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  1. @DrHawkeye do you like black? Take a look!
  2. Ok thanks. That's about the numbers I was thinking
  3. Hello all, A buddy of mine is the executor of an estate with a 2010 GT500. Any thoughts on what to sell it for? -convertible - "all available options".....whatever that means. Just repeating what he said -8,000 miles -seats and floor mats always covered (again just repeating) -cobalt blue with silver striping Thanks in advance. Steve
  4. Thanks Robert. You're right. Craigslist corrected.
  5. It's time. Just doesn't fit into my lifestyle anymore. It's been fun though. http://orangecounty.craigslist.org/cto/5207754020.html
  6. Sideoiler/Kxb One question. You've been asked it many times. You Never answer. You bring up valid points....I guess. But why bother? You don't own a KR. And have some erotic fascination with coming here in what appears to be envy at least to me. The KR is just a car. That ppl here love. But you insist on coming here to rain on the parade. One question.....why are you here? You should have other things to do in life besides come here and wedge yourself into a community that you on the surface despise but I think underneath envy. You surely can be more productive in life rather than waste your time here. Zero upside to it. Why are you here?
  7. God I hope so. No sarcasm font to use here and I'm thinking....really...he's got to be kidding. Glad he's kidding. Really glad.
  8. Nigeria. Hmmm. I wish you luck if you really pulled the trigger on this car.
  9. That is a REALLY nice car. Good luck to the op on the sale! It will be interesting what it ramps up to in the final moments. Anything south of 60k is a steal for that car.
  10. Dada wrote in post #6 of the interior upgrade thread by Alcan: "I genuinely enjoy reading these kind of threads because every modified KR in my opinion is essentially equal to one more getting smashed up. Although I'm not chasing monetary value, I do like the rarity and uniqueness of it. The more rare, the better. " Amazing. Maybe you are Sideoiler reborn. Or the alter-same ego of Sideoiler. Either way.....wow. You've got this all figured out and we up the, "value" of your KR every day. But wait....you were talking about value....with the operative words......"or not". Which I guess meant that as you have no plans on selling your KR that value took on a new dimension. Which Thank God you took the time to reveal to all of us what, "value", really meant and that we've all missed the boat. But then want to drive the point home that modding the KR destroys it's value. Or should I put on there.....or not...just to really clear things up? I'm as confused as this post sounds. Which was as confusing as your story of being rear ended in the rental mustang. I guess what is clear is that I'm driving a wrecked KR. Stupid me. Thanks for all that philosophical clarity though Dada! ........or not.
  11. Too bad no valet cam on the KR. You KNOW they took that for a ride.
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