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  1. Any idea what it would cost to get the put just on the drivers fender itself? Thanks man I tried to PM you, but it wouldnt let me.
  2. I have to have the drivers side fender replaced. The biggest problem with that is the side stripe at the bottom of it. Does anyone know where I can get that or have it cut? Please help, I can let it out of my garage like this.
  3. I see that that you have the GT500 splitter on your 07SGT. I am getting ready to install mine. What size fasteners did you use? Also I just purchase some decals from stuckonyou graphics for the area in front of the lower grill like yours. Is that where you got yours from? What is the best way to install? Thanks for your help!

  4. I don't think SGTs should be modified!
  5. Shelby store had deep draw hood for 499 right before xmas. Not sure if it still is.
  6. That was the line I was trying to walk. I have posted that comment many times. I want it to look like nobody elses but I still want people to know its a SGT.
  7. lol Have you seen my car!? I might as well light money on fire! No way I would!
  8. I wrecked a perfectly good Shelby? I ask this because obviously some don't believe in modding these cars, so I am curious as to what the majority thinks. BE HONEST!
  9. That's good, because I never get tired of whoring them out. lol
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