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  1. Shelby Headquaters Dissapointment

    Thanks for the update.I knew it was part of the MIller Collection. The point was, I am not going to drive several hundred miles from Vegas to see it. If I am ever near the Denver/Boulder area I will make a point to check out its new home.
  2. Shelby Headquaters Dissapointment

    They have a lot of historical cars at The Shelby Heritage Center but as time goes by it does seem more and more are getting sold off. I like the Shelby Heritage Center and have visited there several times and have never been disappointed with the overall experience. Shelby Historian Jim King, who passed away recently, always did an excellent job with the tour and was always gracious about spending extra time with people who had questions after the tour was over. The only disappointment for me on my last visit is that the original Cobra CSX2000 was sold off. That car was what started it all. It was always the car I enjoyed looking at the most. It was un-restored but still in working order and one could just stand in front of the display observing it and you could almost feel the history emanating from it. I am not being critical that they sold it, just saying that it was unfortunate that they sold it because it is missed by many….and yeah I know it can be seen at the Miller Collection several hundred miles away but I think the Shelby Museum should work something out to where it can be displayed at the Heritage Center from time to time. If you are a fan of the Man and his cars then the Heritage Center is a great place to visit. Also don’t forget to take your proof of being a Team Shelby Member because unless they have changed policy it is good for a 10% discount in the gift shop. PS: Besides the Shelby Heritage Center, don’t forget to also visit the “Hollywood Cars Museum”. It has some interesting historical/famous cars from the movies and TV.
  3. 2017 F150 Super Snake 750 hp

    yes, look in the following section of TS. https://www.teamshelby.com/forum/326-2017-shelby-supersnake-f150/
  4. The Lobby

    Wasn't putting anybody down. I was just posting an article that had a different take on her performance at the ESPYs. What I don't like is that the media seems to make her out to be the only woman ever to race NASCAR and she is not. There were plenty of women before her who were as tough or tougher. Why doesn't the media ever mention Ethel Mobley, Sara Christian, Louise Smith, Patty Moise, Shawna Robinson. I am not taking anything away from Danica here, but the fact is her driving record in NASCAR wasn't that impressive as compared to other drivers. Notice I said DRIVERS, not male or female drivers. If you are in the car you are a DRIVER. But if anyone comes out and says what I just said they are labeled "sexist" or "unfair". The problem right now with women in NASCAR is that NASCAR doesn't really want the best woman drivers, they want the most "marketable" woman drivers and that is why a better woman driver hasn't risen through the ranks yet. I would like to see a woman rise through the ranks and win some races based on her ability, not just her marketability.
  5. The Lobby

    According to AP News and many other news releases she fell flat and most of her monologue and jokes bombed...... https://apnews.com/56670c12357f46c1a30280012f8b9cbe
  6. David's NEWS ROOM

    yes, please stop this insanity......
  7. David's NEWS ROOM

    So did you type that animal cruelty rant between bites of a hamburger or a veggie burger?.........
  8. Shelby Tire pressure gauge

    they show as available in the Shelby Store. https://www.shelbystore.com/product-p/tg-1.htm
  9. The Lobby

    If you are buying a 2018 Toyota Tacoma, you may want to hold off buying your Taco until very late July or even in to August. The 2019's are set to be released soon and dealers are going to be more aggressively pricing their 2018 leftovers and they may work a better trade as well, the 2018 and 2019 are basically the same with very few changes........and it will also give you a little more time to just straight sell the SGT...........if you are still asking $29K+ with no serious bites then that is the market telling you something.
  10. The Lobby

    I didn't say you said it was original. I just said that it must have been retrofitted because Ford did not put a 427 in the 1967 Mustang GT.......and yes I am sure it would roast tires but it probably plowed in to a corner like a John Deere Tractor. I had a 1967 GTA fastback 1 of the 40 or so made with the 289 HiPo and a C4 and it would roast em in all gears too and corner pretty well. It was actually quicker off the line than the GT's with the 390. If you got on the throttle hard at 60 mph you could still break the tire loose and those 1967 GT and GTA's Fastbacks were notorious for swapping ends.
  11. The Lobby

    The 1967 GT and GTA Fastback or 2+2 as some call it was available with the 289, 289 HIPO and 390. If he was driving a 1967 with a 427 it must have been retrofitted because Ford did not make a 1967 Mustang with a 427…..even in 1968 the GT was offered with the 428.
  12. Up and Running

