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  1. Thanks for taking the time to do those Steve. Although the info is still incomplete. It looks like a need to buy the 1989 FSM but tell me this; did Shelby use the stock wiring harness from the 1989 or was it modified because of the computer used? In the 1990 schematic it looks like the computer provides the ground on pins 1 & 3 when the proper conditions are met. The schematic you attached doesn't indicate that clearly.
  2. Thanks Steve. Acording to the previous owner the trans in this car was rebuilt and the changes per the TSB were done. I am still trying to determine why the Shelby OD switch has 5 terminals on it and the harness has 5 wires. The 1990 cab switch only has 4 terminals and 4 wires going to it. I need to determine that difference first to make sure wires aren't crossed up between the two harnesses. That's why I'm looking for the wiring schematic. I could trace everything back through the harness but I really don't have the time. Is the A500 in the Shelby the same as the V6 except for the torque converter?
  3. Cruise control works fine. I've tested all the minimum settings for OD to engage. There may be a conflict between years in the harnesses. That's what I'm trying to determine first.
  4. I'm trying to figure out why my Overdrive has stopped working. I'm having a really hard time trying to locate the correct wiring diagram. I can find plenty of places to buy the service manual for an 1989 Dakota but not the Shelby and all I'm looking for is this portion of the wiring diagram (this is from a 1990 3.9). Anybody have it? Also, I think pin 2 is hot and then the computer grounds pins 1 & 3 to engage the overdrive when all of the necessary criteria is met (speed, TPS, etc.)? Can someone confirm this?
  5. This is a project I have been working on for a while but unfortunately it needs to be sold. This is a rare (and possibly the only one) 1989 Dodge Dakota Shelby that has the convertible top that was originally manufactured by ASC for the 89, 90 and 91 Dakota. This is Dodge Shelby number 379 of 1500. It has a salvage title due to damage to the cab and for that reason the cab has been cut off and the factory convertible top installed. It has been lowered correctly using the Beltech drop spindles and hangars. The original interior is not in the truck but I have it. It is complete minus the bench seat, head liner and steering column (I do have the "Shelby" fabric from the bench seat). The installed interior is from a 1990 Dakota so it has PS, PB, AC (not working, needs recharge), power windows, door locks and cruise control (something the original Shelby never had), bucket seats and center console. This is truly a one of a kind truck. Call me with any other questions or email me; ahdoman@socal.rr.com for additional pics and info. The truck is located in Southern California (North of LA). I'm asking $6500 and entertaining offers. Steve 661-251-7686.
  6. What's the color code of the white on the Shelby Dakota?
  7. Is it possible that it's the "performance" one? I've heard rumors that they produced such a computer.
  8. I assume your talking about the number on the case of the computer? If so it's 4516471. Why would this number be different and what does my number go to? I bought the truck from the original owner and he didn't indicate any type of computer change.
  9. I opened up my computer; first to make sure there wasn't a bunch of dirt inside and second just because I was curious. The chip in the lower left hand has the number "471" on it as does the case. Should that number match with my car number? It suprised me to see so much of the computer was sealed and the rubber was thick! You would have thought they would have made it a bit thinner to help with cooling.
  10. A PO kind of botched the assembly on my front end. I took it apart to fix a fan that wasn't working. I Just want to make sure on this; the cooling fans are sandwiched between the radiator and condensor. Correct? If so, are the fans bolted to the radiator or is there a bracket that holds the fan assembly to the front end?
  11. I spoke with one (I assume there may be more?) of the manufacturers; Coverlay. According to them the dashes aren't molded in the colors. They are molded in black and then painted. I might as well get the paint local and get it color matched. Also, the dash molds are taken from a good dash so the cover is larger than the original dash. They said the skin is rather thin so you need to smooth and fill cracks that are in your existing dash so that it fits right. Otherwise you will end up with the cracks showing through as lumps.
  12. Thanks. Any idea if the color of our interiors is called something other than "bordeaux"? I have yet to find a dash cap with that color name. Is there a color number?
  13. Did you mean to post a thread link?
  14. Anybody ever install one of the dash caps? I'm not talking about the carpet that sits on the dash but the actual dash cap. If so, where did you get it from and what shade of red did you order? Also, any pics or installation tips? This is what I'm talking about...
  15. I've got one that I would part with but I'm in Southern California. Shipping might be too much. If you're interested email me at ahdoman@socal.rr.com for the details.
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