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  1. Neither of the cars used during that episode of Blue Bloods was the real Bullitt Mustang . CBS even released a statement long ago that both cars were fakes and that the car presented at the end of the show as "real" was just "dramatic license". Both cars were fakes.
  2. Just a friendly FYI, this website forum is primarily oriented towards the modern era Shelby 2005+ models, while there are some sections for older Shelbys and older Shelby Issues, you are probably going to be best served searching sites that cater to older era Mustangs and Shelbys. There are dozens of other sites that have the information you are searching for. Forum rules dictate that competitive sites can’t be posted. I would suggest you try using search terms such as “vintage mustangs 1969 tilt steering colum rebuild”. “1969 mustang tilt column rebuild”. “1969 mustang steering column issues”. If you use those search terms on Google, it results in literally dozens of sites that address your situation in regard to bushing wear, contact issues and steering lock up/hard to start,etc…… and some of the sites have detailed instructions and pictures on what to do in regard to your issue. Some people hate the tilt column, some people love it. Some people have ripped out the tilt column and replaced it with a straight column. Some people have done vice versa. Best of luck to you.
  3. Looks like ended up selling for $16.1k..........a .lotta work to be done on a basic mustang with wreckage on the front, and the rear and many points in between...... The listing you're looking for has ended. 1966 Ford Mustang Fastback Condition: Used Ended: Jun 08, 2019, 01:46:57 PM PDT Price: US $16,100.00
  4. that video above was posted well over a week ago in the 2020 GT500 forum.........where it should be.
  5. There probably isn't a lot of drama in the "history" of that car. The ad says it only has 1500 miles on it. Pretty good bet that it was babied and garage queened. It looks super clean and probably one of lowest mileage Vista Blue KR's you will ever find. No opinion on price. If you want it ,then go for it. Dreams die on the beaches of hesitation.
  6. Also, if I recall correctly, those 'Eleanor" GT500E cars and other " Continuation Cars" from Unique were being built from 1967 and 1968 Mustangs, not Shelby GT500's. The "Eleanors" being built by Fusion under License from Denise Halicki just have a plain rocker stripe and do not say Shelby anywhere on the vehicle nor is Shelby referred to in their marketing material.
  7. Quick FYI, This video was already posted yesterday in the 2020 GT500 news topic thread
  8. Good Luck with that......maybe you can also convince people to put VW Beetle bodies on perfectly good Porshe 911's while you're at it.
  9. None of the cars in the movie were actually Shelbys, Foose designed the Eleanaor and then Ray Claridg's Cinema Vehicle Services(CVS) fabricated all of the movie cars from 67 and 68 mustang fastbacks based off Fooses original design. Denise Halicki is already offering officially licensed “Eleanors” built off Mustang/Dynacorns through fusion Motor Company at a price point of about $230k. Lets hope there is a much bigger myth……… that there are actually people dumb enough to take a perfectly good Shelby GT500 and “converting ” it to an Eleanor.
  10. Meh, who really cares, its not like such stuff hasn’t happened in Hollywood before. It doesn’t really matter as long as Bale does a good job of portraying Ken Miles……… Bond was a fictional character that was a compilation of several agents that Ian Fleming knew and the original character was written as a man who worked for the British Secret Service but who had Scottish roots. Hollywood has taken such liberties before. Tonto in the original Lone Ranger was an Indian of the Potawatomi Tribe but was played by a Mowhawk Indian Named Jay Silverheels, and then Tonto played by white guy Johnny Depp in the recent movie. Kato in the Green Hornet was originally a Japanese character but when WW2 broke out and his nationality was changed to Phillipino since we were at war with the Japanese and allied with the Phillipines. Then Kato was changed back to Japanese but played by a Chinese guy named Bruce Lee in the 60s. It happens. Anyhoo, back to topic. Hope the movie is a hit.
  11. You are going to get a multitude of different opinions here. About the only true way to truly know what you would be satisfied with is to attend some cars shows that have a bunch of Mustangs and listen to the aftermarket exhaust sounds live of people who have retrofitted their cars. Many SGT owners in past threads on TS have done the KR Muffler on their SGT and have liked them. Yes they will be somewhat louder but quantifying that is an individual thing. A number of people have also retrofitted with Borlas and liked those as well. If you are trying to closely match your current sound then getting a Set of GTB (Bullitt Mufflers) is probably your safest bet to match your existing sound. As I pointed out before, the exhaust tip on the GTB is 3.5" diameter and the exhaust tip on the GTA is 4" diameter. The only other difference is on the GTB, is the exhaust tip is cut straight at a 90 degree angle to the longitudinal axis of the pipe and the GTA tips are under cut at a slight angle (about 15 degrees) to match the contour of the rear a little better.
  12. GT500 Video from the recent Ford Nationals Event. Shows exhaust sound, interior shots, and also some of the aero developments. Still no Horsepower update. Only the same 700++ that has been out there for quite some time now.
  13. OP, Jeff is pretty much spot on. The only difference , if I recall correctly, is that the GTA sets have 4" Diameter Exhaust tips and the Bullitt GTB sets have 3.5" diameter exhaust tips.