    That hood looks really good. Get those rocker stripes!
  13. David's NEWS ROOM

    alrightythen.........that wasn't necessary, .new topic please, no need to get another thread shut down.
  14. David's NEWS ROOM

    Most of us gave up a long time ago in regard to expecting anything accurate out of Hollywood.
  15. David's NEWS ROOM

    It was mentioned in Thai and other Southeast Asian news that the boys were brought out using conventional dive methods. ”. The stretcher and full mask is a conventional and proven rescue technique. It is an immobilization stretcher that the boys were put in during portions of the tunnel egress. The stretcher some saw at the end of the rescue was not necessarily a diving type stretcher or some kind of “escape pod. They also had isolation stretchers on site and had to take precautions against spreading rare illnesses and two of the boys already had lung infections of unknown origins. The kids are still in isolation from their families due to concerns about rare diseases that can be contracted from caves filled with thousands of rats,bats, and all the feces from all the rats and bats along with mold and stagnant waters. They have all also been vaccinated for rabies and are being observed for signs of dengue and other tropical diseases and infections. Not all kids were brought out the exact same way. Some were weaker than others and had to be stretchered with full mask. Some of the kids were given an anxiety medications before egressing. The factors these people were fighting were multifaceted……and as usual the American Media is going to gloss over details. The factors being dealt with just to mention a few were low oxygen levels, weakened immune systems, anxiety/panic/vertigo, airborne illnesses from bats and rats, stagnant water bacteria and viruses, low temperatures. Even though it is hot in Thailand, the natural temperature of the earth is about 58 degrees F and that cave water was cool enough to where it can cause hypothermia especially in small kids who were already tired and weak. It was a miraculous effort by multiple disciplines. There were over 100 people involved in the rescue from such diverse backgrounds as cave diving experts, deep sea rescue, biologists, psychiatrists, experts in rare diseases, Field Medics from Thai Military, Police, as well as demolition and mining experts, etc. All that stupid headline grabbing crap here in America such as just using “Navy Seals” in headlines was to sell ink and grab eyeballs here in USA. There is much more detail and accuracy about this operation if you go to South East Asian News/websites.
  16. David's NEWS ROOM

    On a lighter note. India appears to be taking the wrong path to developing a “Cobra” Motorcycle. https://www.upi.com/Cobra-gets-stuck-in-motorcycle-side-panel/2271531159809/
  17. David's NEWS ROOM

    It's all good.
  18. David's NEWS ROOM

    Some newspapers and News media were just using "Navy SEALs". To most people in the USA that implies US Navy Seals. My post wasn't directed at anyone. Just trying to give proper credit to the proper military unit and the selfless and brave man that gave his life for others.
  19. David's NEWS ROOM

    In the interest of accuracy. It wasn’t a U.S.Navy SEAL. It was a retired former member of the Royal Thai Navy's Underwater Demolition Assault Unit, which is colloquially known as the Thai Royal Navy SEALS. He died while placing oxygen tanks along the cave route. His name was: Sgt. Major Saman Gunan Rest In Peace. In regard to Elon’s “pod”. The head of the Thai Rescue Operation stated that they appreciated Mr Musk’s effort and that while the device was sophisticated, it was not practical for the operation.
  20. David's NEWS ROOM

  21. David's NEWS ROOM

    Um, yeah it’s a large storm, but If you are posting in regard to it affecting the Thailand Soccer Kids rescue, it has already been reported that it won’t have much, if any, impact on the rescue. That storm is big, but its path and area of impact s Japan and central China/Taiwan and Northern Parts of the Phillipines. Thailand is over 2700 miles away from Japan. Thailand is already entering its natural monsoon season anyway and Thailand meteorologists have recently stated that Typhoon Maria will probably have no effect on Thailand or the rescue. It would be sort of like you living in Pheonix ,AZ and being worried about a Hurricane in Miami Florida....................monster size storm though.
  22. The Lobby

    “Obsfucate”….Wow, them thar is big words Doc for those who are “challenged” enough to drive a Challanger………..
  23. David's NEWS ROOM

    Looks like they may get them all out before Elon's pod arrives........
  24. The Lobby

    A tesla has actually done the Cannonball. It did it in about 50 hrs.
  25. I counted 30 of the 2016 GT-H's for sale.

    you should have ask him to put that delusion guarantee in writing and sign it..........