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  1. It's a prototype Shelby GT. The 5.4 is just a typo.
  2. Very nice color combo on your ride. Welcome to Team Shelby.
  3. Hi Daryl, You may have already searched online and seen this, its about the clearest picture of a Shelby Dakota engine bay I could find ,not sure if it is of any help but it may trigger a memory. Good look in playing "where's waldo?". You may want to post your inquiry over on some dodge truck forums too. Again, Best of Luck. Let us know how it turns out.
  4. The wireless ear buds are an inexpensive I7 mini. Don’t expect them to sound like a set of Bose units when they are included with 3 or 4 other items in a $34.95 gift bag. As far a noise cancelling no. They do cancel some background noise just due to being plugged in your ears. I went for a 1 hour run yesterday with them to test them out and they sounded way better than the pair of wired earbuds I had been using and I didn’t hear any motorcycles, weed trimmers or leaf blowers in the background. They also fit well enough in my ears to not fall out while running or working out. The other nice feature is they have small buttons on each one that you can listen to left right or both(for true stereo). The button also allows you to activate Siri on an phone or answer calls just by touching the button on the ear bud. If I get a call while running now (or working in my garage) I don’t have to stop running or working and fumble around to get the phone out of my pocket to answer it. The other nice thing is if I am working on my car I can leave my phone on top of a counter or my tool box and if my hands are greasy I don’t have to wipe them down before answering my phone. I can wipe the tip of my finger and just touch the earbud button. Again they aren’t the absolute best earbud on the market, but they are decent quality. The sound quality is better than my wired earbuds. I also tested the range from my iphone and it is about 30 to 40 feet which means I can move around my garage or step in to the kitchen and not lose signal. They come in a nice small case with the Team Shelby logo screen printed on it and the case has some back up battery reserve to recharge on the go and it also comes with a USB charging cable. Hope the review helps. Here is a picture I took of the earbuds. They have indicator lighting while charging and show when fully charged as shown in the pic.
  5. Not sure if it is still available. I was at one of the Annual Legacy Bank Shelby Cars Shows here in Dallas, I think it was around June 2015 or maybe 2014 and they had a booth set up advertising it. I still have a couple of T shirts that have the logo on it and says something like “Pour Slow, Drive Fast. Somebody else may chime in, in the meantime, here is a Facebook linky, you may be able to contact them to see if they still offer the brewskis and energy drinks. https://www.facebook.com/pg/ShelbyVeniceBeach/photos/?ref=page_internal
  6. I hear ya on that one. Being from the south, when I take the occasion to “commence with libations” , I drink bourbon neat or over a one or two rocks. It’s sacrilege to do otherwise. If they are going to make a bourbon they shouldn’t cut corners and sacrifice taste for increased profits. Same with the vodka. I typically drink Grey Goose or Belvedere which is a wheat/rye based vodka and it is distilled 4 or 5 times and that helps not only with the smoothness but also helps prevent hangovers. This new CS vodka looks like it is may be triple distilled and likely made with Idaho taters so they can use the “gluten free” claim. I’m going to keep an open mind on both, and hope it is of good enough quality that it can at least be put in the category of “the good stuff” or better yet “top shelf”. Time will tell. Ps: even though that Tequila might not have been to your liking, it may have been a good investment. Here is a bottle selling for about $685 over in Europe. https://www.wine-searcher.com/find/eason+brioso+carroll+shelby+commemorative+edition+silver+tequila+mexico/1/-/-/u
  7. Well folks, you may soon be able to buy a Carroll Shelby Premium Vodka and Bourbon? CARROLL SHELBY AMERICAN RACE LEGEND ULTRA-PREMIUM 80 PROOF GLUTEN FREE VODKA and CARROLL SHELBY AMERICAN RACE LEGENDULTRA-PREMIUM 98 PROOF BOURBON WHISKEY Both Trademarks were filed on February 11,2020. It appears that a company called Glacier45 LLC out of Oregon has filled for the trademarks. The appear to also operate out of Idaho and they are the company that makes the fine Teton/Glacier Potato Vodka using a 4 Column distillation process to make a very fine Vodka. Not sure yet on the details of the Bourbon distilling process or where the Bourbon will be made but it is registered to the same company. Looking forward to these products hopefully hitting the shelves soon. Here are the trademarks/logos. Don't t forget to Drink responsibly!
