variety of cosmetic (personalizing) modifications aren't going to negatively affect how your car is judged as most of the people judging don't have a clue as to what is "original" and what has been modified. If you are going to Pebble Beach or Del Mar (acouple of Calif. high end car shows that may use "concours" type judging) then original is the only way to go. Some car shows have separate classes for the "original," vs. "personalized," vs. "modified or customized" and they do this by the amount of and type of modifications made to the original car. I've attached a couple of photos, one showing most of the cosmetic modifications the other is how it looks when I show it. All of the modifications can be changed back to "stock," except for the painted stripes. By the way the car is a daily driver and has almost 35,000 miles on it and it still attracts spectators and receives its share of show trophies. I also have taken it to the drags and its my ride to the beach when I go surfing and it holds my 10' longboard (just sticking a short way out of the trunk). A very fun car all around. My advice, for what it is worth, is do what pleases you. After all it's your car. Mine is typically assigned to a "personalized" class, if they have separate class distinctions. Although, sometimes it is just put into the Shelby class. My biggest concern comes about when my SGT is classed into the same classes as the GT 500's, which in my opinion aren't true Shelby's (at least until they have been sent to the Shelby factory and KR'd, Super Snaked, etc.). At least we are all FORDS.
  8. Stormracer: I too, liked the look of the billet grill and added it to my Shelby GT. I also like your fog lights, were they much hassle to install? Bob 4.6 SHLB
  9. Everyone: This may be a "dumb" question, but one I feel necessary to help eliminate confusion. The "DEEP DRAW" phrase indicates to me that there are actually openings in the hood to take advantage of cooler outside air. Where exactly are such openings? Are they in the front at the bottom of the "DEEP DRAW" or in a couple of side vents that must be opened in the hood like on the GT500's? I've seen nothing in the Shelby Performance Parts advertisements that answes these questions. Has anyone actually bought and received one of these new hoods and if so why haven't a number of the fitment questions been resolved by our compadres. Questions, Questions, Questions??? Bob 4.6 SHLB
  10. I finally got fed up with the stripe spotting problem, after 3 sets of stripes were replaced by the dealer (several weeks without my car each time) I now have them painted on. Very happy with the results. However, I now have a set of brand new replacement hood stripes (only the hood stripes not the top, deck lid or bumpers). Any one interested in them??? Bob 4.6 SHLB
  11. Steve & Everyone Else: Looks like the question resulted in something really good. Although I've had all my stripes painted on, if the "deep draw hood" becomes a reality I'll spring for one which will be painted Vista Blue & silver striped. I wonder how one of these hoods would look with the Shelby GT hood scoop??? Am I weird, or what??? Bob 4.6 Shelby
  12. Gosh everyone, I didn't think there was anyone else out there that was interested in the "Deep Draw Hood." Maybe my inquiry will spark some interest in the Shelby heirarchy to punch out a few more of these hoods and market them. As, I'll just bet there are a bunch of Mustang GT, maybe GT 500 (if it clears the blower) and of course Shelby GT owners that would like to get a good heat extraction hood for their rides. It would be a good addition to the Shelby Parts Store. Bob 4.6 SHLB
  13. I checked at Shelby Performance Parts the other day and found that there is no stock available for the "Shelby Deep Draw Hoods." Just wondering if there will be another production run of the "Deep Draw Hoods" that will fit the 07-08 Shelby GT's? This looks to be the best option for getting hot underhood air out of our SGT's, as I'd prefer to keep a Shelby hood instead of just another after market product on my SGT. Bob 4.6 SHLB
  14. FordRocks1: The install took about 2.5 hours. Took our time and actually had to trim a small piece from the battery tray that just couldn't seem to be worked around. Also took off the air intake assembly to allow driver side to be snaked out & back in. For the life of me I can't imagine why Ford made the original valve covers so ugly and that an upgrade wasn't developed early on by Shelby. Since there doesn't seem to be anything that can be done for the 4.6 coil covers, the next thing is to figure out something to dress up the two fuel rails a little. Bob 4.6 SHLB & 57 AGIN
  15. Well I finally decided to go with a new set of valve covers for my SGT. Of all of the currently available 4.6 valve covers, the new ones by Shelby just semed to be a better option. Unlike the 5.4 valve covers, the 4.6 3-valve just doesn't lend itself to a cool looking cover. The blue version from Ford Racing really clashes with my Vista Blue SGT, and since nothing else under the hood is chromed, I didn't think the chrome cover would work either. So I opted for the new Shelby GT cover, (photo attached) Unfortunately, with all the hoses & dip sticks and the proximity of the shock tower the visability is somewhat limited. Still, I think a big improvement. I think it comes about as good as it can to being "cool." Bob 4.6 SHLB & 57 AGIN
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