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  1. Yes, they were available directly from Ford or your local dealer. There are different color stripes with different part numbers..You didn't provide a specific color or year. All you need to do is go to fords parts website and type in your year, make , model and drill down to the color you want. Its straight forward. If you don't find what you want on the Ford Parts site, then there are several dozen aftermarket suppliers who sell OEM and non OEM stripes.. It is against forum rules to post competitive websites so I won't post them ......or you can call SAI directly and they may be able to supply you or point you in the right direction.
  2. Engine tune, suspension parts, stripes and badges, upper grill changed, you can do a search for 2008 Shelby gt and plenty of articles come up about it in more detail. You can also do a search with ts and look for 2008 Shelby gt hero card which has details about the Shelby changes.........oops, almost forgot , they added a hood scoop, and side vents, both non functional.
  3. If I recall correctly, it was announced back in November 2018 that Ford would continue the GT 350 and GT350 in to 2020 and that it would be in showrooms alongside the new GT500.
  4. some updates on the 2020 GT500 dealer enrollment. I make no claim as to the accuracy of this info. Interesting that they are possibly limiting some of the product mix.
  5. I got almost 6 years out of my OEM battery. If you got 7 years out of the OEM battery then why switch to a different Brand? Go back with the Motorcraft.
  6. You didn’t really miss anything, it was just the usual ridiculous behavior from the same thin skinned individual who rather than being able to form a coherent and constructive opinion based on facts or data to support his opinions ……….instead choose yet again to resort to childish behavior, petty personal attacks, and name calling when someone disagrees with him …someone finally got sick of it and called him out on his totally ridiculous behavior and the topic got shut down……therefor this same thin skinned individual is the very person to blame for his favorite little C8 topic getting eliminated. He can blame no one but himself. People finally got tired of it. Many thanks to SAI and TS Admins for finally stepping up and deleting a topic that had really no business existing on a TEAM SHELBY forum in the first place and kudos to them for wisely choosing to remove a topic that should have been deleted long ago. As a life long SHELBY Enthusiast and long term member here, I totally support thier decision.
  7. There are aftermarket coils. There are mixed reviews about them. Many people have tried so called "hotter" coils and have had failures and gone back to the FoMoCo coils.If I ever replace mine I am just going with the OEM coils. The originals have lasted me over 10 years now with zero issues......so that is a pretty good indicator of reliability for me on the OEM coils . To each his own.
  8. Hi TwoBJShelbys, here is a link for a store locator that will help you find the chili kit within 5 miles of you.Just plug in your zip code. Enjoy! https://carrollshelbyschili.com/stores
  9. +1 million, and don't leave TS, best post I have seen on TS in a long time, and it was long over due that somebody called out the real troll on TS.
  10. Ok, thanks for the clarification guys. I have a few die cast cars for display in my office, but am not that heavily in to it as far as collecting. I was making observations based on the actual cars. I still hope SAI sells all the Cantwell signed cars since some of the sales are supposed to help raise money for the CS Foundation.
  11. Secondo, Can you explain further or provide pics? Are you speaking of the actual protype or the diecast? I thought the 1965 prototype was white/blue with black Paxton and Square carb cover as 66GT350 PS pointed out. No argument, just striving for accuracy and trying to understand what you are pointing out.
  12. Good Eye!.....looks like they may have used a 1966 supercharged model diecast to do this tribute to the 1965 supercharged prototype. Still a cool piece of Shelby memorabilia and you get Cantwell's sig. Hope they sell them all. Here is the engine bay of the 65 proto.
  13. I have used his chili mix for years. There are dozens of recipe variations on line. One good site is the website for his chili kit at: https://www.carrollshelbyschili.com/recipes?id=216 I usually use ground beef as well but have also used beef tips or ground turkey. It is really hard to make a bad chili with his kit. I usually make variations each time I make it, usually by throwing in a little fresh oregano or rosemary out of the garden or adding different types of peppers in to it. Thai Chili Peppers work good with his kit. I have also used the chili kit as a dry rub on chicken or ribs when grilling out. The “Smoke Bean Chilli” on the website is really good. I also buy one to two dozen packs a year to send to friends and family over seas and everybody I know has always liked it and asked for more. Good Stuff!
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