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  1. Well, if you say it's better... it must be, I guess. But to say none of Dale Jr.'s many accomplishments do not significantly contribute to his popularity... is ridiculous. And regardless, it's not even in the same realm; 1) Grandson of Carroll Shelby, involved in the business and foundation... vs. 2) Son of Dale Earnhardt with an accomplished motorsports career of his own... IMO, only one of these would even KIND OF make sense to sign his father's - or grandfather's - commemorative motorsports diecast... and even Dale Jr. signing a #3 car would be a stretch... Listen, I get it. We all respect Aaron and his family/business lineage, contributions to the foundation (I've said it myself to a point of beating a dead horse)... but again, IMO this does not legitimize it as a signature commemorating a historically significant diecast. I almost think it might have been more accurate or correct to have Bob sign the diecast and Aaron sign the certificate of authenticity. Bob was the significant (and still available) commemorative signature and Aaron is the family figurehead that guaranteed it to be accurate and representative of the Shelby family name...
  2. As I was well aware a topic of this nature, in this environment would result, I too will need to agree to disagree. As a reminder, I made no slight against who Aaron was as a person or contributor to the Foundation and the absolutely blessed mission it serves. I do not however think it's too far of a stretch to be confused about the juxtaposition of Aaron Shelby and Bob Bondurant on a 1966 Fors GT-40 MKII diecast. BTW, you all know as well as I do that there are more than 10 people on Team Shelby that will buy whatever they offer, especially when it's "commemorative" and "limited". That, IMO, doe snot legitimize it. That all said, kudos to Aaron Shelby AND BOB BONDURANT for taking part in this valuable contribution to the Carroll Shelby Foundation.. regardless of the previous "conversation".
  3. BTW, he's the GRANDson? I thought it was a son... huh...
  4. Dale Earnhardt Jr. has competed for championships most of his Sprint Cup career, 26 wins, a prolific restrictor plate race winner - just like his father - and an Xfinity Series Champion. He's made the NASCAR equivalent of the playoffs 8 of 12 years (including 2 years sidelined with injuries)... pretty good run by most sports teams standards. Has Aaron Shelby competed in any form of motorsports? IMO, not a "better example".
  5. Ok. I mean no disrespect to the Shelby Family... I worshiped the ground Carroll walked on... But... I just don't see the connection here. I mean I respect that he's the son and that he represents the family, but there is a big difference between that and signing a car he personally had no direct connection to... especially right next to Bob Bondurant's signature - a living legend. Again, all due respect, I think this looks a bit misleading. Yes, Carroll is gone... that's what makes the signatures of his that are out there even more special and valuable. I just don't see what the value and/or significance will be years down the road for a signature of Carroll Shelby's son. I mean are people lining up to buy football signed by Michael Jordan's son? Brett Farve's son? Or for racing's sake... Jimmie Johnson's son? Or passed racing's sake... Buddy Baker's son? Ayrton Senna's son? (btw, I have no idea if any of those people have son's, but you get my point). I appreciate all I'm sure Mr. Aaron Shelby does to further the company, legacy and foundation... I just don't see his being a relevant commemorative signature, let alone next to one as legendary as Bob Bondurant. Here ends my rant... crucify away...
  6. Obviously I get Bob Bondurant's signature, but what am I missing that makes Aaron Shelby's signature applicable here?
  7. OP here... So two things.... 1) that's awesome that you found a solution! And that's exactly what's been happening to me too! And we didn't use a belt alignment tool but we did measure to find out that the SC puller seemed to be about 1.5mm rear of the rest of them. Had been talking with some fab guys on and off for some time now to make a spacer... 2) ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Whipple sells a spacer but has never heard of the problems?! Which btw is the exact same schpeal I got from them repeatedly. What an f'ing joke!!! And thy made you pay for the spacer?! How much is it? Can you post a link to where to get one? As much as I LOVE my Whipple... That really pisses me off!! Thanks for posting!
  8. My only concern is that I wanted to do the 8' rails (for it to be 8' long), but I wonder if that would get a bit "bendy" in the middle? Those square tubing rails look strong, but 8' would be enough for at least 2 sets of mounted wheels. A filled, mounted 20" wheel has got to weigh, what? 35lbs? 40 maybe? X*... that's 320 lbs. I guess that's not a lot for this kind of rack, but I worry more about the lateral load on the hose beams. With the tires sitting down "in" the rails, its going to want to push those rails outward. Not sure if they are strong enough to handle that kind of load. Looks like they are designed to be very sturdy for downward load, but not outward load. Plus with not cross braces... I could see them getting a little fat in the middle. Wonder if I should do (2) 4' racks instead... but the cost is about 1.5x more with twice as mail rails (albeit smaller) and 2 more end supports... hmmm... wish I could see these somewhere first.
  9. Ya, I like the idea of the Tire Rack rack, but I would have to mount about 6 of them and I don't think my walls are structurally sound for that much weight on one wall. Figured it would be best to have a floor standing rack. You think that one I showed would work?
  10. Getting the new garage a situated and one thing that needs to happen first is wheel/tire storage... I have wheels and tires EVERYWHERE! I'm like the idea of doing a "tire store" style 18" "gladiator" rack... should be wide enough for the tires, but skinny enough to hold bare wheels too... Thoughts? Btw, I've got about 20 mounted wheels and 8 unmounted... Thinking about 3 tiers by about 8' long.
  11. I might have to switch to these. I did the Eibach R1 coilovers last year and it's not even fun to drive the car anymore... every friggin cement seam in the road feelings like a speed bump!
  12. Was that irony... Or sarcasm... Or both?
  13. Not too bad for an unofficial map huh?!
  14. Well, this thread was actually started back when Robert presented a true official Team Shelby site to map ourselves on, but I believe it crashed, so I offered up this option. It's unofficial, so I don't think it's anywhere, but just in my sig for now....
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