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  1. You now have it installed correctly. The Ring is designed to sort of "snaps" down, you do not have to adjust the pin height to keep it in place, That is what the ring is for.
  2. correct, the hero card shows them. If the gauge pods are no longer available from SAI, there are several aftermarket manufacturers that still sell the gauge pods and gauges just google 2007 or 20008 Mustang Gauge pods.
  3. Maybe whatever you were doing when you were reading the "article" was making you go blind.......The 1968 Playmate of the year Victoria Vetri got a pink 1968 AMX Javelin. and 2BJShelbys is correct......in 1969 Playboy gave the Playmate of the year Connie Kreski a pink 1969 GT500.
  4. if using jets, the "tech" wont get much better, (unless you can alter physics.).........The wing itself doesn't weigh much since it is Mainly CF and probably some kevlar and titanium. It’s the 4 small Jet engines and fuel load that make the unit weight about 120 to 130 lbs. It only has about 8 to 12 minutes of flight time. Small turbine engines just are not very fuel efficient. Even small RC model airplane turbine/jets use about ¼ liter to 1/3 liter of fuel per minute. So this guy is using quite a bit larger turbines and the jet wing has four turbines on it . He is probably using something similar to an ATJ250SV Turbine Engine and those weigh about about 4 lbs each and use about 1.5 pounds of fuel per minute at max rpm with about 50 lbs of thrust each. So he is burning about 6 lbs of fuel per minute at max rpm or about 1 gallon per minute wide open. My guess based on his flight time is that he carries about 6 to 8 gallons of fuel. That is why he jumps from a plane at about 7 to 8 thousand feet and "prefires" the jets, he then goes in to a nose dive to gain speed and then gets on the throttle to attain horizontal and stable flight and stretch flight time.If you tried to do VSTOL you would burn through all your fuel just to get off the ground, and it would be insanely stupid dangerous because of instability. There are old pilots, and there are bold pilots, but there are not many old bold pilots.........
  5. read your owners manual and GT350 supplement. The GT350 is not a standard production engine. It is a production race engine. You "broke in" your engine about the exact opposite of what they suggest. It is best to follow the owners manual, not the 'old school" way you described above. You have a very short period of time to seat your rings and it is best done under load as described in in detail in the owners manual and supplement that comes with your car.
  6. not really, and not being callous. It is impractical to do so, once a building gets to a certain height and depending on the crane size there is no practical way to disassemble it in time. what do you expect construction companies to do...stop construction from Florida up to Maine and spend two weeks dissembling all cranes every time a weatherman gets on the boob tube and says there is a hurricane 4000 miles away in the Bahamas?..and then spend another two weeks reassembling the crane? Nothing would ever get done.......on top of that when a hurricane is in the Bahamian area there is currently no way to predict its path beyond a few days. It is what it is......and its also why we have evacuation warnings. 90% of crane failures are not due to weather. They are due to operator error and/or overload during operation.
  7. The people who fly those Jet wings don't take off and land via the engine, they take off in a helicopter and get to altitude and then jump from the helicopter, once they stabilize after deploying, they fire the engine and they fly for a short period of time and then either shut down the engine or let the fuel deplete, then they slow their airspeed , pull a rip cord and land via parachute.
  8. Those tower cranes can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to assemble or disassemble and often there is not enough time to move them or partially disassemble them, so crane companies take their chances and are insured. There is rigging that is done to help prevent collapse, but mother nature always wins when she wants to. And of course the news media always likes to show pictures of them when they collapse and they are so stupid that they think giant cranes can simply be taken down in a few hours like a kid’s set of tinker toys…….
  9. in the top , it looks like from the pic you are inserting the lynch pin upside down........
  10. You will get dozens of different answers. Also if you use the search function within TS there are multiple topics about car care products. I personally use McGuire Products on my cars. They are reasonably priced and they work well. I have a 2008 Shelby GT Convertible and use Meguires Car Wash, Then I use their Spray Wax on the car and the Stripes. Between washes and waxes, I use their Meguires Quick Detail spray. The car is now almost twelve years old and the paint still looks new and the stripes are still in perfect condition. In addition, Meguires also has good tech support if you call them with questions. A lot of people use the Turtlewax Ice Products with good success too. There is no need to spend a fortune on car care products, just because a product may cost $100 per bottle doesn’t necessarily mean it works better then a $9.99 bottle. Ps: I use Lexol Cleaner and Lexol Conditioner on the Leather Interiors. Good Luck.
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