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  1. The change in the rear side window is most likely due to GM trying to address some chassis and body issues from where the high horsepower version is bending the car and shattering the rear window. How can people even say a plan is coming together? They are supposedly releasing this thing in August and they haven’t yet worked out the back glass cracking issue, the electrical system is still being completely reworked and the final body design isn’t even done yet, and they cant keep the prototypes from breaking down at fast food joints and convenience stores……….so far I would say their plan to release in August isn’t coming together and my current bet is that it may not even be released until first of next year, if then. About the only thing they seem to have figured out up till now is the best way to tow it…….
  2. correct again, some people need to realize just because you can doesn't mean you should.
  3. Its ok if the guy only had one eye to drive because half the time only one head light popped up on the 1965 corvette anyway……..
  4. Correct, it is a purpose built car. Purpose built for the drag strip crowd, and the track package was purpose built for track. That translates to a goal of low drag times and and low lap times which translates to DCT. People need to understand what purpose built means. In 2012 only about 7% of cars came with manual sticks, that number fell to just 2% as of 2016 and is continuing to decline. It would be stupid of Ford to focus on a 2% and declining market just so old schoolers ,who are rapidly ageing out of the performance car market, can to play row row row your boat.
  5. yes, but it also stated in the old Shelby literature that upgrading to a Shelby 1000 may void your factory power train warranty.
  6. They rarely come up on here. Keep your eye on ebay.
  7. Thanks for posting. The new Mustang inspired SUV/Crossover is going to be an exciting edition to Ford's line up.
  8. Geez people, its not like he is hiding anything. He provided the VIN and CSM# and he has 100% positive feedback. If you are that curious. you have the VIN and CSM and can call SAI directly to verify it.
  9. Here is a video of the first mustang ever sold. It is a good reference if you are maintaining/restoring a 1964.5. They have pics of the original and pics of the restoration.
  10. Agreed, desperate news people over dramatizing the weather.........
  11. GM’s Formal Announcement: It was a minor "electrical issue". They left the Sunvisor vanity lights on when they went in to Tubby’s to buy chicken wings, donuts and Extra Large Icee’s for the GM Marketing Team…….
  12. Currently Randy Probst holds most of the top lap times at Willow Springs. He holds 11th place with a Z06, He holds 7th place with a ZR1…….he beat both of those with a Ford GT for 6th place…….and he beat all those with a Porshe GT2 for first place in the Willow Springs record books. Chris Winkler holds the 2nd fastest time record at Willow with the Viper ACR
  13. Ok, fair enough, but the deviation from that 94% would be most likely 1% to 2% at best. The point is an overwhelming majority of people prefer an automatic and find no “fun factor” in rowing gears. I owned a 64.5 with an automatic. 260 and Gen, rescued it from a farmer’s field and restored it from the ground up. Loved the car and hated it too……wish I still owned it.
  14. I enjoy both as well, but much prefer an automatic. Some people need to get over the imaginary conclusion that driving a stick somehow puts you in more control of a car. The fact is the motor skills and mind muscle coordination required to do a manual shift is way more taxing and distracting than a DCT and most modern automatic transmissions. If a manual is a fun factor for certain people then fine, go enjoy your stick shift and delude yourself that you are more in "connected" to your car, you aren’t. 94% of Americans buy cars with an Automatic Transmission which means 94% of drivers prefer an automatic and find no “fun factor” whatsoever in playing row row row your boat while driving. 80% of corvettes have an automatic these days, and historically about 85% of all Mustangs sold have had automatics.The data doesn’t lie and it is not “opinion”.
