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  1. Ok we are committed, barring unforseen circumstances. Lookimg forward to cruising with everyone.
  2. This looks like a lot of fun. I can't commit 100% yet, June 26th is our wedding anniversary, but hey might work , just gotta get the wifes OK.
  3. Excellent, you won't be disappointed. I love my car. I wish the weather were better so I could drive it more. What color is yours?
  4. Thanks, I think it turned out very well. It looks even better in person.
  5. Here are a few shots. http://s1227.photobucket.com/albums/ee439/Destry1947/Supersnake/
  6. If you haven't followed the thread for a while here;s the link to some interior pictures http://s1227.photobucket.com/albums/ee439/Destry1947/Supersnake/
  7. Sorry for taking so long to reply...as far as I can tell everything fits well. Where did you have to sand?
  8. I finally had a chance to drive the car for the first time, other than the 1/2 mile drive from the delivery drop off point to my house. I took her out for the first 25 mile break-in drive a couple of days ago. I've never driven or ridden in a car with this kind of horsepower before so I was a little apprehensive/nervous. I've been having nightmares about what would happen my first time behind the wheel. All the irrational thoughts about wrecks, loosing control and smashing into something or someone really had me worried. Fortunately none of that happened and the drive was quite enjoyable. I started the car up for the first time since delivery and my wife got in the passenger seat she says "WOW that sounds like a jet engine getting ready for takeoff!!!" Haha the sound (a low whistling sound) of the supercharger drawing in air @ 1200 rpm gives a hint of what's to come. So anyway we ease out of the driveway and head out to the first stop sign, not far enough to really do anything but idle. I turn off the radio because I want to hear the sound of the engine as we shift through the gears. We turn the corner and head down the street to the next stop light, 1/2 mile away, and I'm still a bit nervous because I can sense all the power just waiting to be released. I'm in first gear and step on the gas, a little too much gas because the rpm shoot up to 6k faster than I think possible, seems less than a second to me, perhaps I exaggerate. I shift through second, third and fourth a little afraid to give it too much gas and besides we're still in town but enough to hear the supercharger whine and man it feels and sounds GOOD. I look around at the next stop light and every other driver and passenger are all giving the car a good looking over. She sure draws attention going down the road. So, I recover my breath and my wife says "you can slow down or you can take me back to the house" and I say "yes dear". Anyway we finally get out into the less populated area and all I can say is wow. I am impressed. I love it and can't wait for the weather to clear up again for the next 25 mile trip. The sound and the feel are addictive. I'm in love again I added some more pictures but the flash still flashed on the interior shots making the blue appear brighter in the photos than it actually does in person. Need more sunshine. http://s1227.photobucket.com/albums/ee439/Destry1947/Supersnake/
  9. I've been waiting for the weather to clear so I can take it outside for the interior pics. I don't like what the camera flash does to the looks of the interior. But, the weather is not cooperating. It's been foggy and its raining today. I will get the interior pictures as soon as I can.
  10. I'll do that. I've been waiting for this cruddy central California weather to clear up. I'd like to take them in thesunshine.
  11. No, part of the hex bolt is gone. That got me wondering so I checked the installation instructions for the "Kenne Bell 5.4 4V Shelby Liquid Cooled Supercharger Installation Instructions" that came with my car. "Step 35. Place cover over inlet. Mark and grind driver side coolant riser bolt to clear blower as pictured in the next STEP. We didn't like it either, but in the name of huge superchargers, some things have to be sacrificed." The next step photo shows the hex bolt ground at an angle from the base of the bolt to approximately the centeline of the bolt. Mine wasn't ground as much as the instructions photo shows. I would say it was closer to a 1/4 of the bolt at the top.
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