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  1. Try carrollshelbyracing.com, they advertised on TS a few weeks ago that they were going to be taking preorders for making billett lower grills again.
  2. Hilarious post …., The OP should ask himself why he paid so much for his Terlingua……..by his own logic, he sorta trolled himself and is kind of calling himself a fool too,…….because the S550 Terlingua package was $66K base plus the base car at approx. $35k which made that "Mustang" easily well above $100k+ “out the door”, and throw some brakes and other add ons and it was easily at 120k+…….but hey, its still a Mustang. It sounds more like somebody is holding on to big bag of sour grapes and is hating the fact that Ford came out with something for a lot less money with more hp, and much better handling and it will likely smoke the Terlingua. The new Ford Shelby GT500 is an excellent value for what it offers. You can’t really blame Ford for what the dealers are doing. Saying Ford doesn’t care is just not fair or even accurate. Manufacturers can not legally dictate price to a dealer. That’s why it is called MSRP…….the “S” stands for “Suggested”, not “Shall be”. Plenty of dealers will be trying to get ADM, plenty will be willing to Sell at MSRP or less. Do the math: 750 hp Terlingua easily $100k to 120k+ “out the door”….So what if it might be “rare”, big deal, …….by the OP's logic...... its still a Mustang. Now pick a New 2020 GT500 $70,300 Base $1095 Destination and Delivery $2600 Gas Guzzler $18,500 track pack $92, 495 Total Add in about $4k to 6k for tax, title tag (depending on the state you live in) and you are “out the door” for about $96 to $98K with a track or drag strip beast that is comfortable for daily driving as well. Good Job Ford. Hope SAI has some “Super Snakey” plans for this car.
  3. Congratulation. You don't see too many Orange and Silver SGT, especially with such low mileage. Hope you plan to drive the wheels off it.
  4. They still apparently have a Facebook page up.
  5. if i recall correctly the 2007 to 2012 models had a speed limiter of 155 mph. Mainly due to the stock 2 piece drive shaft. 2013-2014 GT500 models, if i recall correctly the coupes did not have them but they retained a speed limiter on the verts of 155 to 160 mph.
  6. I just voted again. Have been voting daily on 3 different devices. Yes, a few hours ago The Shelby Heritage Center was still at #9. However as of noon today (EST) the Leader Board is now closed. They closed it for the next few days so that the top ten list will be a "surprise"..........keep voting!
  7. It’s still early in the release cycle. Hopefully more people will post as they order or receive their cars. In the history of Mustang the new GT500 is a fine example of Ford engineering. They delivered a well-balanced car and an excellent value to its targeted market segment. It is going to sell as well or better than the GT350. There is no doubt that a DCT is far superior to a manual stick in regard to performance. The 6gen body style is also far superior aerodynamically than any previous generations.
  8. That video was already posted 4 days ago in this same thread...........since when is pulling in to a gas station considered testing at the Nurburgring..........but I guess the resident Vette fanboys within TS are happy its not broken down at a McDonalds........
  9. did you look under Shelby Store Garage Clearance., it used to be under that heading. Then you also have the Shelby Ebay store that has takeoff parts
  10. Not sure of the elevation changes you are dealing with but if they are anything like the Pikes Peak Hill Climb in the USA, you may want to look at turbo charging your Mustang GT instead of supercharging it. There have been a few guys who turbocharged 2015+ Mustang GT vehicles and did pretty well. Do a google search “2015 Mustang GT Turbocharged Pikes Peak” and you will get some helpful articles, build info, pictures and videos. Pikes Peak Hill climb runs from a starting elevation of about 1400 meters to 4300 meters at the finish. I see that Colombia is already at about 2600 meters and if you are driving up the Andes those are some serious elevations and a turbo may be the way to go. Good luck on your quest. Buena Suerte.
  11. folks, as mentioned in the original post above, you can vote every day and on multiple devices. I have voted 6 times already on notebook, cell and desktop.....update, Shelby is now #10 in the top 10 as of 11:44 am CST. keep voting............
  12. Why do you say “SAI should know this”?. ….Just because SAI (CSBI or Carroll Shelby Licensing, Foundation , etc) may have some kind of licensing agreement with Ford does not mean they know all of Ford’s future plans in detail for using the Shelby Moniker….and even if they did, they probably are not interested in telegraphing it to competitors or obligated to broadcasting it to the public. Additionally, it is not 1967 or 1968, a modern Shelby GT350 and a Shelby GT500 can co-exist in the market today in dealer showrooms because they are designed and developed for two different market segments and wont cannibalize the sales of each product.
  13. I just voted, update.........they have now moved up to 11 out of 20 as of 5:04 pm central standard time.
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