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  1. Thanks for the concern. I don't have one, but if I decide to get one I will make sure it is nice and shiney like yours......
  2. Welcome to Team Shelby. This site and forum is mostly oriented around the Modern era Shelby Mustangs. There are some people on here with Cobra knowledge, but frankly if you are asking Cobra Questions you may get a better array of answers on The SAAC Forums or ClubCobra. That being said, you are probably going to get a multitude of varying opinion and very little consensus. Based on your input above, you appear to have mostly owned or driven sport cars of what one could say is a more “refined nature”. If you prefer a good balance of handling and performance then I would suggest the CSX7000 series 289 FIA Cobra Roadster or the Super Performance Equivalent of that over a 427 Cobra. Before you go buy, I would suggest you try and get a test drive in a 427 type and a 289 FIA type and then decide. Why? Because a lot of people have a 427 Cobra fantasy but when they get there they find it more than a handful and not as fun to drive as they thought. Good Luck in your Quest
  3. Yes, they do make easy outs for pipe, you can buy a cheap set at harbor freight that goes from 1/8 to 3/4 npt for around 10 bucks. Local plumbing supply shops usually have them as well. If you have an older home and galvanized pipe you may be in for some real fun.
  4. I like the Super Snake Trucks. I am not in the market for one of them, however I am always glad to see SAI developing new products and innovating. The new Supersnake Sport version is sharp and it has a claimed 0 to 60 mph of 3.45 seconds. That is really quick for a truck.......or a car for that matter. Are you buying one?
  5. I wonder if any of the SIXT Shelby GT-S cars have sold yet..........Bueler.....Bueler..........Anyone?.......................Bueler.........
  6. screw the pontoons, just buy one of these. Lotta people don't know there were Shelby boats too.
  7. Nice SGT. Monterey Bay. Go Otters!
  8. check out this link for air filter info.
  9. Search for "Stephen Becker Automotive Group". His site will come up and it does show he has some interesting series 1 inventory.
  10. I don’t think it was announced on the Team Shelby Forums but per Philippine News outlets, it appears Shelby American is expanding in to the Philippines. It started being announced in Philippine News sources back in October of 2019 that AutoHub Group (one of the Largest Automobile Groups in the Philippines) will be the authorized exclusive distributor of Shelby Parts and Accessories in the Philippines and Autohub Group will apparently be doing authorized Supersnake, Shelby GT and other Shelby Builds over there as well. I just spent a month over there back in December. Mustangs are quite popular with the young affluent crowd. The Ford Ranger and Ford Ranger Raptor are extremely popular over there as well. In my travels, I saw maybe 15 to 20 Mustangs and probably saw several hundred Rangers and Ranger Raptors on the roads. I hope the Shelby/Autohub partnership is successful for SAI and Autohub as well. https://www.autohubgroup.com/
  11. I tried sending you a PM but it said you couldn't receive messages. Mail box full?
  12. Ah well, I don’t think we can really expect the OP to stop posting ads, nor do I think we can expect it to be stopped by anybody else either. Afterall, its apparently allowed for 3 people to perpetrate and propagate a 3 man Corvette Cheerleading Circle Jerk that has been post bombing Team Shelby multiple times daily with Corvette Promotional Pictures/Videos/Propaganda and Facebook type buffoonery for over 2 years now......... so somebody spamming TS with a few ads each week with replica Cobras for sale is probably no big deal either.
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