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  1. Money wise - most likely (you could find someone that wants the mods but usually those are the people that have a car already) Hassle wise - no I got lucky and sold my 07 GT with some minor mods on it for more than the market value for a stock one when I got the Shelby. So it is possible. If you are in no hurry keep trying
  2. I like the caps. Car looks great
  3. The GT500 is a passion car. Its a car that most of us have dreamed about. Does it make sense financially over the GT? Not at all. But thats not why people purchase this car. Honestly you have to be a fan to buy a 50,000+ car that doesnt have luxury, will not be drive able in the winter, and will not give you traction until 3rd most of the time. But when you are a fan, the car will give you goosebumps each time you see it. I still get em everytime I look at mine. So unless if this is true for you get the GT. As you will not be able to justify the price different between the 2 unless you are built like the owners on this website. My 2 cents
  4. This is the exact set up I plan on doing. However I was told I couldn't get the tires for another couple of weeks. Post pics asap so I know I'm doing the right thing!
  5. That car/motorcycle collection sir is impressive.
  6. so whats the size of these tires? Im looking to get some new rubber as well and looking at the nitto 555r
  7. I agree with you. I think they looked terrific on your 2007, but on the 2011 I love the look of the SVTs. They definitely flow better. Maybe if the TF wheels were black instead? But yes I vote for keeping the stock
  8. Um details please! Like where can I get one!
  9. I had a stripe delete 2011 so yes no side stripe. As soon as John comes out with them I will be adding them!
  10. Yes mine was the prototype. Since none of the pieces needed adjustment im sure he will have it out soon. Or if you call him Im sure you can purchase them now.
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