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  1. Thanks for posting that video showing part of Mr Shelby's legacy. It was also nice to see that Morgan Freeman took time to narrate it. Many people don’t know that Mr Freeman served in the Air Force, he is also a licensed pilot and he does a lot of work voluntarily to support Civil Aviation.
  2. Welcome to Team Shelby and congrats on the New 2020 GT500. What color and stripes and options did you get? Be sure and post up some pics when you get it home.
  3. Swede, it sounds like you are trying to buy one that a dealer already has on the lot? If so they probably are going to want a mark up. Cant see why they would try and hose you with a mark up if you are ordering one. Have you tried sitting down with a different dealer and working up ordering one? I am about to start looking in to buying a 2019 or 2020 Shelby GT Convertible but probably wont start the process until January. Will post up what I find out if I get the time to visit a Ford dealer here in Dallas.
  4. Some people have installed redline hood struts and say it helped. Also some people adjusted the rubber hood stops at the front of engine bay because they were not making positive contact with the hood. One cheap easy way to check clearance is to put a small gob of modeling clay or playdoh on the hood stop, gently close the hood completely, then raise the hood and see how much was “mashed”away . If you still have playdoh or clay thickness on top of the rubber then adjust the stop upwards slightly about 1/2 turn at the time and close hood, adjust until you get clay/playdoh mashed away in the top center of the rubber hood stop. Do so until the rubber makes positive contact and puts just a little bit of pressure against the hood when you close the hood completely.(Not so much that it raises the hood up above the fenders.) It may not totally stop the flapping but it should reduce it significantly. Some people use ink on top of the rubber piece to check for contact. Let us know if you get it resolved and how you did it.
  5. If you are super particular about your Shelby, I wouldn’t take a chance on sticking steel wool in the exhaust tips. If the tips are chrome or stainless steel and your steel wool which is usually just cheap carbon steel, you will have dissimilar metal contact and if left in place it may set the stage for some galvanic corrosion. You you wont be able to remove the stains, pits or discoloration. Not saying it will happen but it could happen. If you insist on blocking them I would suggest wrapping the steel wool in plastic or a microfiber rag to prevent contact of dissimilar metals……..you might end up with something like what happened with stainless steel hood pins being fastened to aluminum hoods with stainless steel screws…we all know how well that worked out…….
  6. Wow, where did ya find that? and how long has that been available? Typically if a production sheet like hits the net, then its on a dozen or more websites within a day. Either way good find! and thanks for posting up.
  7. Correct. 2017 numbers were not released until late September of 2018. I'm guessing Ford will probably release them around mid december. I think right now most of their effort in regard to Mustangs is press for the 2020 GT500 ,and all the upcoming hoopla of the Ford vs Ferrarri movie...... and they want the public focused on that chatter .....not having people searching through a spreadsheet with a bunch of numbers in it to see how unique their cars may be.
  8. OP, First of all, Welcome to Team Shelby. There is whole section on TS for the Shelby focus. It is located in the link below. It may have some info that will be of help to you. You can also perhaps contact Shelby American directly and they may be bale to provide you some info. Best of luck in your quest. Post some pics of it if/when you build it. https://www.teamshelby.com/forum/295-shelby-focus-general-discussion/?ct=1573172169 ps: they didn't build very many of them but hopefully someone on TS who may have bought one or has info on the Shelby Focus will reach out to you via PM or post info for you.
  9. There was co development done jointly between Ford and GM on some of the newer 9 and 10 speed transmissions but the GM 10 speed is produced at GM plants and the Ford 10 speed is produced at Ford plants. They share some common components but the controls and programming are different. GM''s strike will not affect Ford's GT500 production.
  10. its prolly the FPC they keep yakking about......only took them 5 years to copy what Ford did in 2014/2015..........
  11. Sounds awesome?.....compared to what?…..a lawnmower?...GM managed to make a V8 sound like a 6 cylinder and the driver wasn’t even close to red lining it………oh wait, maybe he was, it only has a 6,600 rpm red line………1650 rpm lower than a 2020 Shelby GT350 and 900 rpm lower than a 2020 Shelby GT500.
  12. Production numbers are listed in the 2008 2009 KR topic in the GT500 Forums of TS.scroll down further....or you can use the search function.
  13. Good suggestion to just get a 13/14 GT500, The OP could also consider yanking the 4.6 and storing it away, and then drop in a coyote. There are dozens of write ups about doing it on mustang websites. Some people order a Ford Performance crate engine and have it professionally installed, others buy a low mileage coyote engine out of wrecked vehicles and do it themselves quite inexpensively.
  14. cool beer tusk https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=beer+can+opener&&view=detail&mid=CC061F19F455A3976DA4CC061F19F455A3976DA4&&FORM=VRDGAR
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