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  1. For anyone interested, PM me for details... Apologies for mentioning another site in the poster.
  2. ORF'S SCORE Your scored 1.5 on Moral Order and -3.5 on Moral Rules. The following categories best match your score (multiple responses are possible): System: Conservatism Ideology: Capital Republicanism Party: Republican Party Presidents: Richard Nixon 04' Election: George W. Bush 08' Election: John McCain Of the 538,570 respondents (9,099 on Facebook): 3% are close to you. 10% are more conservative. 14% are more liberal. 63% are more socialist. 12% are more authoritarian.
  3. I do enjoy reading your take on these things, even though we both know that we don't agree, politically. I'm a fiscal conservative and a social libertarian. I really don't see any merit in socialism/marxism. The quote above could have been written any time since 2001. Unfortunately, this type of public statement hasn't been made until January of this year. What about all the "hatred bordering on hysteria" that was plainly evident over the past 7 years? This is a serious question: Does it only warrant mentioning when the disagreement is aimed at someone you (in general, not you specifically) agree with? I mean, do you think there was "hatred bordering on hysteria" of our former President? I believe there was just as much venom spewed from the other side then. It doesn't make it right. I disagree with our current administration's policies and where I think they want to take the country, but I still remain hopeful that the economy will be revitalized in the near (or not too distant) future.
  4. I added the BMR adjustable pan hard rod, the same that you are considering, to my car after having the FRPP handling pack installed for a while. I didn't notice any handling improvement, but I had it added because I couldn't stand knowing that the rear axle wasn't centered on the car. If I were to do it again, I would go with the Watts Link over the adjustable pan hard. Not only will it center the rear axle, but it will improve the handling of the car. Just my .02
  5. Nope. I live 20 miles south of Pittsburgh. It's all over the news. Redistribution is all the rage now ... :shades:
  6. That's because our local radio stations - how can I say this politely - suck. I like my Sirius. I have it in two vehicles, plus one portable unit. I do not miss the commercials.
  7. Mine isn't an SGT, but I do have a fabric top. I use 303 Products. Cleaner works well, and the Fabric Guard keeps the water beading for a long time. When applying the Fabric Guard, I get one of the cheap, thin, plastic drop cloths from the hardware store. I mask off everything but the cloth roof. You don't want that stuff drying on any other surfaces. I do have a few white marks, but I think it comes more from the top being folded for extended periods. I try to keep the top up when not driving, which limits the amount of time the top is folded. That was my Captain Obvious statement for the day.
  8. I was wearing #58, too. I guess I'm an old school fan. My daughters were wearing #7, #43, and #83. That must make them new school fans.
  9. You are correct. It is about the institution and principles. It is also about politics. Regulation = Government = Politics. Sad, but true. Oh, and let me know if you find one of those level playing fields sometime. I'm pretty sure they don't exist.
  10. OK. I'm with you so far. But can you name a time when government has regulated in the interest of the general public only? There are always ulterior motives, usually with political supporters in mind. For example, watch how the "carbon credit" industry fares in the next four years. You can say it is in the best interest of the general public, but we all know who the carbon credit crowd supported. Two birds, one stone. The base of my point is that those in power will regulate to benefit their friends. Always have, always will - no matter what type of social/political ideology winds up in power.
  11. I still say that there were those who lost on the speculation when the price was high. In your example, Investor C bought at 70 and was able to sell at 75, as it was the current price. What if investor C bought at 75 and the current price was 70. What about the investor who bought at 174 with three weeks until delivery and holding the bag, not be able to find another buyer, and come delivery time, the current price was 110? I'll save you the time. I also understand about short selling. And I'll grant that there are unscrupulous people who will do anything to make a buck. It happens at all levels of all industries (or commodities). I also agree with the concept of transparent transactions. I'm just pointing out that it's easy to say "those evil speculators" when there were speculators who lost as much as others gained. What's lacking is the actual prosecution of those who break laws while chasing the almighty buck. That's when the adage "It's not what you know, but who you know" is proven to be true. I'm playing devil's advocate in a couple of threads today, mainly trying to get some debate going that doesn't resort to name calling. Nothing bad can come from discussing differing views with respect. The cynical side of me has been taught not to take one news source as the end-all be-all on any given subject. In my book, CBS News has a credibility issue. I'd like to see the same subject written about in the WSJ as well as Investors Business Daily. Then compare all three and find the truth somewhere in the middle.
  12. I do understand. Insurance companies collect premiums from may people - be it auto, home, life, or health insurance. They pool that money and pay (as little as possible to) the service provider - mechanic, home owner, beneficiary, or health care provider. That isn't capitalism, though. Any time the consumer (the market place) is removed from the payment process, you can't call it capitalism. It is socialism lite. Maybe my point wasn't stated properly. I'm in favor of a system where the recipient of the health care provided actually pays the bill, then gets reimbursed some percentage for said procedure. Basically a health care voucher system. That way the consumer can shop both the insurance company as well as the health care provider. To me, that reflects capitalism better than the existing system. I'm not arguing against your premise that Insurance companies are a big part of the problem now, just the use of the term capitalism. Like I said before, I consider the current set up closer to socialism (or socialized medicine) than to capitalism.
  13. Just curious... If the speculators drove the price up - and I agree they did - who was left holding expensive futures when the price fell? Speculators. One thing people tend to forget is, who are these speculators? Some are individuals, but most are institutions. Institutions in which most people who have retirement accounts are invested. Some prospered, some didn't. Pretty much like any other arena of investing. It is nice to have a "bad guy" to point the finger at, though.
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