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  1. This was a "from day one" experience in my 2010 GT500. And on quick, hard shifts it would absolutely refuse to go into 2nd. I didn't have the car (or drive it enough) long enough to take it back to the dealer as I traded it for my current car. I chalk it up to the TR6060, of which I'm not a fan.
  2. Could you better describe exhaust smell? You're probably smelling the cats getting hot. Not fuel exhaust smell but an egg exhaust smell?
  3. Sorry to drag this up, but what exactly is this program for? Is this for us, the end customers, to use or is it for the dealers to use?
  4. 31 here. I handle sales and tech support for an autopilot company. We build autopilots and instruments for the Experimental-Amateur Built aviation market. My heart has always been with cars though... I traded the GT500 for my current 5.0 due to never driving the Shelby. Way too much money to be tied up in a car I didn't enjoy.
  5. 9 & 3 for me. I used to be a 10 & 2 guy. Then my boss went for a ride with a high performance BMW driver in the (at the time) new M3 around their test course on the east coast. He said hands should be at 9 & 3 for the best control of the car. Since then, that's where they go. I don't find the spokes to be annoying and actually now find 10 & 2 to be pretty uncomfortable.
  6. I haven't bought one yet, but intend to get one of these for oil changes. http://www.formafunnel.com/ I really hate the filter locations on late model Mustangs...
  7. I don't think ball joints and tie rod ends have had grease fittings for a LONG time. Most (if not all) OEM parts these days are non-serviceable. Oil and filter will work. You shouldn't need an air filter at that time (don't know how many miles you have). I traded my GT500 in at 3900 miles but I did notice the air filter was pretty dirty on the inlet side down by the little forward facing tube. Have fun!
  8. I don't care for those lights at all. They remind me too much of the '05-'09 generation....which are awful. IMO, Ford did a good job on the rear end in 2010.
  9. Yes, GT's/V6's with the Comfort Package have a power passenger seat. Cost me an extra $1400 to get the power pass. seat and heated seats....both things my wife wanted. I'm not a fan of the swamp ass that the heated seats cause so I never use them. But my wife can barely see over the dash in the standard pass. seat. It was a little funny to see her riding shotgun in the GT500....she looked like a little kid. So, yes. You can get a power pass. seat rack. Those seats look awesome! Those are going on my wishlist for sure.
  10. It doesn't bother me at all. I think the new design looks great, of course! No, I'm not a Shelby owner anymore but even if I was I wouldn't be upset. As others have posted, if it keeps the brand strong it's a good thing. That means more upgrades and amazing features in the future for us consumers. The new Camaro is one of the ugliest cars I've ever seen so let's do whatever it takes to make sure we keep outselling them.
  11. Ugh. That is actually a constant fear of mine. I have to back into my driveway due to poor basing underneath the concrete. It's caused it to become cracked and very steep. If I don't back in, I scrape the front. If I back in, I have to start on one side of the driveway and work over to the other. I've almost curbed the wheel a couple times. Stupid rental house. Good luck. I have, from time to time, seen single wheels for sale if you want to try to find a replacement. Not often, but here and there. Maybe someone wanting a track only wheel would trade you plus some cash?
  12. Back when I had a new edge GT, there was a way to get the odometer readout into diagnostic mode, which gave you access to several things that weren't displayed. I would assume there's something similar available on the new ones but have never seen or heard of it.
  13. Doh! Learn something knew. Now that I think about that, I think I read that somewhere previously, I obviously didn't really make the connection. I also thought he was speaking in general about the 5.0. My bad! Did I miss where the 2013 5.0L is direct injected? Now just to speculate, I suspect that Ford is holding back a super-modified version of the 5.0L for upcoming models of the GT500. With how well they respond to forced induction, I can't possibly see where they won't do that.
  14. Maybe I'm just being nitpicky or maybe I missed the inside joke.....but you DO know that it's a Boss 302 and Coyote engine, not a RoadRunner? TiVCT is what makes the 5.0 so impressive, that and stock cylinder head flow rates.
  15. Describe "a little on the hot side" please. And no, there is no factory oil temp gauge. If the symbol by the gauge looks like a Mercury thermometer sticking out of a liquid, that's the water temp gauge.
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