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  1. Converted GT to GT/SC or GT500

    I know that the 2011 is a much different car. Its why I stated that I had only driven the 2008. 2BJShelbys also gave you an excellent opinion of the GT/SC and its handling. I don't know him personally but he has been a long time member here and is typically a no BS guy, his car opinions are usually spot on, and from his past posts he has excellent firsthand knowledge of a pretty wide array of Shelby Vehicles and Shelby Driving knowledge. The decision is yours to make. You mentioned earlier that you were looking at an automatic which is why I gave you the input on the automatic vs manual. The SGT and GT/SC both make excellent daily drivers and are an excellent choice for people who like spirited driving. Be sure to do your research on all the shifter and clutch issues with the manuals. There are topics you can search within Team Shelby about them. If you want to row gears then go for it. Good Luck.
  2. Converted GT to GT/SC or GT500

    I test drove the 2008 SGT and a 2008 GT500. I have not driven a 2011 GT500. I much preferred the handling of the SGT in the comparison I did. The GT 500 just felt nose heavy to me, especially in corners. I also wanted an automatic because I knew I would most likely be going to keep the car for my entire life and wanted to be able to drive it when I am old. I also got sick of rowing gears a long time ago. The automatic in the SGT is not a “slushbox”. It is tight and is actually faster than a comparable manual SGT if you drag race against the manual SGT. You can also “select shift” the automatic if you chose to. I think I also mentioned that the SGT is considerable less expensive to insure. They are also rarer than the GT500’s, if it is a GT/SC then its even more rare . Havent driven a GT/SC but just about everybody who owns one on here swears they are a blast to drive and really like them. Not bashing on the GT500, its a great car but I would still get the SGT or GT/SC. Good Luck.
  3. Good Deal on 2007?

    also if you are looking at a very low mileage car, some may have their original tires. Even with very low miles those will need to be replaced for safety reasons since they are well beyond 5 years old.
  4. 16’ Hertz Badges

    Did you call in get a wrong number? Did you call and get put on hold? Did you call and get transferred and no one picke dup the extension? Did you call and speak to someone and they blew you off? Did you call and request help and thye asked for specific information that you weren’t able to produce? Did you call and get someone and they didn’t know what you were talking about? Did you call and get someone and advise them of the information that Steve provided you here and still got no help? Just saying you had no luck is pretty generic.
  5. The New Shelby GT 500...........

    It is not necessary that they collaborate on a manual transmission, most if not all of the collaboration has been on the automatic which is the biggest market, but anything is possible. Quite frankly, I think 3 pedals will be almost non existent in the market within 5 to 7 years for passenger cars.
  6. The New Shelby GT 500...........

    Don't worry, you can still enjoy your Ensure instead.
  7. 2017 Super Snake

    If it is a Shelby American Car Cover then, you would probably benefit from calling SAI in Las Vegas directly to address your concern about this matter.
  8. The New Shelby GT 500...........

    So what. The published spec from Ford and GM on the Ford 10r80/GM 10L80 is 590 ft-lbs of torque. If you go beyond that with Hp adders that deliver torque that exceeds the max recommended torque and it holds up then fine.......... but you are likely going to get premature or catastrophic failure if you exceed those numbers. Yeah, let’s trust anecdotal “evidence” and claims from the internet ………..instead of 2 large teams of Engineers from both GM and Ford that jointly designed and tested this transmission for several years.........
  9. The New Shelby GT 500...........

    Well sure!..….Good Scotch keeps you young.....
  10. The New Shelby GT 500...........

