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  1. Tap the rolled pin out to remove the oil stick from the yellow handle.I used a small punch the same size as the pin, lightly tap but firm. Also remove the rubber o-ring from the yellow handle, you'll need it on the new Shelby handle. To put the oil stick on the Shelby piece you'll need to get a very small allen wrench and back the threaded screw out. Then insert the oil stick, and re-tighten. Its a little tricky to align, but not hard. NOTE: On the Shelby handle, thats not a hole you're seeing, its a threaded allen head screw.
  2. Oh..that almost hurts my eyes! It's hard enough for me to get around in an all wheel drive Edge Sport. Can't imagine the GT500.
  3. +1 With the new prices of upfitting a 2007 - 2012 GT500 to an SS, plus checking a lot of the option boxes pushes the conversion to near 57K. Add another 3K to ship back and forth from the Midwest, does make a person take pause and ponder whether it's a smart move for that age of vehicle.
  4. Our local Ford Dealer has one coming in. Said it is suppose to be here already. It's Wimbledon White / Manual. Will sell at MSRP if anyone is interested.
  5. Sounds like it would be fun. I'll let you know the closer it gets to the date.
  6. Julie if you want a Super Snake you'll have to ship your GT500 to Vegas...and write Shelby American a check for $34,500, minimum. You receive no credit towards the SS upgrade with your existing parts. Matter of fact they prefer you return the car back to stock. They return no removed parts if you leave them on the car. Not trying to be a party pooper, but that's how it works.
  7. 1st sgt isn't your GT500 at SAI right now getting SuperSnaked? They have very capable people there who could help answer all your questions...plus install their setup if you want.
  8. Really changes the look..it looks bad ass! Very nice wheels!
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