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  1. Battery

    no need to apologize, the input is appreciated, somewhere many years from now, this kind of information may be important to a collector who is trying to do a restoration or track down an original battery or battery info , so much was lost in the very early days of mustang production , so it is good to have people who pay attention to details. Was just kidding about the beating dead cows thing......sometimes wry humor doesn't translate well over the internet.............
  2. The Lobby

    There were no 1983 "production corvettes". There were 1983 prototypes and apparently this 1983 model is the only survivor..... https://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/classic-cars/a22059071/the-importance-of-the-worlds-only-1983-corvette/
  3. Wanted - Shelby GT Headrests

    best of luck in your quest, let us know what transpires.
  4. Battery

    The link you show above when you click on it takes you to Tasca's site, not Ford's Parts site. I was referencing what was published on Ford's site and they provide the changeover date, which by the way also coincides with some of the pictures of people have posted of the BTX-96R. As has been stated multiple times before ,and with photos provided....there were 2 batteries used in the 2007/2008 era GT500 and either one will work. Nobody is fired up. People have simply been posting data and photographic evidence showing that there were 2 different batteries installed in the 2007/2008 era GT500....both will work....no matter what your supplement says. The Battery Choice is yours to make......this topic is officially flogged........Do you want to keep beating the horse or is there a need to move on to cows now?............
  5. Wanted - Shelby GT Headrests

    I agree and I know, but he may be able to call and see if they may have the "Berg" snake. I would say its better than nothing......but its not.
  6. While some of the ideas people have come up with for steering wheel emblems do look nice, whether they are metal, or a thin plastic label, or a vinyl sheet, what you used to mod your steering wheel cover from a legal standpoint will not matter much if you are injured by an airbag. The steering wheel and airbag and the initiator are considered designed and tested as a “system” and if it deploys and you have “modified” this system in any way, then a good insurance company lawyer is going to argue that by modifying the “system” you contributed to your own injury through what is called “contributory negligence”……and good luck with getting any kind of settlement…….As someone pointed out too, liability is most likely why Shelby didn’t mod the Steering Wheel emblem because they didn’t want to be involved in any liability within that legal “food chain”…….
  7. Wanted - Shelby GT Headrests

    not sure if these are still available but here is a link. http://www.championmustang.com/modern/0509-shelby-gt-headrests-leather-pair-black-p-3568.html
  8. Battery

    While the BTX40R may be listed in the Manual as you state, that doesn’t mean that all 2007/2008 GT500’s came from the factory with the BTX40R. This is evident from multiple posts on this site as well as others that show their OEM BATTERY was INSTALLED as a BTx96R-590. Either battery will work. Some battery charts show both batteries acceptable for the 2007/2008 GT500. In fact if it were me I would use the BTX96R-590. Its going to give you pretty much the same thing as the BTX-40R but it the BTX 96R-590 is going to shave about 5 pounds of dead weight off the front of an already nose heavy car. If you go out to the Official Ford parts website and search under “2007 Mustang Battery” it gives you the following results: Battery Part #: BXT40R (40) · 2005 - 2007, Mustang, Liter:4.6, Cylinder(s):8, BoreIn:3.55, StrokeIn:3.54, Tested Tough Max, BCI Group: 40R, CCA: 590, OE CCA: 590, OEM BCI Group: 40R · 2007 - 2007, Mustang, Liter:5.4, Cylinder(s):8, BoreIn:3.55, StrokeIn:4.17, Tested Tough Max, BCI Group: 40R, CCA: 590, OE CCA: 590, OEM BCI Group: 40R and then search under “2008 Mustang Battery” it lists BTX96R-590 as the battery for all Mustangs made from 06/25/2007 - 06/27/2014, Mustang . So apparently, as myself and others have stated previously , there was at some point a changeover made in production (most likely as of 6/25/2007 as shown above), otherwise there wouldn’t be multiple pictures posted by multiple people on multiple threads and other mustang forums online showing that their GT500’s did indeed ship from the factory with the BTX-96R-590. While you may think the guy behind the counter sat on his ass, he was probably looking at a chart that showed recommended batteries (or acceptable equals) and if you asked him to get off his ass and bring out the two batteries for comparison when you can simply look at chart with group standard dimensions, weights, CCA etc, ……..then most likely this image is what he is going to be thinking of doing.......
  9. Shelby pedal cover installation

    There are detailed video installation instructions for how to install these pedals on CJ Pony Parts website.
  10. GT350 Finally Sold I think?

