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  1. 07 GT/SC conversion promotions

    you should probably try contacting SAI directly.
  2. Wanted: 1967 GT500 Project

    I would tend to agree with Secondo. If you want an original then keep searching. If you want something that wont take a year or two of your life to restore then look up Revology. They make some nice cars and have modern upgrades so you will have a dependable ride. I looked for years trying to find a 1967/68 to restore and finally said to hell with it. I came to a point in life that I would would rather drive than wrench.... so a just bought a 2008 SGT. If I ever decide I want to pursue a 1967 again.... I will just go for Revology unit
  3. Wanted: 1967 GT500 Project

    Op, yes it is a challenge, but if you just google 1967 GT500 Project car you will find some listed. However, you didn't provide any parameters. Are you looking for a $25 k rust bucket with trees growing up through the engine bay and you don't care if the engine isn't with it, or are you looking for a some what finished project that somebody is tired of working on in the $50 to 75k range, are you looking for numbers matching, or are you looking for something with a lot of work already done and almost finished in the $100 k range where all you have to do is pick your paint color and drop the engine and transmission in?, etc. here is one in South Carolina and its probably quite negotiable. Many people go buy an old Shelby rust bucket and once they get in to the amount of work and dollar sinvolved end up selling them before completion https://www.cars-on-line.com/gen3-cars/col1/posting/88917 here is another site that has several of them in varying condition form only low 4 figures to high five figures. http://repairablecars-forsale.com/cars_for_sale/1967-Mustang-Shelby-GT500.html good luck in your quest.
  4. Team Shelby: When Did You Join?

    Holy Dead Thread Revival!...... Batman!.............
  5. The Lobby

    don't think that was the reason. Someone posted a meme that to some could be interpreted as quite offensive to a certain community of people.
  6. The Lobby

    good lord.......people missed the joke..........saying you never had a giant dachshund................(translation: its like saying you never had a giant wiener).............................geezus people.....go back and read the thread, its was setting up a joke..........walking around with a giant one eyed dachshund?..........and Keith just admitted that he never had one.................I will be sure and tell "Webster" you said hello.....
  7. The Lobby

    no problem, Its just that his name is Webster. Webby for short. Giant Dachshunds are the best of the Weiner dogs. ever had one?
  8. The Lobby

    Well, yeah I was kinda having a bad night, my giant dachshund dug under the fence the other day and escaped and got hit by a car. He had to have an eye removed and he is paralyzed in the hind quarters but is back home now, but I have to carry him around until he heals up and then I can get him fitted with one of those rear wheel set ups that allow him to be mobile on his own.
  9. The Lobby

    nah......I'm good.
  10. The Lobby

    wow, more emojis being tossed around than a group of hyperactive prepubescent girl scouts who forgot to take their Ritalin...........
  11. FRPP Rear Shocks

    OP, You shouldn’t buy any shock that has been laying around for 10 years. The seals are subject to dry rot and cracking just like old tires. Glad you found some new ones.
  12. New 2019 Shelby GT Purchase

    well said.
  13. Nanny Controls

    this might work, its from the SVT site..... Hold down the traction control button for about 5-7 seconds and you'll see a message stating that AdvanceTrac is turned off. Then you're all on your own.
  14. No, The Terminator had IRS, and if you upped the horsepower on it you could count on the IRS failing or the Rear End going out. The 2013 GT500 had a Solid Rear. The Terminator also had a 4.6,, the 2013 GT500 had a 5.8 . While one can always try and argue that any Mustang Generation that came after a previous generation was some kind of “evolution”……..it would be a pretty far stretch to say that the GT500 evolved “directly” from the Terminator or that the GT500 is a modern day Terminator as the clickbait video sort of tries to imply. In addition, if I recall correctly, Mr Shelby had no input in to the Terminator, while he did have his hand in the development of the GT500. So again, No.
  15. The Lobby

    yep, works like a champ and also makes your grass grow out stronger come spring to choke weeds., you da man!
  16. The Lobby

    Why are you putting down weed and feed this time of year? It will do absolutely nothing over the winter. It is not for approaching winter as most weeds are already mature and not actively growing. It is best applied when weeds are emerging or actively growing in spring or early summer. You are better off putting down something like Scott's Winterguard.
  17. I counted 30 of the 2016 GT-H's for sale.

