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  1. http://www.somernitescruise.org/august.html August 21-22 Are you ready to get stampeded? Here it comes! It's the yearly Mustang Alley Showcase at Somernites Cruise! Nearly 700 'Stangs were here for this show last year! Can we break that record this time??? All years and all models are welcome! 6 cylinder & V8 coupes, convertibles, fastbacks, notchbacks, GT's, Cobra's, Shelby's, Roush, Mach I's, Saleen's and everything in between! Ford Racing will have their huge display tent setup showing off plenty of cool blue oval goodies! Admission is free and this stampede is going to be a blast All of this Mustang coolness is sponsored by the good folks at Alton Blakley Ford located on the strip here in Somerset!
  2. Hello all and thanks for looking at this. I thought I would poll an idea and question. As most Shelby's that are tagged as Hertz Shelby's they were built specifically as that, however I was curious how anyone would feel extending this honor to a Shelby that was built and tagged as another model but started life as a factory purpose build for Hertz rental. I do have the Hertz title. My car is a 2009 convertible that was purchased by Hertz originally for their Florida sun and fun rental program. After it was done being a Hertz rental it was sold at dealer auction and I became the first private owner and it became a Shelby Terlingua immediately. Ironically the GT-H and Terlingua shared several parts. So how would people feel about this being an Honorary Hertz Terlingua? I would have no greater pride than to be able to have this designation, as well would love to use the car to promote all other GT-H's.
  3. I will post a pic, would need to be stripped and repainted the yellow. All yellow cracked, not really a touch up job.
  4. Anyone have a unused or in good shape rear alum badge. My yellow is cracking badly, even though it has not see a whole lot of sun. Is anyone else's do this?
  5. I made them, you could too. I found the horn button kits on ebay, they are Saleen horn button covers. Then I cut / trimmed a metallic smaller decal I purchased in Vegas several years back. The trim job covered the Saleen logo perfectly. Be careful to do this when it is over 70*. I did it around 60* and the 3M didn't want to work to well as it was jell backing not foam.
  6. FANTASTIC.... that said, what details are we possibly getting? I assume the number produced but by chance would there be any other details?
  7. I found the horn button kits on ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/171464686991?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Then I cut / trimmed a metallic smaller decal I purchased in Vegas several years back. The trim job covered the Saleen logo perfectly. Be careful to do this when it is over 70*. I did it around 60* and the 3M didn't want to work to well as it was jell backing not foam.
  8. I was hoping to start a posting for nice list of events for our cars to be shown at and hopefully ones they will be appreciated at as well. It is now Jan 16th here in Kentucky and 51 degrees, sunny and nice enough to take it somewhere alas I don't personally know of any events so please put here any events you may know of. And let this be a place for non owners that would like to be part of the Shelby family to put here the events they wish to invite Terlingua owners to. Please put time, place, event type and award/ judging structure. And web link and contact information for event information if possible. I hope to see you all this year if possible.
  9. The vert pictured is mine, Thumper's. As in the name I am still going going and some point will be gone. At this point I will be buried in this car! I called Shelby and was told "No convertibles will be built." when I pushed I was reffered to VP Gary Patterson to see what could be done. The answer was still no and remained that for some time. One day I called him again and in the conversation he said he wouldn't build one unless someone put up a 10k cash deposit to start, he laughed and mentioned 2 people had "ordered" cars but backed out of the deals and that had hurt them. He was joking of course but I told him he would have the deposit in the morning, at this point he said "wait, no..." I said "you put a price on it." We both laughed and he said "fine I better have the money in the morning" He did and there are verts. On the trip to Terlingua the front facia went to crap and the suspension in front sagged as the engine wiring failed and it constantly bogged. Shelby did a good job of fixing all the issues. It did make the trip unforgettable though. On the trip home to KS from Vegas a gentleman with a vintage '67 vette on a trailer backed his trailer down the length of the drivers side taking out a wheel along the way. ( an accident of course... ) A trip to the casino in Indiana had a valet take it for a joy ride and hit the drivers side front so hard he put the facia into the tire and rippled the fender, broke the brake duct and exhaust tip. ( actually tipped the fool to not move the car from the front area ) ADDED: I was driving on Fort Capmbell KY where my wife was stationed and on a beautiful clear blue day with the temp around 80deg I had the top down and was enjoying the car in all its glory. It was then that a freak shower, while it was still sunny, decided to open up and dump several inches of water in span of minutes on the base. I was at a stop light about a mile from home and it might as well have been across the world. The speedster tops were on and I could not raise the top. As fate would have it this was the exact moment my wife drove by the opposite direction to go pick up our daughter from daycare. Finger waggling was not all she was doing. At least she was nice enough to slow down in her Jeep and not splash the flooding street onto me as the other drivers had, no, she drove by nice and slow to make sure I knew she saw me. At this point I said what the hell. I turned up the radio raised my hands to the sky and cracked a huge grin as I pulled down the brim of my hat to keep the water out of my eyes. I drove the rest of the way home with most everyone thinking I was nuts. By the time I pulled into our driveway the rain was gone and the sun was still out quickly burning off the water on the streets. I opened my door and like a cartoon water gushed out and over my doorsill. I spent the rest of the afternoon and into the night drying her out. Floor plugs had to be pulled, seats ventilated, dash lifted and wet vac sentenced to death via hard labor. I relate the latter at my wife's insistence, I truly will never hear the end of it. If you cant find the joy in the crappiest parts of life you aren't trying hard enough to live. Needless to say, I drive it when I can and it just topped 50k mileage and has seen just about all weather but hail. Even saw a day it was raining manure on the interstate, thank god the top was up. I would happily have it at any of the bashes but don't have anyone to drive with and I am not in the best shape to drive alone. I am in Shelbyville KY if anyone wants to see it. MERRY XMAS to all!
  10. There is a 1967 TRT new slot car for you tiny racers on eBay right now. Interestingly it is built in Britain and pricey. I'm curious if they paid for the rights to make it or if in this sense they even need to. Either way it seems it is a nicely built one with sealed decals. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1-32-RESIN-BODIED-FORD-MUSTANG-TERLINGUA-SLOT-CAR-UNIQUE-Mulsanne-Models-/251734936728?pt=UK_Toys_Games_Scalextrics_Slot_Cars_ET&hash=item3a9c924c98 Happy micro racing and don't forget to get a Ferrari for it to beat.
  11. If anyone cares there is an interesting ummmm "Terlingua" for sale on Ebay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ford-Mustang-TOTALLY-REDONE-SHELBY-MOVIE-CAR-CLONE-SCCA-CHAMP-COLLECTOR-CLASSIC-RACE-/141452682233?forcerrptr=true&hash=item20ef3ca3f9&item=141452682233&pt=US_Cars_Trucks Love his saying movie car....
  12. That is a little to custom for my hare....
  13. Am I wrong or did I see at least one Terlingua with a front splitter added? I was looking around for one, but not sure what would fit under our front ends??
  14. Could you say where you got those, I am sure 4 more of us would be willing to go for some.
  15. Most definitely one hare that was wearing its winter coat. Started the 750 mile clean, the next day I cleaned off, asphalt, dust, dirt, salt, sand, mud, snow, ice, plain 'ol grime and cow poop (don't ask).
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