    Cool, glad to know we have some young members still around and not just a bunch of crusty old boomers.......just kidding about the latte and avocado toast thing. Nice GT350.
  11. The New Shelby GT 500...........

    yeah its gonna be fun watching somebody try and parallel park 750+ hp with that wonky Radio Dial Shifter.......or try and "rock" the car to get it out of loose gravel, mud or snow........or what about the guy sitting in traffic or driving slowly and his idiot girlfriend reaches over without asking and switches that Big Radio Dial from "D" for Dance Music to "R" for Rap Music, or "N" for New wave Music, or "P" for Pop Music........... From a tactile or intuitive Feedback Loop there is nothing intuitive about turning a dial left to right to go forward or backwards..........there is a reason a parachute has a Rip Cord and not a Rip Dial......complex Motor Movements go out the window real quick when under stress. They should have stuck with a Stick Selector in the console and Paddle's on the Wheel, its more intuitive......but hey it freed up console space so a millennial hipster has room to plunk down his Iphone, latte and avocado toast in the console area.............
  12. Good Deal on 2007?

    Make sure you ask about the spark plugs. Not trying to scare you, just providing info. The 2007 thru mid 2008 Shelby GT had two piece plugs that were a headache for some people. Ask about it when you are looking at cars and see if they have been changed to one piece type. Here is a topic on it.
  13. 2020 GT500 news

    I cannot vouch as to how accurate this video is, but it shows what are supposedly 5 new colors for the 2020 GT500. Enjoy.
  14. Converted GT to GT/SC or GT500

    yeah but it wouldn't be a Shelby..........
  15. Converted GT to GT/SC or GT500

    OP, I think 2BJShelbys is giving you a very sound synopsis of the Shelby GT/SC vs the GT500s of the same era. I think you would benefit from taking his input and sitting down with yourself and making a list of what you want and don’t want in a car and then narrow your decision. About a decade ago when I was looking at getting a Shelby I drove the GT500 and while I liked it I did not want to row gears and I felt that it was nose heavy. My criteria were that I was planning to drive it quite a bit on weekends and some daily driving. Once I test drove the Shelby GT I decided that it was better choice for me because I could get it in an Automatic and quite frankly it had plenty of Hp stock and was plenty fast. A 2007 GT500 had 500 hp and a 0 to 60 time of about 4.4 to 4.7 seconds stock depending on driver skill. A stock Shelby GT had about 320 HP and had a 0 to 60 time of about 4.9 seconds. The Shelby GT is also quite a bit less expensive to insure because most insurance companies classify it as a Mustang GT. If you don't want to go to the expense of Supercharging a Shelby GT, just buy one and do some “lightweighting”. You can easily shave about a 100 to 150 lbs off the car and reduce your 0 to 60 down to about 4.6 to 4.7 seconds without engine mods Lightweight Battery shaves 10 to 20 pounds off the front, Lightweight Radiator support shaves another 10 to 15 pounds, Lightweight K members shave another 20 to 30 pounds, You can remove the spare tire kit and trunk matting, Rear seat delete and few other inexpensive things. Then there is carbon fiber trunk or hood or both. Lightweight control arms, Lighter weight exhaust kits etc.... and you can do all that as your budget allows instead of plunking down $7k to $12k+ for a supercharger mod. I am not knocking the GT500, but I have absolutely no regrets in going with a Shelby GT. Good luck in your quest.
  16. The New Shelby GT 500...........

    There will be way more than 3 colors.
  17. 2020 GT500 news

    another video update......... https://www.motor1.com/news/301093/2020-ford-shelby-gt500-live-from-the-detroit-auto-show/
  18. 2020 GT500 news

    LOL, .........I forgot they did that on the Mustang ll "Cobra"
  19. 2020 GT500 news

    Thanks for posting. Looks Good, wish they hadn't put that Snake in the middle of the upper grille, might have looked better off to one side and a bit smaller.
  20. Call Shelby in Las Vegas. They should be able to help you.
  21. Call Shelby in Las Vegas directly. They should be able to help you.
  22. Wanted: 1967 GT500 Project

    I know, just checking in. Would have been nice to see what he may have found. Also this site needs more members, even though it seems to be oriented towards more modern Shelby vehicles , I still like to see old ones resurrected.