  14. The actual chassis for what was to become the Scaglietti Corvettes were a 1959 model chassis. They were not shipped over in 1957, they were shipped in 1959. The first Scaglietti car took about 18 months to finish and shipped over to the USA partially assembled and did not arrive in the USA until the fall of 1960. The kibosh was put on the planned project in 1959 before the cars were finished. Carroll was already aware of the AC Cars since he had raced against one of them in the 1959 Lemans which he and Slavadori won piloting an Aston Martin., The AC Car was in the GT2000 class. While Aston Martin won the overall race and the S3000 Class, the ACE won its GT2000 class and placed 7th over all. Quite a respectable finish for AC Cars. Also, during the 1959 Lemans it is reported that in the days after the 1959 lemans race, fellow racer Ed Hugus had discussion with Carroll Shelby about the AC Car and offered to contact AC cars for Mr Shelby because Hugus knew Dereck Hurlock of AC Cars. While Carroll did initially try a shot at a Chevy Powered “sport car”, the seed was planted for the idea of AC Cobra much earlier than most people are aware of. Ed Hugus was also instrumental in the success of the Shelby Cobra because he helped Shelby finance the initial project and built over a dozen of the first Shelby Cobras. Also, Carroll was not the first to enter a Shelby AC Cobra in competition, it was Ed Hugus. He entered one in the 1963 Sebring and finished 11th, and also 1963 Lemans and DNF’ed. In addition, it is reported that CSX2000 (the original Cobra roller from AC cars) didn’t clear customs until around Jan/Feb of 1962 and was then sent to Dean Moons shop and was quickly fitted with the V8. The AC ACE was already using a 2.6 liter Ford in line six and Ford had already shipped a 221 to AC Cars in England the prior year. The first AC Car to run a Ford V-8 (221 cu in) was actually done in England in mid to late 1961 by AC Cars.
  15. Yes he was born in Wales but identifies as an Englishman. Bale has remarked, "I was born in Wales but I'm not Welsh – I'm English".[6] He spent his childhood in Wales, Surrey and Dorset in England, and Portugal.[
  16. I am starting to sense you may not be one of the eBay bidders on this vehicle.......😀
  17. Don't believe everything you see in the movies.....
  18. the listing ended and it looks like the final bid was $14,900.00..........
  19. Posted 42 minutes ago There nice but, I can get a Slingshot as little as $20K. And this photo shows how cool you look to just about everyone when you ride around in either one of those 3 wheeled contraptions……...
  20. OP, here is pretty good write up of the differences between the Torsen and the Stock Differential from an aftermarket website. The Torsen is the ultimate performance differential. Combine a well balanced suspension package on your Mustang with a Torsen for incredible traction! The Torsen's unique torque-sensing ability keeps engine power going to the ground during changing traction conditions. The Torsen functions as an open differential as long as the amount of torque transmitted to each rear wheel remains equal. When one tire begins to lose traction, the Torsen instantly senses the change in torque being applied to the ground. The excess torque that cannot be delivered to the ground by the tire that is beginning to lose traction is delivered to the opposite tire, which has better traction and can take more torque.The Torque Bias Ratio (TBR) is the ratio indicating how much more torque the Torsen can send to the tire with more available traction, than is used by the tire with less traction. This ratio represents the "locking effect" of the differential.The 4:1 TBR of the Torsen T-2R means that this differential is capable of delivering up to four times as much torque to the tire with better traction than is delivered to the tire with the least available traction. By comparison, the Torsen T-2R can deliver about 2.5 times as much torque to both rear tires, collectively, as an open differential can, given the same conditions.During braking there is little or no torque being conveyed to the differential, and so there is little or no torque difference between the two rear tires. Therefore, the Torsen differential will not support any appreciable torque "wind-up" between the two rear tires during braking. Because of this, the Torsen differential does not interfere with the functioning of anti-lock brake systems.The clutch plates of the Mustang's stock Traction-Lock differential wear out, requiring periodic replacement to maintain its functionality. This wear causes axle endplay on a solid axle car, which in turn increases brake pad kickback. Axle endplay does not increase over time with a Torsen differential because it does not have clutch plates to wear out. This makes the Torsen differential ideal for use with fixed-mount brake calipers.While it is ideal for street use, autocrossing, and road racing, the Torsen differential is not recommended for drag strip use. The Torsen differentials fit Mustang 8.8" rear-ends, both solid axle and IRS, and are available in 28 spline and 31 splineversions.
  21. Correct, the 2011 Ford Mustang Brochure does indeed say Limited Slip Differential standard for the 2011 Mustang GT.
  22. Correct, the 2011 Ford Mustang Brochure does indeed say Limited Slip Differential standard for the 2011 Mustang GT.
  23. Manufacturers rate hp at the crank, it's been that way for decades. Your second question is like asking how long is a piece of string because of many variables. A decent rule of thumb is between 12 to 20% loss by the time you get to the rear wheels.
  24. +1, lexol leather cleaner, then lexol leather conditioner.
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