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  1. Hey guys! Is anybody selling FRPP shorty headers for a 2008 GT500? Thank you! Thomas
  2. If you don't enjoy the trip, then you always gonna be unhappy

  3. Wochenend' und Sonnenschein... :-)

  4. The race is run, the flag unfurled, the champion now will rest.God speed, Carroll Shelby, we will never forget you.

  5. Hey Guys! I am looking for two of those special GT500KR Ford Racing Mufflers like the picture. Is there anybody out there who sells this parts used? I don't want new ones...
  6. Oh yeah! Worked great :-) I heated it up and took a nylon thread to cut the 3M tape. It takes only 15 Minutes until the spoiler "droped" off :-) Thanks for your help!
  7. I tried to remove the orignal KR rear spoiler and change it into the SuperSnake spoiler. My problem is that the KR spoiler won't get off the lid. I tried anything like heat it up, using a plastic wedge... The tape is so hard to get off that I have to damage lid to get off the spoiler. Is there another way?! A special liquid or something else to solve the adhesive? Thanks a lot for your answers.
  8. Hey Kameron, got the next problem... I ordered 2 Alcoa 9x20 and 2 Alcoa 10x20, the order # is 15297. Now I have 3 Alcoa 9x20 and 1 Alcoa 10x20 - this is what I get from you... How can you help me?! What's the fastest way for me to get the missing 10x20 and how come the wrong 9x20 rim back to you? Thanks, Thomas
  9. Thank you, Kameron. The e-mail has been sent.
  10. I bought a Gauge Pod Set and the Oil gauge pressure adapter at Shelby Store. Now I want to install the stuff but there is a part missing. The fuel gauge adapter block isn't in the package.... Who can help me to get this missing part??
  11. Check this out: http://www.baer.com/technical/templates/files/N047P.PDF Shelby said "Fits our 20" Aloca SuperSnake and Razor wheels." If they don't fit in your stock 18" wheels, I would take it :-) Thomas
  12. I want to change my GT500KR rear spoiler into a GT500 rear spoiler. Can anyone tell me where i can get the Shelby Racing Stripes in black matte? My car is black with black matte (alloy??) stripes. I only find the stripes in color black - but noone can tell me whether they are black glossy or black matte. Thomas
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