  8. Hi Kevin My "Bash Box" shipment arrived today. The earbuds are the I7 mini wireless earbuds. The instructions in the box say compatible with Bluetooth V5.0 The back of the box says compatible with Iphone and Android. I have an Iphone 5s and the pairing was quick and easy. They sound great and have plenty of volume as well. Plus it's cool to have the Team Shelby logo on the case they come in. I bought the Bash Box specifically for the wireless earbuds. I was getting tired of running and working out with an old school wired set of earplugs. Be sure to sound off in here if you buy .
  9. Always glad to help a fellow Shelby Enthusiast. You could take your center cap and mount it to a plaque about 6" wide by maybe 12" tall and put a metal bottle opener a few inches underneath the cap and wall mount it in your garage for a nice conversation piece........and besides, every Shelby Enthusiast needs something to open a beer in the garage.....😀
  10. Your welcome. Here is one similar to your cap on ebay, but it has SS and a "bar" across the body of the Snake. https://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-SHELBY-CRAGAR-SS-WHEEL-CENTER-CAP-68-MUSTANG-GT-350-/273831056507
  11. I dunno man, It could be Cragar, or it could have been made by any of the dozens of aftermarket manufacturers that have come and gone over the past 5 decades. You may want to post and inquire over on the SAAC Forums, or Club Cobra, they have a lot of people over there that are in to the 60/70 era Shelby Vehicles and obscura. This site is more oriented towards the modern era Shelbys, but keep an eye out, someone else may chime in here. You can go out to Cragar to look at more detail of the current caps they offer. Good Luck and lets us know what you find out. Here is an example of a current "CS" Cap from Cragar.
  12. Looks like an old Cragar Wheel Center Cap for mid 60s to mid 70s era.
  13. Robert, You do realize that the Fuel Lab gauge is also made by Marshall? Look at the bottom of the guage, its says Marshall. many large gauge companies private label for smaller companies. Here is perhaps a better choice. Summit Racing Part#153009. This one appears to be a dry fill fuel pressure gauge, chrome bezel and housing, 1/8 npt center back mount. Black face/white letters and a red indicator. here is the linky: https://www.summitracing.com/parts/vdo-153009 I would also call them and ask for the temperature rating, and ask whether the gauge had a clear plastic face, or glass face. For the price point it is at I would think it is probably glass. If plastic I would pass on it because if you get fuel or oil on it then it will likely cloud up. It also has a restrictor (orifice built in to the gauge to dampen pulsation).
  14. BTW, forgot to mention in an earlier post. Holley makes some Quick Disconnect Fittings for Fuel Pressure Testing. Here is the link. https://www.holley.com/products/plumbing_an_fittings_and_hose/adapters/carburetor_-_power_steering_-_fuel_pump_-_fuel_injection_adapters/quick_connects/ Post up some pictures and a write up when you come up with a solution. Good Luck!.
  15. Always glad to help a fellow Shelby Enthusiast. Good Job on the further research you did on your gauge issue. Yes that “plug” on the fuel block looks like a standard Parker Fitting #221P-2, Square Head Pipe plug. It’s about the cheapest pipe plug available. A Parker #219P-2 Countersunk Hex Head Plug-Brass would definitely look nicer. You can buy them online for about $49 cents If you want to get fancy you can use a Parker # 2 PHH-SS Countersunk –Hex Head Plug Stainless Steel- Those Run about $5 to $10 online. Don’t buy cheap Chinese made fittings at Home Depot or Lowes, in many cases they are made with softer brass content and/or they may not be annealed to proper hardness r thread specs are not held to good tolerance. By the way, from the picture of the fuel block it looks like you could install a a Parker 45 degree Street Elbow 1/8" npt Male to 1/8" npt Female fitting and turn it to where the Elbow points up a bit so you can more easily see your “test” gauge and then when you take out your gauge just use the stainless plug mentioned above.
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