    "mange takk" for the update!
  11. The Lobby

    Nope, there is actually no such thing as a 1964.5 mustang. They were all officially 1965 models. Any mustang built before around mid August 1964 would have had a generator. They switched to alternators on August 17, 1965.
  12. Battery

    Why bother to do that? batteries are built to a group standard. These group standards are required by manufacturers to reduce manufacturing costs for suppliers and provide design envelopes for engineers to use when designing for battery placement. The dimensions and weights are readily available for these group standards on Google and thousands of auto parts stores.
  13. You can always get the auto pen signature.............
  14. I counted 30 of the 2016 GT-H's for sale.

    Thanks QSS, I'm not bashing Hertz. I like them and use Hertz almost exclusively when I rent cars, however it has been hard to overlook that they chose such a bone headed way of selling the 2016 GT-H's. There is no doubt it hurt the value of them.
  15. There was discussion on TS several years ago about why SAI scaled back production. It didn’t really have as much to do with trying to just sell to the “cream of the crop buyers ” as you stated, it was more due to crash testing regulations and emissions testing that passed legislation and were implemented in 2009. Mr Shelby himself saw the writing on the wall in regard to the regs and made the decision to scale down production to avoid having to be required to do expensive crash tests and emission tests. It was a smart move. While the current crop of cars may seem expensive, if they had decided to continue to mass produce cars, it would have probably made mass produced cars even more expensive. SAI has been through a lot of ups and downs over the years but they have managed to stay in business by being adaptive to the market.
  16. So How Did These Wind Up.....

    It’s not that big of a deal that these wheels ended up in South Korea. We have a fairly large military presence there and many active service members have their cars and other belongings shipped to where they are stationed. Its also not unusual to see active military import cars they buy overseas.
  17. I counted 30 of the 2016 GT-H's for sale.

    This was their pricing "strategy"..............
  18. I counted 30 of the 2016 GT-H's for sale.

    Sure, no problem. I have admitted mistakes when I make them. Have a nice day.
  19. I counted 30 of the 2016 GT-H's for sale.

    GT-H fans, there was no disrespect meant. Some people got defensive when I stated several months ago that the way Hertz was going about selling these 2016 GT-H’s by backing in to a market price was going to drive the prices down. Back in March when I posted that in the next six months these cars were going to be selling for $37 to 39k , some people got offended. The way Hertz went about selling the 2016’s helped drive the price from a ridiculous $150k down to $38.9k within about 18 months . They are going to keep dropping in the open market. Trying to compare depreciation rates to the 2006/7 Hertz cars is fallacious logic. The 2006/7 were hugely popular and helped kick off the modern Shelby craze. For the 2016 GT-H, there was nothing trend setting about them, there was barely any media buzz about them, they weren’t that popular in the rental fleet, and they really didn’t have any historical significance and it has taken almost 18 months for Hertz to dump them. Again, no disrespect meant, they are nice cars ………I stand by my comments …we can revisit the topic in a couple of years and see if I am right…...again!..... Phyllis, define high miles……The average rental car usually gets about 2400 to 2600 miles per month logged on it. The cars are typically in a rental fleet for 18 to 24 months and are usually run up to 35,000 to 50,000 miles. Then they are dumped. Many 2016 GT-H’s only had 12,000 to 14,000 miles on them and those barely sold even at $42k . The ones that are left do have some higher miles but not higher than normal ……….the biggest factor that hurt market prices was Hertz’s club fisted way of dumping these cars.
  20. I counted 30 of the 2016 GT-H's for sale.

    No need to be in a hurry, there are going to be some of these 2016 GT-H's for sale between $25 k to $28k in the regular car market within the next year or two.
  21. here is the company that makes these tables. You can get many different versions. They also apparently still offer the Carroll Shelby signed versions.............. for only $30,000................... https://carpooltables.com/
  22. I counted 30 of the 2016 GT-H's for sale.

    My Crystal Ball Price prediction was correct........it is now six months later……..the last few 2016 Shelby GT-H Hertz cars left are now selling for sub $40K…………..get your blue light special here……..only $38,900……….. https://www.hertzcarsales.com/certified/Ford/2016-Ford-Mustang-7c45a9150a0e0a170ad749954585cb28.htm
  23. Battery

  24. Autograph Collection Sale

    friendly FYI- forums rules state you are supposed to post a price when selling items.
  25. All-New Shelby GT - video

    Its all good.