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  1. Tap the rolled pin out to remove the oil stick from the yellow handle.I used a small punch the same size as the pin, lightly tap but firm. Also remove the rubber o-ring from the yellow handle, you'll need it on the new Shelby handle. To put the oil stick on the Shelby piece you'll need to get a very small allen wrench and back the threaded screw out. Then insert the oil stick, and re-tighten. Its a little tricky to align, but not hard. NOTE: On the Shelby handle, thats not a hole you're seeing, its a threaded allen head screw.
  2. Oh..that almost hurts my eyes! It's hard enough for me to get around in an all wheel drive Edge Sport. Can't imagine the GT500.
  3. +1 With the new prices of upfitting a 2007 - 2012 GT500 to an SS, plus checking a lot of the option boxes pushes the conversion to near 57K. Add another 3K to ship back and forth from the Midwest, does make a person take pause and ponder whether it's a smart move for that age of vehicle.
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