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  1. Easy bolt on install but to make it really work it is better to have them welded in place......especially if you plan on tracking the car.



    The BMR brackets do not require welding. Even on their website they state welding is not required. If I was running a 9 second, serious full race machine with a 15" rear slick then maybe. But for normal street and track use it's not necessary.

  2. Here's some same day video of a 2014 GT500 convertible with drag radials running a 12.95 and a video of my first track run in my wife's stock 2014 GT convertible (on heavy 20" wheels) running a 12.68. Lots of guys out there with powerful cars and no skill when it comes to driving them.





  3. 2010 was also the first year for the return of the rear fender humps making the car look closer to the '67/'68 Mustangs.


    Prior to that, the car looks like a wedge from looking down the body line.




    I remember the first time I saw this picture....pretty much sealed the deal for me. But I almost went for a Kona Blue one. My dealer ordered up a Grabber Blue one and the guy pulled out of the deal and opted to wait for a 2011. As soon as I saw the Grabber Blue on the GT500 in person I knew that was the car!



  4. I do remember the 2011's dyno'ing about 20+ rwhp higher than the 2010's when they first came out. The 2010's were around 460 rwhp stock while most 2011's I saw were 480 to 505 rwhp. Probably mostly from the electric steering and slightly larger exhaust pipes.


    Well now.




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