  15. Speed limiters have a number of reasons for existing but in the case of the GT500 it is put in place to maximize the overall performance of the vehicle. That may sound counter intuitive to people who simplistically think that performance is defined by a top speed. You have to look at the car as a whole. The base GT500 is targeted at the drag strip crowd. The “track package” version of the new GT500 is designed for the guys who want speed around a track to get low lap times. There isn tmuch difference going from 50 to 75, or from 75 to 100, or even 100 to 125……..but when you go from 175 to 200 that is a big leap in terms what is required of the aero and horsepower on a car. Most stock 2013/14 gt500s ran in the 11 to 12 second range with top speeds of 120 to 130 mph. The new base stock 2020 GT500 will probably be a little faster but it isn’t going to do anywhere near 180, so again the engineers want the car most aerodynamically efficient and planted below 180 to reduce drag strip time slips. So then the weak argument is….. well, what if I want to do 180 plus at the drag strip?...... Unless you go twin turbo and go up to ridiculous 2000+ hp plus specialized drag cars that do 7s and top speeds of 200+ you have already spent tens of thousands of dollars and modified the hell out of the car engine wise and aerodynamically so a speed limiter is long gone anyway. In regard to the track package version. Most people weekend warrior tracking their GT500 track package cars in the American Circuits will not see top speeds in excess of 180 and they want the car planted well for cornering to reduce lap times. If they designed the car to be stable at 200 mph+ it would not be planted as well in corners for a track and would not be as aerodynamically efficient. Thats the tradeoff. Again of you want to get in to the 200 mph track time then you are talking spending huge dollars on hp adders and aero anyway and again the speedlimter is long gone anyway. Ford knows thier market well and they realize way more people are going to drag race and track their car……… and those drivers could care less about a “top speed”. They want low drag time slips and low lap times. For the few that want to go out and try join the 200 mph club, They are just going to do a quick tune to eliminate the speed limiter. It’s a tune, its not rocket surgery. People who want to go 200+ mph are going to find a way to do it, and Ford for the time being is going to let you do that on your own dime and at your own risk. They aren’t going to lose any business because of it. All the argument that Dodge does this, or GM does that, doesn’t mean squat and it also doesn’t mean Ford has to “answer” it. Dodge and GM keep fighting imaginary “horsepower wars” or imaginary “top speed battles”….meanwhile Ford focuses on it market and provides purpose built performance vehicles based on that data………….if some people think Ford is so “wrong” in doing so, then they need to ask themselves “Why does the Mustang keep outselling the Challenger and Camaro combined?”………...
  16. They are doing a heck of a job making the C8 Corvette look like a Camaro with F-16 side scoops......
  17. He is not making it up. It's published data that only about 20% of modern Corvettes are sold with manual sticks.
  18. BS. There were ADMs all over the place on the C7 when it first came out. As demand dropped over the years they disappeared. There are thousands of complaints about C7 ADM online.
  19. While there have been anecdotal reports on some websites that there are differences in the GT350 and GT350R engines, to my knowledge there has been no reports or evidence directly from Ford that the engines are different. Just because one engine may have an R in the bar code sticker doesn’t mean it is different. It could just be a manufacturing ID on the tag to show that particular engine will go in an R model or a non R model for production control. If I recall there is a resonator set up that goes on the non R model but that is downstream of the engine of course, but it could affect the manufacturing process but not the engine build. If there were two different engines I would think Ford would have such in their parts inventory listing. There is much discussion over this issue on other forums but until Ford announces something I will stay in the camp that the engines are the same (except for the tag). There are reports that they have upgraded or used a newer ring set up on the engine since the car was introduced, but that was a across the board change for the R as well as the non R. With all the EPA/CAFE testing to be done when and engine set up is changed, I just don’t logically see Ford taking on the economic expense to have two different engines go through such rigorous tests for such small production, and if they were different Ford would be marketing that fact. Why tweak an R engine for the better and not advertise it? No argument here, just pointing out some thought process and the fact that there has been no official announcement from Ford about there being two different engines.
  20. That is an old BS photo of an accident way back in 2009. It was thrown all over the internet saying it was a “Smart Car”. It wasn’t. The accident happened in Louisiana in 2009. From the angle published it looked like the car was smashed completely but it actually wasn’t. The passenger side was squashed like an accordion but the driver side held up. The driver was extracted form the vehicle and taken to local hospital and is ok. It wasn’t a smart car, it was a Ford Escape.
  21. they managed to make a V8 sound like a 6 cylinder..........
  22. As far as the engine goes, according to Ford ,there is no difference between the two engines themselves…the internals are all the same and they both put out the same horsepower, so there is no real upgrade….except for maybe the sticker.
  23. Look up thin wall lug nut sockets. Auto zone sells them, or plenty on ebay.some have protective coatings to help protect wheels.
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