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  1. Thanks. My friends are in the Halifax area.
  2. ...and after work today I head out to the parking lot behind the store and find a nice dent, paint gouge above the drivers side rear wheel, right on the crease!! Then my co-worker gets rear ended on his way home from work (he's ok, just a little sore).....and then when I get home my wife tells me her brother and his wife a splitting up!! Great day...I need to start writing country music...my life would make a good country song.
  3. We took this video Fri evening. 6 spd manual ZL1 DA was 2485, temp was 60 degrees, the sun was out and the track was warm, the ZL1 had well over an hour to cool down prior to first run and they sprayed VHT on the track a few runs before the ZL1 went. Conditions and air were good for that track. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocZ34KTGs9Y http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xeFaYntblYs
  4. Try to make it out!! It's was decent last night too. 15-18 cars. A few new rides. 3 nice weather Sundays in a row!!!
  5. Update time: The house issues are pretty much sorted out. But that is of little concern at this point in time. My friends wife is responding well to her cancer treatment and it's looking good for her at the moment. My mother in law is still hanging in and fighting her cancer with every ounce of strength she has. But she is getting weaker and showing deterioration in general overall health. My wife had a ultrasound to determine why she was having abdominal pains...turns out it's irritable bowel syndrome. The ultrasound also revealed a small growth 1.4 cm in diameter (about the size of a pea) in one of her kidneys, so a MRI was booked for confirmation of what the doctor suspected. The MRI confirmed it's a stage 1 renal carcinoma (kidney cancer). Cancer is never good. But at least we found it in a very early state and is contained in the kidney and has not spread at all. My wife has the option of having the kidney removed or closely monitoring the growth for change. She leaning toward monitoring it for now. The Mrs has decided she will not compete a the National Figure/Fitness competition this year as a competition training/diet regime would just be to hard on her right now. But she's pretty disappointed to not be competing. And finally a good friend's 12 yr old daughter was killed in a ATV accident last weekend.I cannot imagine what they are going through. We attended her funeral on Saturday and it was heart breaking see 12 yr olds pay tribute to their lost friend. My friend Dan and his wife were in town from Nova Scotia for the funeral (the girl was his niece) and they were just at his father in laws funeral 2 days before their niece's funeral. Still looking at the positive side of things and enjoying life. We went out to the drag strip Friday night and I flogged the Mrs car while she got it on video. 3 weeks ago I organized a Sunday after supper coffee and cruise which has been fun, 4 cars the first event, 25 the second and 15 last night. We took our friends from Nova Scotia with us to the event and everyone had a good time. Heading home after the event my wife in her 2010 GT convertible laid a smackdown to me in my GT500!! I pulled on her off the light but when I hit second and broke loose badly the traction control kicked in hard and she blew past me.....that put a pretty big grin on her beautiful face. Hanging out with good friends and family make things much easier. I'm pretty lucky to have a great core group of friends.
  6. My 608 guess is pretty close to the averages we're seeing. The 550-570 guys appear to be way short of the mark.
  7. It's nice to have the updated maps installed in my wife's 2010 GT. Now our new address in a recently built area is finally on the map. Lol
  8. The first Sunday only 4 of us showed up. This Sunday 20+ vehicles. A few Shelbys, Z06's, a Boss 302, a couple Challenger's, 68 Charger, 58 Olds, Olds 442, a Ferrari 458 Italia, a couple trucks, an assortment of Mustangs and a few vehicles. Hoping to get more variety and more classics out as the summer progress's.
  9. He was a true automotive legend and a great man. R.I.P. I wish he could have hung on a little longer to see the 2013 GT500 stomp the ZL1 Camaro...but I'm sure in his heart he knows what the outcome will be.
  10. I'm trying to put together a weekly Sunday after dinner cruise and coffee between 6:30-8:30pm at the Tim Hortons on Wye Road just before Sherwood Drive in Sherwood Park. It's a nice big lot with the Safeway right there. Starting it up this Sunday, weather permiting. All those that can make it out are welcome. I know a few guys and gals will be out this Sunday. http://maps.google.c...ved=0CAYQ_BIwAw
  11. I haven't had a chance to play around with it. Turns out I had a couple of the letters from the application number switched on the order. Opps!! They're emailing me out a new code within the next couple of days.
  12. I attempted the upgrade on my wifes 2010 GT. The first two software discs loaded without a hitch. When I attempted to install map disc 1 it prompted me for the activation code at the HHD updated stage, the activation number I was given comes up "invalid". Tried calling them but they're closed. Sent an email and now I wait for a new activation code. Arrrggghhh!!!
  13. Availible in "smoked" tint. http://www.americanm...ights-1012.html
  14. Arrrrgggghhhh!!! Now it's snowing.....melting fairly fast.
  15. I'm with you on that. Armorall is to car care products what Bose is to audio. Good marketing companies that cater to main stream uneducated consumers.
  16. Luckily just rain down here. But it never fails....won't get to drive it again until next week.
  17. I like how the car feels like a rocket the first few times you drive it after winter storage!!
  18. I now find myself looking for excuses to drive to places. Lol
  19. I just got my out of province inspection and oil change done at Freedom Ford in Edmonton. New plate and insurance on the car and I'm ready to roll!!!!!
  20. Nice!! The doors were looked and hood was shut at the one in Vancouver this weekend. Booo!!!
  21. Here's video and pics of 2013 GT500 at the Vancouver International Auto Show. I was in Vancouver over Easter weekend and was able to grab some pics of the new 2013 GT500. In the under pic car you can see the rear shocks. They wouldn't pop the hood when a couple of us asked. Too bad!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOMeLPGV7jk
  22. The latest maps and software updates are available for all 2010 and 2011 Mustangs with the factory NAV.It has 4 DVD's and costs $199 US. http://www.navigatio...cturerName=Ford
  23. There are a few guys running them and they "will" technically fit on the 19 x 9.5" rim. But M/T recommends a minimum rim width of 10". So do so at your own risk. I have been contemplating a set myself.
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