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  1. I have not used these guys but know people that have and they have all said good things. http://www.gforce-tx.com/ Good luck!
  2. Skip the 2013 TVS completely. Why would anyone thats looking to upgrade their supercharger not at least get the VMP TVS? Justin's unit is much more superior to the factory 2013 TVS unit. It will cost more but you also have to be realistic about the bang for the buck situation. Spending a little more on the VMP unit is a much better buy than the factory 2013 TVS. Keep in mind that the 662 HP the 2013 makes is due in part by the new TVS (which makes 15 lbs of boost) but also because of bigger cams, and higher compression (which in my opnion is a HUGE factor) Slapping on a 2013 TVS will not get you 662 HP without many more mods! It seems like you do not have plans in the future for your car making 1000HP. Both the Kenne Bell and Whipple are very good but the additional cost (over the VMP TVS) is really for those looking to make over 800HP and spend alot more on supporting mods.The VMP TVS will do all you want it to do. You will need a new TB, CAI, and tune. You can probably get away with just that but of course it will make more power with a new exhaust. The bigger HE is a nice thing to have even on a stock car but would not be necessary. Better tires and control arms would be nice to have as well. Bottom line call Justin or visit his website. This is the best bang for the buck way to increase HP and keep the stock drivability for those looking to make in the 650-750 HP range.
  3. All, I too have had the issue from when my car was new. I had the dealer replace the tranny. At the same time they instaled a MGW shifter (which does feel much more solid than the stock shifter), synthetic fluid, and a one-piece aluminum driveshaft. It all seemed to make a poistive difference. Recently I installed a WOT BOX just to help protect the trans even more and all I can say is WOW! I wish I would have done this from the start. (The two step is pretty cool too ) The shifts are so much better and smooth, not to mention the car is easier to drive. It is only $200 and any shade-tree person can install it. You do have to do some cutting and soldering and it will take the better part of a day but when all said and done it is a totally different shifting experience! I know some people want FORD to solve the problem but it is so much more difficult than that. Having FORD replace/repair the trans wont fix the inherant problem which is the remote shifter setup. We will still be bitching about this for years to come. Do yourself a favor and buy a WOT BOX. You will then be amused at all the posts about this issue when you realize how better it can be!
  4. You got it, its a Canadian-market product. There are several dealers that sell it. Guys, almost undoubtedly whichever oil you use will not be the cause if you by chance have engine failure. It will be that 4.0L Whipple and 150 shot of dope Change the oil on time and have fun.
  5. I have had the Nitto 305 DR on my car for the last year and they are great. Technically Nitto requires them to be on a larger wheel but lets be honest that is for letigous reasons. They perform great and I have had no problems. Look into the TOYO 888s as well. I do not drive my car much and certainly not in the rain so if you do then these tires will not work. Good Luck!
  6. No oil temp guage. You are looking at either the oil pressure or water temp guages. Hopefully its the water temp...
  7. Understand the biggest reason the Coyote make so much power under boost in the compression ratio. 2 compression points under boost is huge! Yes the heads flow better but the majority of the improvment over the 5.4 is the increase in compression. Also keep in mind the 5.4 makes power much lower in terms of RPM (which is alot easier in the rotating assembly) and more torque accros the board. They are both good motors they just have different ways of achiving a given power number.
  8. Get an IW 15% OD pulley and a VMP supercharger pulley. Should make it scream for real, your tires will make more noise too!
  9. Speedyman, Im sorry if I insulted or hurt your feelings calling you nuts. Now then, wait to see what happens when the first person tries to launch a ZL1 on slicks...broken half-shafts!!!!! Same situation as in the 03-04 cobras. To purchase a set of half-shafts/rear end setup that will handdle 700HP and slicks costs in the area of 5K depending on who you go with. Now I would rather have this setup but the fact that the Mustang with its archaic solid axle setup outperformes the Camaro was reason enough for Ford to leave it alone. (the V6 Mustang and 5.0 handle better than both the v6 and SS Camaro) I know I know, we have to wait and see if the ZL1 with all its high-tech electronics will turn this tide but I doubt it. If you can have a car with a solid axle that performes and oh by the way is proven to be stronger than why not use it? Yes a live axle is always better but at what cost? I dont have to worry about tearing up my rear-end like ZL1 owners will.
  10. This is a good thing. With competition you get better. Besides it gets boring smoking every Camaro on the road anyway. Can't wait till the first ZL1 rolls up next to me!
  11. Yes the driver is a big reason. My car bone stock on the factory radials ran a best of 12.60s at116 MPH missing 2nd. Now I have a S/C pulley, lower IW pulley, tune, and most importantly drag radials. I consider these minor bolt on mods. Alot also has to do with the fact that these cars wake up so much with minor mods, nice power from the factory but also very detuned. Have not gone to the track yet but I am pretty sure it will run mid 11s @ 125+. I ran a GTR this weekend that runs 126+ and my car was just as fast. Ford did a great job making the new 5.0s easy to drive fast. If you keep you car at full weight and stock trans setup you would need a 125 HP shot of N20 or super charger to run trap speeds in the 125 range. Stock for stock you are correct they are very close but its drivability mostly. With minor mods the Shelbys are much faster.
  12. I have a good friend that ownes a GTR and we finally got a chance to meet up this weekend. Thought I would share with you guys how it went. The cars: My 2011 Shelby: VMP S/C pulley, 10% OD IW balencer, VMP tune, JLT carbon CAI, AFCO HE, Aluminum DS, and Nitto NT555Rs. Stock TB, and stock exhaust. 2010 GTR: Has tune that friend says is more aggressive than the new 2012 GTR tune. 2012 Nissan upgraded LC. The stock down pipes contain cats which he replaced with open down pipes, after that there is a mid-pipe that contains two more cats and a resinator. He replaced that with high-flow cats and the resinator is deleted. My car put down 529 to the wheels on a DynoJet. He thinks his car makes around 540 to the wheels but Dynos are so different its hard to tell if 529 on one and 540 on the other are that much different. Both cars make about 15 PSI. He did have a passenger but I had just gassed up and was on a full tank. After hearing all the press and people talking about how badass the GTR is (and it is BTW!) I was expecting him to be faster. I was pleasantly supprised the cars were so close they are almost dead even. (Of course all racing was performed in Mexico!) All races were from 50 (about 4K RPM in second for me and about 4.5K in second for him) to around 130-140. We gave each other the move several times and who ever got the move walked off and left. We had three good even runs and my car would immediately pull a car (guess the higher tourqe, BTW not boost lag because I asked) and by the time we let off he would be at my rear quarter or rear edge of my door depending on run. I am sure the dual clutch trans was the reason because his boost does not drop off as it does when I shift. Wonder if a WOT BOX would have helped that? I also think the GTR has less wind drag and that probably helped him creep a litle also. Point is that it was so close something like drag coefficiant might have helped. Hopefully we can meet at the dragstrip this fall and see how they do. If I can hook it will be a hell of a race! Thoughts?
  13. Are you nuts? Do you know how much it costs to equip an IRS set up that can handle 700-800 HP and 700-800 LB FT of tourqe? The reason I use these numbers is because thats what the stock 8.8 can easly live with. Yes Ford can do it, but for them to pass the cost on to us and then make a little would be too much. Again I will state, these are 55K cars. Case Closed!
  14. Of course you can, its all about money! Viper is $90,000+ car. GT500 is a $55,000 car. Anymore questions?
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