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  1. Any chance that the 1-piece driveshaft used on the 2013 will reconfigure the exhaust, compared to the two-piece set-up used on the 2012?
  2. This just in: Based on a view of a 2013 GT with the engine running, the oil pressure gauge only displays "NORMAL" and does not display a numeric value. Ford continues to economize on the cost of sending units for a real gauge....
  3. I looked at two 2013 GT's today, one ibn the candy red and the other in black. The black valence is really a non-issue on the black car, though on a 2013 Shelby you'd lose the stripes currently on the vertical portion of the rear decklid for the 2012 and earlier versions. On the dark red car, the black decklid valence blends in pretty well with the smoked tail lamps and it's actually starting to grow on me a bit. Hey, at least you get the WIDE stripes on the car no matter if you order the SVTPP or not!!
  4. According to the 2011 numbers I have (I don't have 2012 numbers), the SVTPP was ordered on 3,748 cars out of the total 5,100 produced (4,150 coupes and 950 convertibles) for a percentage of 73%. So, only 27% of Shelbys (the non-SVTPP cars, of which 1,352 were made) could have had the traditional monochromatic stripe colors. The production figures for monochromatic stripes (White, Silver, Gr. Blue, Red and Sat. Black)) total 1,254. So that means 1,254 out of 1,352 non-SVTPP cars came through with stripes, and only 98 were stripe-delete, for a deletion rate of 7.25% Of the 3,748 cars with the SVTPP that were eligible for the narrow, two-color stripes, the total production figures for the two- color stripes (Red/Blk, Wht/Blk, Red/Ingot) were 1,920. So, that means 1,828 SVTPP cars were stripe-delete, for a deletion rate of 48.8% I think the fact that the stripe delete rate was running about 7:1 greater for SVTPP versus non-SVTPP cars, told Ford loud and clear that most people did NOT like the narrow stripe. Yes, I know Ford gave buyers no $$$ in credit for deleting the stripe (the deletion saves them mucho $$$$ and they pass none of it on to the buyer asking for the delete), but at the end of the day a lot of people who wanted the SVTPP must have felt pretty disgusted about being so turned off by the narrow stripes that they had to accept not having the twin stripes on the car. The stripes are a Shelby trademark after all. So, hats off to Ford for making the SVTPP tires of the 2011-2012 SVTPP cars basically standard for 2013 (when 73% of cars come with SVTPP, it's time to make it the standard...) and dropping the narrow stripe idea, which had a high customer rejection rate. Like the OP, I too like the narrow stripes on my black 2011 SVTPP, but the wide stripes on the 2013 look pretty cool too.......
  5. Bumping this back up to see if anyone has had the chance to observe the oil pressure reading on the '13 dash with the engine running. I've saved more than one engine from total grenading by observing variations (on the low side) from prior oil pressure readings, so I want the utility of a real gauge.... On a side note, my local dealer has two (2) 2012 Boss cars on the lot, both are non-LS versions. Their dashes don't even have the make-believe oil pressure gauge found in the Shelby. So, maybe I should feel lucky with a faux gauge after all....
  6. Thanks for posting these pics! By any chance do you have a close-up of the rear wheel brake set-up, like the great one you have of the front brake? I always thought the rear rotors on my '11 SVTPP looked ridiculously small in diameter, perched inside those giant 20" wheels. I know the '13 has bigger rear rotors and I was hoping to see a picture of them. And I agree with the comments on the Camaro. The hood is just too busy with the huge carbon fiber island in the middle. And why didn't they put a big white "SS" emblem in the front, like the '69's used to have? The giant bowtie isn't getting it done. And my 2011 GT500 was my first-ever Ford purchase. I was strictly a GM guy (including being the orignal owner of a 2002 Z06), so don't call me a Chevy-basher. I bought my GT500 becuase GM is being outclassed by Ford in the muscle car segment....
  7. I think I once saw a pic of a 2012 mule with the fog light out for ducting purposes but I've never seen a picture of the final look of a track-pack car. When you pick the option on Ford's build site it does not alter the stock photo they use, as it would if you change paint color. We'll have to wait and see I guess
  8. The "track pack" option now shows up on the Ford build site. $2995 and also mandates deletion of fog lights. Aside from the previously discussed fluid coolers, the package also lists brake cooling ducts.
  9. I read in Hot Rod (March 2012 issue) that the oil cooler has a thermostat on it, i.e. the oil will not flow to the cooler unless it is getting overly-warm (>220F). This should alleviate your concerns about over-cooling the oil or the oil not getting up to normal operating temp. I believe the diff cooler on the track pack also has a thermostat, so that the pump for that cooling system does not run non-stop. I think the trans cooler is a simple gear drive pump off the rotating assembly in the trans and likely runs all the time. You really can't overcool gear oil.....
  10. There is an error in the YouTube video. The vid listed as "Non SVT" is a non-Shelby dash, as the car lacks the cobra on the steering wheel. The order guide lists a dash unique to the SVTPP car, above what's on the Shelby w/o SVTPP. The mystery continues
  11. And can someone tell me what the "unique instrument cluster" is for the SVTPP?
  12. A 10% price increase over 2012 base is pretty stiff, though what puzzles me more is that the SVTPP is still north of 3 grand. Now that the 19"/20" wheels and G: 2 Supercar tires are part of the base package, paying ~$3500 for the shocks and the torsen diff seems a bit much. Sway bars and springs are essentially a wash, since the base car's springs and bars probably cost close to the same. I can see the jump in the base cost due to the bigger mill, the styling changes, the CF driveshaft and the wheels/tires, but the SVTPP is looking like less of a bargain. If the track pack comes in for over $1500, it'll be a no-go for me I think.
  13. I've seen several videos and screen shots of the "track apps" dash display. I see it has nifty video-based gauges for boost and other engine parameters, but the only time I've seen a screen shot for the oil pressure gauge was when the car was off and it just read "LOW" instead of the numeric value of 0 psi. I am still pretty pissed that my 2011 has the equivalent of an "idiot light with a needle", in that the oil pressure gauge is either "normal" or "low", with none of the normal variation (due to oil temp and engine RPM) that a real gauge portrays. From my initial rant on this topic back in 2010, I was told that Ford decided that people did not know how to interpret a true oil pressure gauge. Apparently folks would freak out if oil pressure at idle in a car at normal operating temp is (correctly) lower than the idle oil pressure when the engine is cold started. Really Ford? There are about 300+ "WARNINGS" and "CAUTIONS" in the owners manual. How about you give me a real oil pressure gauge and just include a "WARNING" that oil pressure decreases as oil temp increases..... So, can someone tell me if the 2013 has a real sending unit to send true pressure readings to the Track Apps screen, or does it have a 1940's era binary normal/low sending unit? One of my cost justifications for considering a trade-in of my 2011 for a 2013 is that by going with the 2013 I can offset the cost of adding a gauge pod to the dash of my 2011, similar to the one on the Boss LS. I'd appreciate it if someone can track down this info for me and/or post a link to a video of the Track Apps display with the engine running and showing a numeric oil pressure reading (example "47 psi") instead of a f#$%^ng "Normal" reading....
  14. I read on SVTPerformance.com that it is due out on 12 or 13 MAR. I checked with my dealer late last week and it was still not loaded yet. Stand by.....
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