    at least Ford managed to sell these NFGT's in a way that stopped people from complaining about those unfair ADM's...........here is your new MSRP.
  18. 91+ Octane Decal

    No problem. I realize some people want to maintain “originality”, and it was nice of you to post where you found the best price on a tag. As far as time on my hands, it only takes about 2 minutes to scan and print a tag. I already have a .pdf file that I will use whenever mine goes bad. So far after 10+ years mine is still good. Happy motoring.
  19. New 2019 Shelby GT Purchase

    Perhaps a different perspective, here, if it draws flame so what. I don’t think it is fair, or accurate for that matter, to say that SAI has left the “blue collar” guy behind or that the “blue collar guy” is not on their radar. There has been previous speculation about such topics before and that is exactly what it is……speculation. Mr Shelby himself a few years before he passed away had perceived in or around 2008 that the coming changes in the 2009 regulations for crash testing and CAFE standards were going to severely impact the cost of developing and manufacturing cars in volume, and that perception was a main decision point in what lead to a switch to smaller volume and “build to order” cars. If you take the cost of a 2008 Shelby GT fastback with upfitter package required and the Shelby GT Package you were looking at around $35k to 37K MSRP. If you adjust that number for inflation which has averaged about 2% per year over the past ten or eleven years that comes up to about $44 to 46k for a 319 hp car. If you wanted to SC that car “back in the day “ and get it up to 450-500 hp that comparable to today's Shelby GT then add about another $8 to $12k depending on where you get it done and you are easily at $60K to $65k in today's dollars………and don’t forget to add some money for some good brakes to stop that beast . The other thing that increases a car’s price every single year is government manadated regulations and safety features and new technologies such as , improved ABS, Improved Traction Control, Line Locks, Magnaride, better engine management, active exhaust, digital dashes, more airbags, etc etc…………. Soooo, now today Shelby offers us a base 2019 Shelby GT with much improved technology, customized to your exact liking if you wish, and offers it out the door base/standard with 480hp at a starting point of $61K. If you factor in just inflation alone to equalize the “dollars”………you are getting more car , improved technology, better quality, and more base hp for your money today that you were ever getting in 2008…..and yet still some people want to gripe. If you are trying to compare a 2008 Shelby GT to a 2019 you are comparing apples to potatoes……….. and you aren’t even using inflation to adjust your dollars nor are you comparing HP on an equal footing for what you are claiming. HP cost money, it always has and probably always will. Its like hearing my grandpa lament that he could buy snickers and a coke for less than quarter “back in the day”……..and that Snickers back in the day and the snickers was bigger and so was the coke. Try and buy that same size snickers and a coke for less than $2 today…..Have snickers and coke left behind the blue collar guy too?....... nope.
  20. I counted 30 of the 2016 GT-H's for sale.

    Another price drop folks.......there are a couple available on Hertz website now for $38,400..........
  21. 91+ Octane Decal

    That is not some sooper dooper ultra rare sticker that is unique to the GT500. That tag is as common as dirt and has been used on multiple Ford vehicles for well over a decade. Yeah, you can buy it from Ford..or Tasca,…..or about 100 other places online …………. $9.00 shipping and handling. As John Carson once said. There is a number higher than infinity…….its infinity plus shipping and handling………….if mine ever goes bad I am not going to lighten my wallet to replace it. If I ever did decide it was important enough to replace.......... I will scan it and rip one out on an HP printer. Bets of luck to those who want to pay $25 for a couple of 2 cent tags.
  22. New 2019 Shelby GT Purchase

    Just because nobody is posting up here on the TS website does not mean SAI is are not selling the 2019+ Shelby GT and GT-H (Heritage) models. It seems like there is more effort over on the TS Facebook page these days. If you go over there, they have plenty of recent pictures of what appears to be 2019+ Shelby GT models on the lifts being prepped for customers.
  23. Clear bra

    You are correct sir, I misread the model dates. Thanks for catching it. Either way ,the $2300 the OP mentioned does seem a bit steep. Hope he posts back what he ends up paying once he looks further in to his project.