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  1. Yes thank you, I posted this in the wrong forum, need to delete!!
  2. It has been a few years since I have been on here, I am just wondering if anyone has sold or purchased an 06 lately. I'm thinking of letting go of mine but I'm not sure what sort of money they are fetching these days. Any insight would be much appreciated. Cheers,
  3. If you search through the topics/threads there will most likely be some info as far as who to email etc. I know it helped me many times as over the years many people have already asked all the questions. Good luck Dave
  4. Just ordered mine!! I was shocked to see the hoodie in the 72 hour sale email ad. Hope it's sign of more to come. I just wish I'd bought the book now it's too late!
  5. Currently on vacation in Wash. state and have been to two K-Mart's and I have bought the last one that each store had, on the look-out for more perhaps if anyone at home (Canada) is interested!! Cheers Dave
  6. Really wished I could have made the trip to Bellvue, next year for sure. I would love to drive my car to Vegas, especially with a few other Hertz cars that would be amazing. Have been to Shelby before and did the tour etc, but would be cool to arrive in the GT-H. Cheers, Dave
  7. After waiting for what seemed like forever, my owners package arrived on Friday and I have to say I am a little dissapointed. I quess my expectations were too high, I know the dash plaque isn't made of billett aluminum like I had assumed but is an one else's certificate a poorly photograghed and bent copy. I can only hope my COA from the Shelby store is a little nicer, which I have read that it is. Just kind of a let down, oh well!
  8. Looking for the owner of 07H200, I rented this car in Vegas drove it for a week and have lots of pics and vids etc from our week-long adventure if interested!!
  9. has not set their status

  10. Wow I thought finding my GT-H was rare, that is certainly a one of a kind find!! Although I'm a little suspect, what is Shelby American II exactly? Hahaha!!!
  11. Just wondering if anyone can fill me in on what's involved in removing my "aribag cover" so I can make a donation to the foundation and have Mr. Shelby sign it for me?
  12. Yeah I think I might talk to paypal or ebay, the extra $21.00 was COD for brokerage fees, the UPS guy said sometimes you get charged and sometimes you don't. This isn't the first thing I've gotten stuff from ebay, but it is the first that I had to cough up extra money for it at my door.
  13. My R/C car came today... with the UPS guy wanting another $21.00, oh well It's worth it, way cool!
  14. Yeah that's for sure, a few years back I rented an 07 in Vegas a drove to Arizona for a week, I could hardly get around. Like I said never thought I'd have my own.
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