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  1. I just ordered this plate for my Red Candy.
  2. The dealer gave it to me when I bought my car. I'm not sure if these were on the showroom floor. This was a small town dealer here in Texas.
  3. That isn't right. It's not your poll but you want to interject your BS into someone elses poll. No one else cares if it doesn't work for you, especially the OP. You should take a week off to punish yourself.
  4. That 5XR looks like the one in Joe Myers Ford showroom.
  5. I have an x-plan pin through MCA but I haven't used it yet. Will probably use it on a new Focus.
  6. Saskatchewan is pretty flat, EH! Is that the extent that your dad drives his'vette?
  7. Contact MrFarmDog, he may have what you need. http://www.stuckonyougraphics.com/
  8. Looks like nice cold weather with a good tail wind. Great weather to run in.
  9. Were you over at the Target/Home Depot in Seabrook/Kemah area last night. If so I saw your car. I had the GT/CS parked across from you.
  10. If you want heated seats and such just get a 2011-2012 GT vert. The 5.0 is nothing to be laughed at. I did it opposite. I got my GT500 vert and then picked up a glass roof 2011 GT/CS
  11. I bought my Mach 1 from these guys. They were great to deal with.
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